Monday, December 10, 2018

Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 Ring the Bell for the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle

Members of Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1524 had a wonderful time ringing in the holiday season on Saturday December 8th.  For the third year, the Dragoons  rang the bell for the Salvation Army and the event was a great success with at least fifteen compatriots participating.  The weather was dreary and cold with rain and highs only in the mid-40s but the men covered the hours of 9:00AM - 9:00PM at the Prattville Winn Dixie, standing in front of the store but then moving inside when the wind picked up to make the conditions even harsher outside. Grocery store customers and employees were very cooperative and friendly as the bell ringers greeted everyone with a "Merry Christmas”.  Many customers donated so collections were brisk and should be tallied by the Salvation Army later in the week. 

Some of the Dragoon participants are pictured below.  Participants included Bill Branch, Will Dismukes, Tyrone Crowley, Karl Wade (who was also the organizer of the event), Wayne Sutherland, Harold Grooms, Douglas Beir Butler, Bill Gill, Stuart Waldo, Don Owens, Bill Myrick, Dale Boyles, Don Drasheff, Louis Turner and Larry Spears. 

This is a great community service project,  another great opportunity for the Dragoons to support our local friends and neighbors and a worthy cause. 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 Chaplain's Column for December 2018

Chaplain’s Column – Gift from the Father

John 3:16
     Think about all the presents you’ve received in your life. Some may have seemed heavenly, but Jesus Christ is the only gift any of us will ever receive that came straight from heaven. Without a maker, without a beginning or end, He is unlike any other gift in human experience. And although He arrived as a tiny infant, He is precisely what all mankind desperately needs.
      When you placed your faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you could not have been given a gift that was more practical or necessary. Sin had so wrecked humanity that we were all under the wrath of God and in desperate need of forgiveness and deliverance from our guilt, shame, and fleshly behaviors. We had emotional needs, material needs, and all manner of brokenness.
      So God the Father sent His only begotten Son into our lives. He knew that no other gift could ever provide for our needs or fulfill our longings as completely as Christ Jesus.
      He came in human flesh. That’s what the incarnation is all about. God came into this world with a body like ours so that we could see Him, touch Him, and understand Him. And yet the tragedy is that most people never “unwrap” this gift. They keep Him a baby in the manger scene or categorize Him as just a teacher or preacher. But this will never do. If you do not unwrap the gift, you will never know what is inside. To open the present, open the Bible. The more you get to know Jesus, the better you will understand how perfect the gift is for you.
Please remember all those that are on our prayer list 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1624 Commander's Column for December 2018

Commander's Column – Another Reconstruction

Listened to the Rick and Bubba radio show on Thursday morning, a couple days after the midterm elections.  A woman called in saying that she was concerned about her daughter and things she says regarding politics and government that don’t reflect her upbringing.  Interestingly, she called as “Anonymous” not wanting to divulge her name I suppose for fear that her friends and neighbors may learn of this skeleton in her closet.   The woman said that her millennial daughter feels disenfranchised when she hears of all the corruption and mismanagement in the federal government and has espoused a new form of government as the remedy.  Rick provided a comprehensive response when he said that she should inform her daughter that just because there is corruption and ineptitude in our present government in Washington, that does/should not lead to the conclusion that a different form of government, specifically socialism, is the answer.  He went on to explain that the reason for these problems is that politicians today have strayed from the founders’ intent.  We have 30-year career politicians who get fat and filthy rich as a “public servant” in Washington. 
These politicians become drunk with wealth and power and disconnected from the voice of their constituents and believe that more and bigger government is the solution for everything.  Socialism and communism would certainly entail more and bigger government and has always throughout the history of the world led to a corrupt ruling elite and poverty for the working class.  Rick rightly said that these Washington bureaucrats have no regard for the founders’ principles of a limited federal government and states’ rights (and individual liberty).  Bubba has previously on their talk show gone off on Lincoln’s abuse of power and misplaced effort in prosecuting the War for the collection of tariffs.  But so many of these radio talk show hosts, particularly Mark Levin just ignore the reality that the War for Southern Independence was the last gasp, the last fight for the founding principles of limited federal government and states’ rights and individual liberty.  They don’t recognize the problems with a behemoth omnipotent federal government losing a connection and accountability with their constituents numbering 300 million. 
I was chatting with a colleague the same day and he texted me something about the Georgia gubernatorial election.  I told him that Georgians should be ashamed that they narrowly defeated a candidate whose platform included an expansion of the welfare state with government regulated/provided healthcare with an expansion of Medicare, more tax breaks/credits for lower income earners who aren’t paying any taxes already, day care provisions for single mothers to enable more illegitimate children, gun ownership restrictions while allowing “economically disadvantaged” criminals to walk free without any bail, an illegal immigrant sanctuary state furthering a one-world order, government regulations to combat the hoax of global-warming-power production and, selectively erasing history by literally blasting away the Stone Mountain relief sculpture. 
I actually heard a couple of radio talk show hosts including Rush Limbaugh stating the observation, decrying that all these liberal Yankees are infesting the South, invading our neighborhoods and townships trying to impose their warped progressive ideals and agenda on us. They have morally and fiscally bankrupted the northeast and west coast states from whence they came and now intend to do the same throughout the Bible Belt. It took unusual events including a witch hunt during a Supreme Court nomination deliberation and a literal invasion approaching our southern border to awaken a slim majority to stem the tide and literally to keep the historic images of those Southern heroes on Stone Mountain in Georgia.  It is unfathomable that this new Reconstruction has taken hold to destroy our culture and history.  It is unfathomable that our children have been indoctrinated in schools failing to educate them on our true history and their civic duty to espouse, embrace, and protect our founding principles of a limited federal government, states’ rights and sovereignty and, individual liberty and the responsibility to be a contributing, productive member of our society and of our communities.  These are the principles and ideals of which the SCV Charge refers which our Confederate ancestors loved and made them glorious in their defense.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Upcoming Events for Confederate Compatriots

From the SCV Camp 1524 Dispatch Newsletter:

Christmas Salvation Army Kettle Bell Ringing – Saturday December 8th 8am-9pm Winn Dixie, Prattville AL

Christmas Social - Friday December 14th 6-9pm at Buena Vista, Prattville AL

Vida Christmas Parade – Saturday December 9th , lineup at noon and starting at 2pm with BBQ lunch after in the community center

Prattville Dragoons January Camp Meeting – Thursday January 10th at 7pm at Jim’s Restaurant, Prattville

Millbrook Mardi Gras Parade and Festival – Saturday February 23rd  9am festival opens and 11am parade

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1524 in the Prattville Christmas Parade

The Dragoons had a wonderful time on Friday 30 November decorating our float in the morning and forwarding the colors in the Prattville Christmas parade that evening. The float consisted of a trailer decorated with a Christmas tree and plenty of lights and tinsel with hay bales arranged for seating.  Compatriot Earl Edmondson and Adam Hilyer pulled the trailer in one of their semi trucks the doors of which were emblazoned with their company logo which includes crossed Battle Flags. Earl is very proud of his Confederate heritage and promotes it at every opportunity.  They carefully and professionally drove the truck down the parade route and even “tooted” out Jingle Bells on the truck's air horn during the parade!

Eight Dragoons assisted with the float decoration Friday morning including Commander Stuart Waldo, 1LT. Cmdr. Harold Grooms, Bill Myrick, Frank Pelt, Edward Morgan, Bill Gill, Don Owens and Larry Spears.  Always a fun time to begin the Christmas season with this event. 

The camp's entry had nearly 20 walkers and riders in the parade Friday evening including all who decorated plus Frank’s grandson Mr. Presley, Bill Myrick’s brother Jim, Stuart’s family consisting of his daughter, son and wife Kerri, John Dennis, Earl Edmondson, Adam Hilyer along with his two sons Kyle and Colin who volunteered to carry the camp Christmas parade banner at the front. There was enjoyable interaction with the crowd, as always the Dragoons' entry was very well received.  Everyone threw out every last bit of candy to the thousands of spectators lining the parade route.    Reports indicated there was a record number of parade entries which took a while for all the queued participants to actually start down the parade route and then meander down Court and Main Street in downtown but always worth it to see the reception received.  Decoration and parade photos below.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 Holiday Canned Food Drive

The Dragoons completed their annual canned food drive on Tuesday November 27, 2018, delivering all the accumulated canned and dry goods to the Autauga Interfaith Care Center in downtown Prattville.  Adjutant Wayne Sutherland stored all the food which had been donated by members over the last two months at camp meetings and which totaled over 550 pounds.  Commander Waldo and 2nd Lt Karl Wade picked up the food from Wayne to take it down and deliver it to the care center.  The food filled the bed of the truck.  It took three carts to load up and wheel into the building where volunteers immediately started dating the cans and putting them on shelves in the pantry.  Josette Dudle who is a ministry assistant at the AICC and in charge of the volunteers greeted Stuart and Karl and provided a tour of the pantry and a run down on the way the center screens recipients and the services AICC provides including food, clothing and even bill pay assistance.  Josette has been very much involved in the Autauga County Heritage Association in Prattville in which some members of the Dragoons also volunteer so common friends were readily identified.  Josette expressed much appreciation for the donation, another worthwhile community service project of Camp 1524. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1524 Billboard Ad Proclaims the Southern Heritage of Thanksgiving

The Prattville Dragoons placed a new electronic billboard advertisement for Thanksgiving which details the first Thanksgivings were in the South including in St.Augustine Florida in 1565 and at Berkeley Plantation in 1619, years before the Pilgrims in Plymouth colony conceived of a day of Thanksgiving.  The billboard also provides reference to Confederate President Jefferson Davis' proclamation to establish a day of Thanksgiving in October of 1861, again, years before Lincoln plagiarized it.  The camp has rotating digital boards at Hwy 14 and I-65 and at the intersection of Memorial Dr. and Cobbs Ford Rd in Prattville.  This ad was replaced by the camp's annual Christmas billboard ad on Sunday to run for the month before the Christmas holiday.