Saturday, October 21, 2017

Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 Workday at Robinson Springs Cemetery

Wednesday 18 October, four Dragoons took care of the maintenance of Robinson Springs Cemetery. Eight Confederate veterans are buried there along with veterans of the Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korea and other conflicts. There are many ancestors of present day inhabitants and founders of Elmore and Autauga counties buried here dating back to the early 1800’s. 

Carl French of the Cradle of the Confederacy Camp in Montgomery will mow the large area of the cemetery away from the graves in the next day or so.

Thanks to Skip Ward, Douglas “Bear” Butler and Bill Gill for contributing their labor and time to this Dragoon community service project which is part of the camps commitment to the SCV Guardian program taking care of historic cemeteries. Below you see the participants of the cleanup and a photo of part of the area cleaned up. The Battle Flags that mark each Confederate veteran grave were flying briskly in today’s cooler fall breeze.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Birthday of Confederate General William Joseph Hardee

October 12th is the birthday of Confederate General Hardee who was born 12 October 1815 and died on 6 November 1873. He is buried in Old Live Oak Cemetery in Selma. Pat Godwin of the United Daughter's of the Confederacy offered this rememberance.

Gen Hardee and Elodie Todd Dawson organized the Confederate Memorial Association in March 1873...he was the first president... then unfortunately, he passed away in November 1873... Elodie then took over as President and Confederate Memorial Association then became the Ladies Memorial Association.  They began raising money with the goal of erecting a memorial to the Confederate dead... and to bring back the remains of 156 Confederate soldiers.   The city of Selma purchased 18 acres adjoining the existing "West Selma Graveyard" in March 1877... on April 17, 1877, Elodie Todd Dawson went to the City Council and asked the city to donate one acre in the centermost part of the newly acquired land for the purpose of erecting the memorial.   The city granted Mrs. Dawson her request... the ladies then continued to raise money for the monument... and the remains of the soldiers... sadly,  Elodie Todd Dawson passed away in November 1877 and did not live to see the fruits of her labor come to fruition.  Alice Pettus then became President of the LMA... on April 26, 1878 the Confederate Memorial was dedicated at the Confederate Memorial Circle... which is now officially owned by the Selma Chapter 53, UDC. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting for October 2017

The Prattville Dragoons, SCV Camp 1524 held their camp meeting for October on the 12th of the month at the Shoney's on Cobbs Ford Road.  Following fellowship over their meals, 1st Lt Harold Grooms, in the absence of Commander Waldo, detailed the upcoming events and announcements including the camp's annual canned food drive and the Salvation Army bell ringing scheduled for later in mid-December as well as the upcoming Fall muster scheduled for Saturday 21 October and the camp's Christmas social on Friday 8 December.  It was a well attended meeting with several guests and one prospective member who submitted an application.  

Past Brigade Commander and camp Adjutant Bill Myrick presented an outstanding program on the 22nd Alabama Infantry Regiment which was raised in the south Montgomery community of Ramer. He brought his print of the muster of the 22nd which was located at a church in the area. Bill read a well written, detailed letter from a member of the 22nd concerning the Battle of Shiloh and the personal trials of the unit and himself. At one time, this soldier's company was down to some 40 - 45 men, about the size of a modern day platoon. Still they persevered in the face of extreme inclement weather and the constant barrage of Union fire and shelling. An outstanding presentation and enjoyable camp meeting. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Prattville Doster Cemetery Cleanup by SCV Camp 1524 Compatriot

The final resting place of Confederate veterans of the Prattville Doster family was cleaned on Monday October 2nd by Compatriot Bill Myrick of SCV Camp 1524.   Bill has single-handed kept this historic cemetery groomed throughout the summer.  As can be seen from the attached photo, the cemetery looks extremely good. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Prattville Dragoons Chaplain's Column for October 2017

From the Camp 1524 Dispatch newsletter:

Chaplain’s Column –Allowing God to Help Break the Cycle

God gives us more by gg deeper than we ask. He not only wants your whole heart, he wants your whole heart whole. Why? Hurt people hurt people. Think about it. Why do you fly off the handle? Why do you avoid conflict? Why do you seek to please everyone? Might your tendencies have something to do with an unhealed hurt in your heart? God wants to help you for your sake.

Your family history may have had some sad chapters. But your history doesn’t have to be your future. The generational garbage can stop here and now. You don’t have to give your kids what your ancestors gave you. Talk to God about the scandals and scoundrels. Invite Him to relive the betrayal with you. The process may take a long time. It may take a lifetime. It may be difficult, for certain. But let God do His work!

Please remember all of those on our prayer list.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Autauga County (AL) Cemetery Tour - Saturday October 7th

Dragoon friend and Autauga country cemetery expert Larry Caver Jr. will lead a tour of Autauga county cemeteries this coming Saturday.

Agenda- The tour will meet and begin at the Probate Office in Prattville AL at 7:30 AM; we will arrive at Old Autaugaville Cemetery (Asbury) around 8:00 AM; we will then go to Ivey Creek to tour Cemetery and Church; the tour will then go to the Roy Family Cemetery at Evergreen Community followed by a stop at Evergreen Baptist Church for a  break; the tour will continue​ to Old Harmony Cemetery on County Rd 45, and then the Hall Family Cemetery also on County Rd 45, and then back to Hwy 14 and back to Prattville. Wear long pants, comfortable shoes, bring a sack lunch and your smart phone for photos. No cost to attend and open to anyone who wants to join us!  

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Prattville Dragoons Commander's Column for October 2017

Commander's Column: Monument Attacks and NFL Kneeling Perpetuates Myth of White Wickedness

It is disturbing, nauseating really to read about the almost daily attempts to remove Confederate monuments across the country. Some mornings I check Twitter to see the latest news and other mornings I almost can’t bear to see what the new day brings related to these misguided efforts. Much has been written by scholars and pundits as to the impetus behind these attempts to remove these vestiges of Southern heritage and history. Not to belabor the discussion but I believe these attacks are a deep rooted (and covertly funded) effort to undermine and destroy bedrock American ideals and beliefs many of which were embodied by the Confederate Cause, that of state’s rights and sovereignty, individual liberty and, conservative Christian ideals.

The BLM and Antifa anarchists and their alt-left pawns scream the Confederate monuments are concrete (and granite and and bronze) symbols of racism, an affront to our enlightened sensibilities and 21st century mores. But, the insanity of these militant thugs has been directed now even to an attack on our country’s founding fathers as white privileged racists and the United States flag itself, as a symbol of oppression. Multi-millionaire minority athletes are kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem in a bewildering contradictory statement highlighting their alleged racial oppression. But these idiotic prima donnas and the mainstream media which attempts to give them credence have started to raise the ire of the majority grounded, rational, blue collar American consumers who have paid their exorbitant salaries but aren’t willing to see patriotism trampled on and the flag disrespected. The NFL preseason game in London had American NFL players kneeling during “The Star Spangled Banner” and standing to “God Save the Queen”.

Simply put, this is another example of the resistance to patriotic nationalism which the mainstream media paints as xenophobic white supremacist skinhead nazi racism. The NFL players not-so-subtle attempt to diminish the greatness of our country effectively supports a globalist one-world order initiative where the United States is nothing more than another middling nation wreaking of inexcusable historical injustices not deserving to provide or symbolize a beacon of freedom and democracy and opportunity to the world. I have always believed that one of the reasons the Confederacy and the Cause has been painted in such a bad light by Reconstructionist and modern government sponsored historians and educators is to provide credence and justification for and to gloss over Lincoln’s centralized federal government unconstitutional usurpation of state sovereignty, individual liberties and, the destruction of the self-sufficient independent Christian agrarian societal model. Pride in one’s country and perhaps an ignorance to its historical and societal faults or shortcomings certainly is critical to maintaining a compliant supportive citizenry.

But that is why any argument to defend the Confederate statues on the grounds of respecting and honoring the history is fraught with peril as these alt-left wish to erase any such vestiges of those who would defend a constitutional originalist ideal and conservative Christian values. Bill O’Reilly said in an interview with Sean Hannity recently, “The far left wants to drive the narrative that the USA is (and by extension to an even greater degree, the Confederacy was) an evil country. Why? They want to change everything.” That’s what progressives do. And of course this spotlight on these NFL players and their protest alleging institutional racism as well as the supposed racism associated with the historic Confederate statues and the Confederate flag is meant to propagate and perpetuate a racial divide in the country. As Jared Taylor states in “Paved with Good Intentions”, “The white mainstream is an alien imposition which they owe no allegiance.”

But just as main street is angrily reacting to the ludicrousness of aggrieved oppressed millionaire football players, the swell in nationalism reflected in the election of Trump and that of bedrock conservatism as illustrated by Judge Moore’s runoff victory over what was recognized as the establishment candidacy of Luther Strange demonstrates that the majority of Americans and certainly Southerners reject the notion of an institutionally evil racist American citizenry and government. Taylor talks of a “myth of monolithic racism (that) tends to exempt (American blacks) from responsibility, from autonomy, ultimately from America itself”, a tragic damage this myth does to all blacks in this country. But burning NFL tickets and jerseys and winning local battles to preserve a Confederate monument here or there is not likely to reverse this tide of divide as the myth of systemic institutionalized racism and the latest embodiment expressed as white privilege which is lectured to in elementary schools thru college curricula is a race baiting money maker. In Thomas Sowell’s words, the myth perpetuators are men “whose own employment and visibility depend upon maintaining an adequate flow of injustices… their very livelihoods depend on finding enough white wickedness to denounce.” (Taylor, “Paved with Good Intentions”) The Confederate statues were erected by UDC ladies to honor husbands and sons who never returned from battle in the defense of their homes but they symbolize a Southern heritage and values which conflict direly with the globalist progressive anarchist socialist agenda, which among other deviant goals is to perpetuate the concept of white wickedness.