Monday, October 12, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Commander's Column for October 2015

Commander's Column:  Proclaim your Southern Heritage, Display the Flag
Proclaim your Southern heritage.  Keep the Confederate Battle Flag flying.  Today these are rallying cries in the face of direct overt attacks by those who seek to eradicate our beliefs and ideals, politically correct pacifists and history revisionists.  I know some of our camp members proudly display their Confederate Battle flags on flagpoles in the yards of their homes.  Others display the flag on bumper stickers and SCV license plates on their vehicles.  I have a flag flying on a pole from my garage and ensure that it is out there most days especially on weekends when our neighborhood seems to get a lot of perusers driving through. Recently, our pest control provider stopped by to apply spray and asked my wife if the homeowners association had objected to the display of our flag. My wife laughed off that suggestion but, it gave her an opportunity to converse with him and she found a compatriot of like mind who expressed his frustration with the politically correct climate and the incessant assaults on our Southern heritage. It was a great opportunity to share thoughts and opinions.  Planting a seed of interest.
2nd Lt. Jenks related a recent incident in his neighborhood when a realtor asked if he might furl his Confederate Battle Flag displayed from his home and George responded that he was instead thinking of raising a taller flagpole.  No uncertain terms. Soon after the Alabama state governor removed the historic flags from the Confederate Memorial at the state capitol, I flew a small Battle flag from my vehicle driving over to Georgia for a summer family reunion.  That elicited many thumbs-up, honks and even one young man who asked me to lower my window so he could express his support as an evangelical Christian.  Seizing the opportunity.
I believe we have seen many more flags flying from citizens’ cars, motorcycles and pickup trucks since the knee-jerk political reactions in states across the South, scorning and disrespecting the memory of the noble and heroic Confederate soldiers by lowering their very ancestor’s beloved Battle flag from public display.  Of course unfortunately, trust has been misplaced in the hands of alleged conservative leaders who don’t share and appreciate our Southern history and heritage, many transplanted Yankees and even first generation immigrants.  We have allowed these foreigners to preside over and dictate policy decisions in our very homeland, the soil on which our Confederate ancestors shed their blood in defense of homes, self-determination and liberty.  We must support those representatives who rightly support our shared beliefs and ideals, who advocate the Cause in spirit and let all know we have a strong united voice in defense of our Confederate ancestors and Southern heritage.  Remember, “If this flag offends you, you need a history lesson!”

It is imperative that we loudly proclaim our Southern heritage now by boldly displaying our honorable and beautiful banner at all opportunities. At home, on your vehicle, at special events like the exciting upcoming Southern Heritage Festival at the SCV headquarters at Elm Springs in October.  Reflect on the pledge to the Confederate Battle Flag:  I salute the Confederate Flag with affection, reverence and undying devotion to the cause for which it stands.  Don’t cower in the face of potential ignorant offense but proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with your ancestors and your SCV compatriots in the shadow of your beautiful St. Andrews cross, our Southern cross.  See you on Thursday for the next Dragoons’ camp meeting at Plantation House and Gardens. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Upcoming Event for Confederate Compatriots

From the Dragoons' Canp 1524 Dispatch newsletter.

Upcoming Events

Flagging of the Confederate Monument at the Alabama State Capitol – ongoing afternoons
1st Annual Southern Heritage Festival – Friday – Sunday, October 9-11th at SCV Headquarters at Elm Springs, Columbia TN; music reenactors, vendors
Stone Mountain Park Confederate Lectures – Abbeville Institute, Saturday, October 17th,  9 am - 5 pm,
15th Annual Battle of Newton Reenactment – October 17-18th, 9am – 4pm, December 4th, John Hutto Park, Newton AL; living history encampments, music and vendors
Tour of Historic Ellerslie, Dragoons Fall Muster – October/November TBA, tour hosted by Daniel Killingsworth; picnic provided by the EC
19th Annual “Battle for the Armory” – November 6-8th, Tallassee AL; School Day Nov. 6th, battle reenactments
Prattville Christmas Parade – Friday December 4th, Prattville AL
Dragoons Christmas Social – Friday December 11th, 6-9pm, Buena Vista, Prattville AL 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting Announced for October 2015

ATTENTION: October Camp Meeting will be at Plantation House and Gardens in Millbrook.

The October Dragoons camp meeting will be held on Thursday October 8th at Plantation House and Gardens at 3240 Grandview Road in Millbrook at 7pm. This is a new venue which will hopefully provide more room for everyone including our new members and guests. Coming east on Hwy 14, go past the Millbrook Wal Mart and take the first road to the right. That is Grandview Rd. Go about 2 miles and you will see Plantation House on your right. Social time and eating begins at 6:00 and meeting at 7:00. On Thursday nights Plantation House offers an all-you can eat spaghetti buffet including salad and beverage for $7.75; there are also additional offerings.

Dr. Grover Plunkett will be the guest speaker.  Dr. Plunkett is a professor at Faulkner University in history and political science.  He graduated from the University of Alabama and enjoyed a 30-year career in business before returning to education, attending Troy University and Auburn University for his Masters and PhD work. The topic of his presentation will be the causes which led to the War Between the States.  

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Southern Heritage Festival

The first annual Southern Heritage Festival will be held at historic Elms Springs in Columbia TN on Friday October 9th thru Sunday October 11th.  This event is being hosted by the Sons of Confederate Veterans and will be held on the grounds of their national headquarters at Elm Springs.  Lots of activities including reenactors, games for the children, music, vendors and food.  Sure to be a wonderful event to celebrate your Southern heritage and a great first fall festival to put on your calendar.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting for September 2015 - Confederate Memorial Park

Camp 1524 had another outstanding monthly meeting on Thursday September 10th with approximately 45 people present. Confederate Memorial Park Director Bill Rambo  shared the history of the Park and Old Soldier’s Home from its inception in 1902 until the present. Rambo kept everyone entertained with laughter throughout while educating all in the park’s history.

The Alabama Confederate Soldiers' Home was founded by Capt. Jefferson Falkner and Thomas Goode Jones (a post-War governor of Alabama), creating the United Confederate Veterans camp in Montgomery expressly to establish the Confederate Veterans Home.  The first cabin was built around 1902, the E.L. Moore cottage and a number of additional buildings were also constructed as the first veterans moved into the homes.  There was such an overwhelming response by Confederate veterans wishing to move there that Falkner decided in 1903 to hand over administration of the Home to the state. There were six commandants in the history of the Home, the first three were former Confederate officers, and the last three were doctors.

There was a 25 bed hospital which was full from the outset and it included a screened porch around the lower floor where additional beds could be situated.  Each cottage slept eight, two in each bedroom, and all had the same floorplan. A mess hall was constructed which had a dairy barn on its lower level. Memorial Hall was a central building constructed of massive timbers supporting the porch and housed a library, commandant's office, a special room for the United Daughter of the Confederacy visitors, an auditorium upstairs.  The Hall was the scene of the "last casualty of the War" when a Yankee veteran visited the Home and after fraternizing with some of the Confederate veterans attempted to toast General Sherman when one of the octogenarian Confederate veterans rose and attempted to punch the Yankee, fell down the porch stairs, breaking a few ribs and subsequently died of pneumonia while convalescing in the hospital.

In 1939 the last widows were moved from the Home to Montgomery and when the local lumber mill closed, the surrounding community of Mountain Creek disappeared.  Between 1939 and the 1960s, the state was supposed to care for the old Home through the Forest and Soil Conservation Department but it fell into disrepair including trees growing in the cemeteries. Near 300 Confederate veterans are buried in the two cemeteries, originally staked by wooden markers which were replaced by stone markers placed by the UDC starting in 1912.  In 1925, Capt. Falkner's remains were moved to the Cemetery #2.  In 1965, Governor Wallace established Confederate Memorial Park which continues today.  The park includes a Sons of Confederate Veterans research library. A museum was completed in 2001 and opened in 2007 after resistance from Auburn University historians who sought to stifle the Southern perspective presented in the museum as 90% of the text found in the museum are letters, words from actual Confederate veteran residents. Governor Riley finally ordered the museum opened.  The museum is divided into period rooms, the War period including the Battle of Selma which includes an historic Spencer repeating rifle and, a veterans period room. 

Four new members to the Dragoons were sworn in including Wayne Killingsworth, Daniel Killingsworth, Cody Simon and David Saffold. Several more applications are still pending at National SCV Headquarters.  More applications were also received from potential members and assistance provided to others with the application process.

Commander Waldo announced the work day at Indian Hill Cemetery Saturday the 12th and other important camp business and also announced a trial meeting at a different venue in October or November.
Commander Waldo, Wayne and Daniel Killingsworth, Cody Simon and David Saffold

Bill Rambo

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Understanding the War Between the States by The Society of Independent Southern Historians

Understanding the War Between the States is an 88-page reader edited by Howard Ray White, author of Bloodstains, and Clyde N. Wilson, Ph. D. A powerful education tool, it is intended for bright students in middle school, high school and college. Furthermore, it is highly useful and readable for everybody. Sixteen writers cover American history from Jamestown to Grover Cleveland, presenting a dense array of truths about the conflict of North and South through that period of history. Among much else, it is made clear, chapter and verse, that the great conflict of the 1800s was a product of Northern aggression. No one who possesses this work will ever lack material to win any argument.

The booklet may be read and/or downloaded for free on computers and tablets at, accessed on Kindle, or purchased in paperback at low cost ( Available at no or minimal cost, it is intended for the widest possible distribution. Besides White and Wilson, the writers include Joyce Bennett of MD, William Cawthon of AL, Paul C. Graham of SC, Earl Ijames of NC, Gail Jarvis of GA, Patrick Kealey of CA, Steve Litteral of IL, Barbara Marthal of TN, Karen Stokes of SC, Joseph Stromberg of GA, Egon Tausch of TX, H.V. Traywick of VA, and Lesley Tucker of OK. This is a great contribution to truthful education for students of Southern History, young and old alike.

Get copies of these for your children and grandchildren and anyone else you know who is suffering to make sense of what is being taught at his or her present educational institution at any level. Perfect Christmas presents for friends and relatives. E-mail to purchase in bulk for SCV camps, schools and historical groups; then use in campaigns advocating more truthful and balanced education.

Howard Ray White, Director of Operations Clyde N. Wilson, Director of Historical Review
The Society of Independent Southern Historians,
6012 Lancelot Drive
Charlotte, NC 28270

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tour of Prattville AL Area Confederate Sites

Dragoons Communications Officer Larry Spears and Compatriot Richard Leya spent a great day on Wednesday September 19th touring area Confederate heritage sites.  Richard hails from South Carolina but attends Camp 1524 meetings when in town with family coincident with the camp's monthly meetings and supports the Dragoons annual Dixie Butt Fundraiser.
I-65 Confederate Flag Maintained by the Alabama Division SCV

Confederate Memorial Park Library

Confederate Memorial Park Museum

Flagging the Confederate Monument at the Alabama State Capitol

Richard in Front of the First White House of the Confederacy in Montgomery