Saturday, February 17, 2018

New Alabama Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Educational Poster - Col. John Pemberton

John Stith Pemberton

Some background information on the gentleman featured in this year's Confederate History & Heritage Poster.
John Stith Pemberton was a druggist in Columbus, GA, a colonel in the Confederate Army and part of the Confederate forces that defended Columbus from Gen. James Wilson's raiders in April 1865.
Wilson's raiders had come through Mississippi, Alabama (where it went through Selma, Montgomery & Tallassee) and on into Georgia. Columbus claims this was the last battle of the war but that is doubtful. What did happen is that the Federals were too strong for the Confederate defenders and Columbus was captured. For those who have been to the Confederate Naval Museum and seen the gunboat, Jackson, it was scuttled to prevent its capture by the Yankees.
Pemberton received a wound from a saber during the battle. He was treated with laudanum (tincture of opium) for his pain and became addicted to opium. Seeking a cure for his addiction he developed a concoction containing extract of coca (cocaine), which did cure his addiction. He began to sell it as Pemberton's French Wine Cola.
He moved to Atlanta, where he sold the formula to Asa Candler who marketed it as a beverage. In my young days, some of the older folks used to call a Coke 'a dope' even thought the extract of coca was replaced by caffeine around 1905.
John Stith Pemberton is buried in the Linwood Cemetery in Columbus, GA. His grave is not far from the grave of Anna Gertrude Hood, youngest child of Gen. John Bell Hood.  Asa Candler's son-in-law, Robert Woodruff, took over the company upon Candler's death and during WWII made Coke a world wide drink, shipping it to the soldiers overseas.

John H Land, Semple Camp SCV #2002

12 Feb 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Prattville Dragoons Camp 1524 Commander and Adjutant Attend Division EC Meeting

The Alabama Division Executive Committee held their annual meeting with the camp officers in Montgomery on Saturday February 10th in Montgomery.  Adjutant Lee Hattabaugh called a quorum and  presented the past meeting minutes which were approved. Treasurer Larry Muse presented the budget and current status.  Dragoons Commander Waldo noted that Camp 1524 will take advantage of the advertising initiatives thru more electronic billboard advertising, Google adwords, and perhaps ads for the March Division Education Conference.  Isaac Brownlow was introduced as the new Division JROTC Hunley award.  The Dragoons will be expanding their presentation of these terrific awards to a third area high school this spring.  A new Division camp was chartered and that charter document signed by new Camp 455 Bibb Rifles members and Brigade Commander Mike McMurry.  Latest news on Heritage Defense efforts in Alabama and Tennessee were discussed and other announcements were made by Commander Jimmy Hill.  A delicious dinner of BBQ pork and chicken with beans, slaw and potato salad was enjoyed by all the attendees.  After lunch, a training presentation was provided on the SCV's new SalesForce membership portal.  This tool will provide a means for maintaining rosters, facilitating internal communications and donation campaigns.  Members and camp officers will be able to revise personal data.  Improvements to the site will be continually made including online membership renewal payments.  Discussion groups can be established to include individuals, camps, the Division or national groups in public or private threads.  This was an enjoyable informative event for the Division SCV compatriots.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting for February 2018

There was much activity at the Dragoon meeting Thursday night February 8th with an excellent slide presentation by Chaplain Snowden, swearing in of Compatriot Rob Heyward, discussion about the camp hosting the SWC Brigade Confederate Flag Day on March 3rd, an award presentation by Brigade Commander Butch Godwin to 2nd Lt. Commander Karl Wade and an excellent program by Compatriot Will Dismukes. It was a very busy the time together but most enjoyable and productive.  Chaplain Snowden’s slide presentation gets better with each meeting sharing a digital Dragoon history during the social hour.  Rob Heyward was sworn in as a new member although he has been on the roster for about 3 months. Rob has been very active and contributed much to the camp. Unfortunately for the Dragoons, he is active duty Air Force and has received transfer orders to another military base but his compatriots wish him and his family the best and hope he returns to the Dragoons to visit or as a permanent resident in the future.  The Dragoons will host Confederate Flag Day for the Southwest Central Brigade on March  3rd 2018 at Will Dismukes’ family property. For those on Facebook, there is an “Event” with details on the "Prattville Dragoons SCV” Facebook page. Find the event and share it on your page as this event is open to the public. There will be free food and entertainment including music and games and bouncies for children.  Brigade Commander Godwin presented 2nd Lt. Karl Wade with a certificate for his service to the Camp and Brigade, well deserved. Karl was a key figure in meetings with the Prattville city administration regarding the Christmas parade and led the Parades Thanksgiving food drive and Christmas Salvation Army kettle bell ringing.  Color Sgt. Will Dismukes shared a vast array of War Between the States relics as his presentation for the camp meeting, many found on his family property that dates back to antebellum times. Will also stayed long after the program to answer questions and share additional information with his Dragoon compatriots.  The March business meeting and camp elections will constitute the camp meeting on the 8th.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Prattville Dragoons Attend Lee-Jackson Banquet in Montgomery

From the February Camp 1524 Dispatch.

Tyrone Crowley Presents at Lee - Jackson Dinner Hosted by Semple Camp

The Capt. Henry C. Semple Camp 2002 in Montgomery hosted their annual banquet honoring two heroes of American and Confederate history, Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. The dinner was held on Friday, January 19, 2018 (the 211th anniversary of General Lee’s birth), in the Annex of the GracePointe Church of Christ.  Dragoons Tyrone Crowley, George and Brent Jenks, Dave Thompson, Harold Grooms and Karl Wade represented Camp 1524. After a welcome by John Land and Invocation, the attendees enjoyed a delicious dinner of beef tenderloin with wild rice and green beans and dessert.   The keynote speaker was Bob McClendon speaking on “Anna Jackson, A Most Remarkable Woman”.  Dragoon Tyrone Crowley then provided his memorable recitation of “Lee at Jacksonville”.  Door prizes and a Benediction brought the enjoyable evening to a close. 
Tyrone Crowley

John Land

Bob McClendon

George and Brent Jenks

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Prattville Dragoons Commander's Column for February 2018 - What if the Confederacy had Prevailed?

Commander's Column: What if the Confederacy had Prevailed?

My daughter is in fourth grade and has been studying 19th century Alabama history including the Confederacy and the War Between the States.  I was excited to hear she was even learning about Forrest capturing Streight with the aid of Emma Sansom.  She asked me one evening what would be different had the Confederacy won the War for Southern Independence.  I struggled a bit in succinctly answering her question especially expressing myself simply for a fourth grader.  We are seeing today the impact of the fateful results of the War Between the States with the growth of a large central federal government with trillion dollar debt and redistributive entitlement liabilities as well as overbearing taxes and intrusive laws and regulations. 
But in addition to greater state sovereignty,  pushing governance closer to the people which was the impetus for the 1860 secession movement, what other differences might have been observed had the Confederacy prevailed either thru a negotiated peace or victory in defense of their Southern homeland?  It has been speculated that there may have been less racial animus with a planned systematic emancipation of the slaves as it was generally recognized that the institution was drawing to an end with industrialization of the economy including agriculture with the dawn mechanized tooling and the internal combustion engine. There likely would have been less US imperialism at the end of the 19th century especially the westward march across the North American continent with the development and rapid statehood of those territories.  Maybe no Trail of Tears and no slaughter of the vast herds of bison across the plains especially considering the inclusive position Native Americans held in the Confederate forces.
Had the Southern states not been subject to the torched earth campaign of the Union Army under Grant and Sherman, it would be logical to think the Industrialization of the South would have been expedited had a rebuilding under Reconstruction not been a part of Atlanta and Columbia SC history.  The Confederate States of America likely would have quickly developed into a world power with extensive maritime trade considering the expansive coastline and bustling ports like Mobile and Charleston.  Control of the Mississippi River regulating shipping of goods from the US heartland might have been a continuing source of conflict with the country to the north as it proved to be pivotal in the WBTS at New Orleans and Vicksburg.  But the South’s belief in low tariff trade would likely had led to rapid economic growth with the US and with Europe.  “The South would have had important leverage (with)control of the Mississippi River Delta and therefore of the river trade that proved so important in developing the American Midwest.  The CSA would also have been in a better geographical position to exercise influence in the Caribbean Sea.  A negotiated separation may well have preserved the deep economic interdependencies between north and south, avoided and contained the passions expressed during the Civil War, and allowed for a form of peaceful coexistence.” (
This article also speculated the relocation of Washington DC would have been likely to relieve the proximity of the capital to the Confederate States. The 1898 Spanish American War might not have happened in the same way as one or the other North or South may have allied with Spain and Cuba for military or economic strategic positioning.  “If the strongest advocates for a weaker federal government had left the union rather than remaining within it, would the United States have tilted further in the direction of federal power and northeast/liberal political and social values, with the populous east more easily dominating independent-minded settlers in the American West?  If so, how would the US political system have reacted to the rise of the labor movement?  Might the USA today look more like European Union countries today?”  A division of North and South might have impacted the United States destiny as a superpower in the 20th century.  Might there have been a different outcome to the World Wars and perhaps a repeat of the War Between the States with deadlier weapons.  No doubt there would have existed for a period of time ingle party political systems with the Republicans dominating Northern and Democrats dominating Southern political landscapes.  (
I believe we have many patriots in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and in the Prattville Dragoons who love their country but who also love their Southern heritage.  Even though the South did not prevail in their quest for independence, Southern values and ideals have helped shape our nation’s history since the War Between the States.  There have been countless heroic Southern soldiers who have defended America in conflicts since the WBTS and there have been countless leaders of industry and politics even Presidents of our unified country since the 19th century.  The influence of the returning soldiers who had experienced a revival in their camps was great on society and these men founded many churches across the Bible Belt and maintained a moral spiritual foundation for the country even thru the hardship of Reconstruction. Not to mention the culinary delight which is Southern cooking – there is a reason you never heard of Yankee or Northern cuisine. It most certainly would have been a different history for the past 157 years since the formation of the Confederacy and a different world in which we live had our ancestors been left alone as Jefferson Davis implored or had they prevailed on the battlefield.  We should be equally proud of our past and present Southern history and culture as well as our modern US history and hopeful in its future as we seek to positively influence its destiny.  

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Prattville Dragoons Chaplains Column for February 2018 - Coexist

From the Camp 1524 Dispatch newsletter:

Chaplain’s Column - Coexist

I hope that everyone is having a great start to the new year. I hope that in this year those that don’t appreciate our view point concerning our valued confederate past will at least understand that it is perfectly normal to be proud of our history and we are at least normal when we do so. It seems that the freedom of speech we once had is going out the door.
Now having said that I would like to give my devotional for the Chaplain’s column:
     It’s seems clear to me that some things in this life just were not made to coexist with each other.  Long-tailed cats and rocking chairs? Bulls in a china shop? Not a good idea. Blessings and bitterness? That mixture doesn’t go over well with God. Combine heavenly kindness with earthly ingratitude and you can expect a sour mixture. Perhaps you may have sampled it? This thing called gratitude doesn’t come naturally either. Self-pity does. Bellyaches do. Grumbles and mumbles—no one has to remind us to offer them. Yet they don’t mix well with the kindness we’ve been given.
Gratitude gets us through the hard stuff. To reflect on your blessings is to rehearse God’s accomplishments. To rehearse His accomplishments is to discover His heart. Gratitude always leaves us looking at God and away from dread. So practice gratitude!  As Ephesians 5:20 puts it, “Give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

   I would like to ask everyone to pray for those on our prayer list. I am a firm believer in prayer and I believe that prayer changes things and there is no question in its power.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Upcoming Events for Confederate Compatriots

From the Prattville Dragoons Camp 1524 Dispatch Newsletter:

Upcoming Events

Millbrook Mardi Gras Parade and Festival -  Saturday February 3rd, Parade at noon on Main St and festival from 9am-3pm at the Village Square

Dragoons February Camp Meeting –  Thursday February 8th at 7pm at the Shoney’s in Prattville on Cobbs Ford Rd

33rd Alabama Reenactors Living History – Confederate Memorial Park in Marbury, Saturday February 10th , hosted by the SCV Thomas Goode Camp

Army of TN Workshop -  Revival Building, 3030 Washington St. Athens AL, Saturday February 24th, 2018

Brigade Confederate Flag Day -  at the Dismukes property to include food and music entertainment, March 3rd, 2018

AL Division Education Conference -  Prattville Doster Center, Saturday March 17th, 2018, 10am- 4pm

Civil War Military & Civilian Life Living History - Confederate Memorial Park, Marbury AL,  April 27-28, 2018

Forrest Monument Dedication – Saturday May 5th, 2018 at Cedar Bluff AL

Alabama Division Reunion and Elections - Friday and Saturday May 18 - 19  Gadsden, Alabama