Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dragoons Camp 1524 July 2018 Camp Meeting

The Dragoons and guests enjoyed their first meeting at Jim’s Restaurant on Thursday 12 July. The accommodations were very comfortable with plenty of room to walk around and visit one another and the food was very good according to feedback we have received. Overall, the meeting room at Jim’s was spacious and excellent accommodations.  At least 33 people were in attendance and there was room for many more. 

The scheduled speaker had to cancel but Brigade Commander Josh Stover filled in with an exceptional program, with Powerpoint, explaining  the upcoming events and focus of our Brigade and Division. Josh showed us how we can easily grow our numbers if the camp just recruits and approaches potential members with the truth about our organization.  He also explained that plans are in the works for a Living History presentation that he wants to present to schools in our Brigade. An excellent inspiring program.

New member Earl Edmonson was formally inducted into the ranks of the SCV and the Dragoons. Earl proudly told us of his Confederate ancestor and even showed pictures of him. 

Dixie Butt tickets were distributed and it was announced that there are prizes this year for 1st and 2nd place in number of Dixie Butts sold for the camp's annual fundraiser including a $25 gift card from Bass Pro and 2 Battle Flag tags; one to fit a car and another to fit a motorcycle.  The tickets should continue to be sold thru the first of August with distribution scheduled for the morning of August 11th. 

See the crowd socializing in the first 2 photos and 1LT Commander Harold Grooms thanking Josh for his fine presentation with the last photo showing Earl being sworn in.  

Monday, July 16, 2018

Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 Perform Cemetery Maintenance Workday at Indian Hill

After the strong storms on Friday evening, the humidity was up and the grass was damp at Indian Hill cemetery on Saturday morning, July 14th.  Undeterred, four Dragoons showed up before 8am to mow and trim grass and weeds on the cemetery grounds.  Commander Waldo, Quartermaster Myrick, and compatriots Tyrone Crowley and John Dennis participated in this workday and battled the heat by drinking plenty of water and working in the shade of the trees when possible. Tyrone indicated he was working in his brother Tom’s stead, representing him as Tom had undergone eye surgery at the VA hospital just yesterday and reported his eyesight was much improved.  Treasurer Leverette had mowed around the entry fence area earlier in the week which made running back over that section easier and the roadside shoulder and all the areas back into the cemetery were mowed today.  Weed trimmers were used to cut the grass in and around the bricked cemetery plots and around the trees and the two mowers utilized cut the rest of the grass as well as most of the undergrowth weeds.  All the work was completed by 11am.  It was a long productive morning of work that made the Indian Hill cemetery look terrific, complemented by the Battle flags and iron crosses placed at the Confederate graves.  One photo shows a view of the cemetery after accumulating a pile of limbs and twigs before mowing.  Three photos show the cemetery after mowing and trimming were complete.  Two additional photos in the next email show Tyrone trimming the fenceline and the other showing a selfie of the other Dragoons at Indian Hill. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Dragoons Workday at Robinson Springs Cemetery for July 2018

The final resting place at Robinson Springs Cemetery of Confederate veterans, veterans of wars from the Spanish American to Korea and residents of Autauga/ Elmore county was cleaned on Friday July 6th by some hard working Dragoons. The work began before 7:00 AM to beat the heat and was finished by 8:30 thanks to the group that reported for duty and did the necessary chores. Dragoon Conner Lee generously devoted a portion of his Independence Day holiday earlier in the week to cutting the grass at the cemetery and the crew on Friday did the weed eating, removal of trash and debris to finish the clean up.  Conner is not pictured this time but the Friday crew consisted of, left to right; this writer, Don Owens, Bill Gill, Tyrone Crowley, Bill Myrick and Douglas B. Butler. Flags were replaced as needed on all veterans’ graves and some were added. The Millbrook Post 133, American Legion provided the U.S. flags for the U.S. veterans.  Many of the Confederate veterans interred in this cemetery were in Autauga county Confederate units as this area was part of Autauga county before and during The War Between the States. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Black Confederates at 1904 Dragoons Reunion in Prattville Alabama

Two honored Confederate Veterans about the grounds at the barbecue were the two old negroes who, as slaves, were devoted to their masters, (and) served in the war. One, Monroe Stuart, belonged to the late Mr. George L. Stuart, loaded guns at Vicksburg, was in prison for months, refused pardon to remain in the fight, and as he came out of prison, took the clothes off a dead Confederate soldier, put them on, and stayed by the side of Col. H. J. Livingston the last two years of the war. He is ever faithful to his white friends and always votes the Democratic ticket.
The other black veteran is Bosin Lynum of Camden, who belonged to the late William Lynum. On Thursday he wore a Yankee sergeant uniform which, he said, was captured during the war. He said:  "They gin it to me at Montgomery." He wore a white helmet with a red and yellow tassle on it. This, he said, belonged to "Marse Gin'ral Bragg." Well, he had soldier's clothes on, and was happy whether he got their history quite correct or not. He carried with him as credentials, as it were, an old New Orleans Times-Democrat, in which appeared a long article about him on an occasion when he made a speech there. He said:  "After the war I waited a while for that mule and forty acres, and then I went back to my white folk and have voted the Democratic ticket ever since."

(From The Montgomery Advertiser, Saturday Morning, 23 July 1904)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 Commander's Column for July 2018

Commander's Column – The Charge is the Main Thing

1 King 18 tells the story of Elijah who called for a drought to strike the children of Israel since God’s people turned their backs to follow Baal.  This past Sunday’s sermon at Coosada FBC used this story to illustrate the importance of prayer and that the main thing that God is Lord.  Ahab confronted Elijah accusing him of causing trouble but Elijah reminded him that it was the Israelites who abandoned God and he challenged Ahab to bring 850 prophets of Baal and Asherah to Mount Carmel and whichever God brought fire to their respective sacrificial bull would be declared the true God.  The numerous prophets of Baal and Asherah put on a terrific show dancing about and wailing endlessly, “they shouted louder and slashed themselves with swords and spears, as was their custom, until their blood flowed and they continued their frantic prophesying” making futile noise and gestures but to no avail.  Then Elijah alone and with no fanfare meticulously prepared his altar and the sacrificial bull.  He prayed seeking God would answer him and God indeed showed he is real as “the fire of the Lord fell and burned up the sacrifice”.  The people fell to their knees proclaiming God was the one true God and he ended the drought afflicting the land. 
We as Sons of Confederate Veterans can learn much from this Old Testament story.  As our numerous opponents scream at the top of their lungs from atop their soap boxes with pandering virtue signaling, demanding the removal of our historical monuments and our honorable Battle flag, these bigots try to intimidate us as we advance the Charge proclaiming their history is the truth and their position is virtuous, attempting to marginalize and demonize our heritage and the Cause of liberty, independence, sovereignty and, self-determination for which our ancestors fought and died.  Maxine Waters has called for physically confronting conservatives and those who would Make America Great Again, ranting and calling for incivility and anarchy all the while claiming she is the victim.  Antifa demonstrators violently suppress the voice of any who oppose their globalist socialist views and yet call those who admire the heroes of the Confederacy bigots and racists to silence and ridicule them.  But don’t be taken in by their spectacle or intimidated by their loud and vocal ranting and their endless false accusations. 
Instead be disciplined and don’t lose sight of the main thing, the end goal and our purpose embodied in the SCV Charge.   Our goals require long term planning and strategy to continue the performance of the Charge, our duty to defend our ancestors and our heritage.  This is the period of time when we are asked to renew our memberships in the SCV which is imperative as we need every soldier to confront our numerous enemies and battle their bigoted agenda.  This is also the time of our annual Dixie butt fundraiser which provides the funds for our camp treasury to advance the Cause of our Confederate veterans including electronic billboard advertisements, donations such as those for Confederate Circle in Selma’s Old Live Oak Cemetery and the new SCV Museum at Elm Springs as well as our annual donation to the Alabama Department of Archives and History for Confederate regimental flag conservation, purchase of hundreds of flags to mark Confederate veterans graves and to provide to our neighbors and friends at community events, JROTC awards for area high schools,  expenses related to our community service cemetery maintenance in the Prattville area where Confederate veterans are buried, parade and festival entries as community outreach, picnics and socials and musters, and other administrative expenses like our monthly newsletter.  Thru your membership and support, the Dragoons will continue to be a preeminent historical honor society in our community and the state, protecting the good name of our Confederate soldier grandfathers and proclaiming the truth of the Cause. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 Chaplains Column for July 2018

Chaplain’s Column – You Are Not A Victim of Your Thoughts

Life has a way of unloading her rubbish on our doorstep! Your husband works too much. Your wife gripes too much. Your boss expects too much. Your kids whine too much. The result? Trash. Loads of pessimism, guilt, anxiety—it all piles up. And what about the Pharisees? They killed Christ in their hearts before they killed him on the cross.
   Today’s thoughts are tomorrow’s actions. Could that be why Paul writes, “Love…keeps no record of wrongs?” (1 Corinthians 13:5). We do have a choice. Paul says we do when he writes, “We capture every thought and make it give up and obey Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5).  Selfishness, step back!  Envy…get lost! You are not a victim of your thoughts. If today’s thoughts are tomorrow’s actions, what happens when we fill our minds with thoughts of God’s love? Will standing beneath the downpour of his grace change the way we feel about others? The answer is….Absolutely!
   The moment we place our trust in Jesus, we become brand-new people. That is the basis for our capacity to think correctly (that is, to think more like Christ) and therefore make wise decisions in life. This doesn’t mean we will always think right thoughts, but we now have the responsibility—and power through the Holy Spirit—to steer our mind in a heavenly direction.
   Please remember all those that are on our prayer list. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 Entry in Independence Day Parade

The Dragoons had an impressive Dragoon entry in the Prattville Independence Day parade included at least 14 Dragoons and family with a golf cart as well as those walking the parade route.  The Alabama Division SCV Mechanized Cavalry also fielded an entry which lined up immediately adjacent providing the rumble of six Harley Davidson motorcycles to thrill the parade spectators.  The SCV entries were a big hit with the crowd, as usual, and demand for the mini Battle Flags was tremendous. We also threw many bags of candy along the way to the children lining Court and Main Streets. Several times large sections of the spectators waved, applauded and, shouted encouragement  as the camp's parade entry walked by.  It was a great day for Dixie and our participants really enjoyed themselves. More Dragoons were scattered about the parade in other entries including the Sons of American Revolution, Lions Club and two members who are running for public office. 

Dragoons present were Commander Stuart Waldo, wife Kerri, son Cooper and daughter Julie, Frank Pelt, James and Larry Spears, Bill Myrick, Bill Gill, Wayne Sutherland, Josh Stover with son Nathan, and Don Owens (Mech Cav Member) with wife Loretta. There were five Mech Cav members: “Bonzo,” "Chop-Chop,” Tim Hobbs with his wife and two additional riders.  The Mech Cav group added a lot by revving up their bikes as we progressed along the route and being such a dynamic presence in the parade.