Sunday, November 19, 2017

SCV Camp 1524 Prattville Dragoons Make Donation to Local Food Bank

Thursday November 16th, Commander Stuart Waldo and compatriot Karl Wade dropped off 333 pounds of food at the Autauga Interfaith Care Center in Prattville, the culmination of their annual food drive timed to coincide with the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays.  The Dragoons had been collecting food for the past few camp meetings and Karl was again the stalwart in this effort bringing in cases of canned vegetables.  Adjutant Wayne Sutherland was the focal point for donations by members and held the food in his garage until the day before it was delivered to Autauga Interfaith Care Center.  Stuart and Karl had just completed a meeting with the mayor and chief of police at the Prattville police department regarding the upcoming Christmas parade and announced there that the Dragoons were again making this donation.   The Care Center actually closed about 15 minutes prior to their arrival but thankfully there were still volunteers inside and the food was able to be delivered.  Prattville City Commisioner and Council President Pro Tempore Denise Brown is one of those volunteers and heads the Care Center.  She was very excited by the donation and said it would go a long way to restocking their shelves as deliveries for Thanksgiving had been made and left them bare.  Denise posed for a photo with Karl outside the Autauga Interfaith care Center.  The annual Thanksgiving canned food drive is one of the community service projects the Dragoons conduct as outreach to our Prattville neighbors. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

SCV Camp 1524, Prattville Dragoons November Camp Meeting

The Dragoons held an enjoyable camp meeting on Thursday evening evening, November 9th at the Shoney's on Cobbs Ford Road in Prattville.  After Chaplain Snowden started the meeting with an Invocation, Commander Waldo read the SCV charge and then went into details on all the upcoming events and camp news.  With the holidays approaching there were a number of camp events of interest including our food bank dry goods donation, Christmas parades, the camp Christmas Social at Buena Vista, and the camp manning the Salvation Army kettle for ringing in the holidays. 

Bob Wieland, curator for the First White House of the Confederacy in Montgomery was the guest speaker presenting, "The First White House in a World Gone Crazy".  Bob described himself as a sojourning Yankee.  While still residing in NY, Bob was active in "Change New York" which was a Tea Party-like state government-centered movement but, he said that the Cuomos undid any good that the group attempted to accomplish.  Following a stint as a legislative aide in NY, Bob relocated to, as he described it, paradise in Hattiesburg Mississippi. But he soon realized that while the surrounding area was a paradise with a people and culture of the Old South, the University of Southern Miss campus was full of post-modernists with a faculty chock full of commies.  It was only thru an ingenious manipulation of the system that he was able to complete his dissertation without complying and conforming with the standard "Gay Saddle Makers of Serbia" academic line of thinking. 

Bob went on to say that the 30000 people a year visit the First White House. The First White House enjoys 4.5 out of 5 ratings from Tripadvisor and Yelp.  Many are foreigners from other countries who are enchanted with the "Gone with the Wind" idea of the antebellum South which is captured by the First White House.  He described a couple recent visitors including a little old lady from Australia who teared up while looking at the collection of artifacts.  Another recent visitor was a man from Cuba who asked for his picture to be taken kissing the Battle Flag as he wanted to remember the Cuban Confederate officers.  French visitors love Beauregard.  These contrast to the German visitors who as a general rule are more conformists who don't appreciate the Cause for which the Confederates fought against the Federalist oppression for liberty and independence. 

Today's national climate has Columbus, Washington, Andrew Jackson and Robert E. Lee being attacked as creeps.  Italian Americans honor Columbus as a great Italian mariner and missionary but enlightened liberal professors decry him as exploiting and enslaving Native Americans. Liberal professors have infiltrated and dominate university liberal arts, history and humanities departments and seek to brainwash and indoctrinate students who are forced to take courses in these disciplines as part of the required curriculum.  There is some nervousness at the First White House with the atatcks on heritage, the Battle flag and Confederate monuments across the country.  No vandalism has occurred and Bob remains hopeful that the First White House will remain a center of history, heritage and tourism in Montgomery for the state of Alabama and people from around the world. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Prattville Dragoons Commander's Column for November 2017

From the SCV Camp 1524 Dispatch newsletter.

Commander's Column: PC Attacks are an Attack on Constitutional and Biblical Principles

There has been continuing insanity across the nation directed at our Confederate heritage and now that of our founding fathers and even our basic Judeo-Christian foundation principles.  The attacks on Confederate history was never about a glorification of slavery although those instigators played that card as a bait and switch.  This has been an orchestrated attack on our nation’s very founding principles.  Confederate heroes were the easiest target but the underlying Confederate Cause which espoused the pure founding principles of liberty and a limited federal government was the real bullseye.  Now “leaders at the church where George Washington attended decided that a plaque honoring the first President of the United States must be removed” saying the pew memorials to him and Robert E. Lee who attended the church since childhood are not acceptable to all worshippers.  “The plaques in our sanctuary make some of our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome” leaders said” (  The founding fathers and our very Constitution is under assault.  The Democratic National Convention head Tom Perez in an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the current administration and energize his ignorant constituency recently falsely stated “the Electoral College is not a creation of the Constitution” (although it is clearly laid out in Article II of the Constitution) maintaining Trump “didn’t win” last November (
Any argument presented as an attempt to refute these PC positions is derided as racist.  In the Virginia gubernatorial race, CNN contributor (and former Hillary Clinton spokesman) Brian Fallon blatantly labeled GOP candidate Ed Gillespie as a white supremacist trying to capitalize on the tragic death of the Antifa counter-protestor in Charlottesville by trying to tie Gillespie to the white nationalist rally using a Twitter image and linking Gillespie to Trump both of whom have asserted their desire to preserve and protect the Confederate monuments there, Trump saying, “Gillespie will turn the really bad Virginia economy around and might even save our great statues/heritage (as 62 percent of Americans similarly believe Confederate statues should remain intact)”.  Fallon’s libel apparently backfiring as the Richmond Times endorsed Gillespie.  (, The latest Democrat ad campaign in the race portrays “supporters of Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie as Confederates who attack minority children” showing Latino children being chased by a pickup truck bedecked with a Confederate flag labeling that as Gillespie and Trump’s “American dream”. ( 
And the divisive total attack on our Constitution, our heritage, our values is permeating throughout our university campuses.  In an article entitled “Vandalism: It Ain’t Just Confederate Memorials they Hate”, “The Church Militant reports the Northern Kentucky Students for Life set up a pro-life cross display Sunday afternoon and by Sunday night, vandals already had destroyed it.” (  University of Illinois math education professor Rochelle Gutierrez laid it out in her article “Building Support for Scholarly Practices in Mathematics Methods” that “on many levels, mathematics itself operates as whiteness. Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics is generally viewed as white.” Further she says mathematics operates with unearned privilege in society, “Just like whiteness.”  She asks, “are we really that smart just because we do mathematics? (When I read that quote to my nine year old daughter, she exclaimed, “Yes!”) If one is not viewed as mathematical, there will always be a sense of inferiority that can be summoned.  (There are those) who have experienced microaggressions from participating in math classrooms.”  Her views and statements were endorsed and defended by the University Provost John Wilkin. (  City University of New York sociology professor Jessie Daniels attacked our very Biblical nuclear family structure as white supremacist.  The “expert on “the Internet manifestations of racism” (said) “the white-nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy,” adding that families “reproducing white children” are “part of the problem” as they facilitate white supremacy in the country.  (She) suggested that “white people” should confront their racism and stop perpetuating inequality when they (bequeath) their homes to their children saying, “White people: do you own your home? When you die, where's wealth in that house going? If it's to your children, you're reproducing (inequality).” (
Timeless truths and principles such as our nation’s Constitution, Biblical principles protecting the sanctity of life and family, even absolute color blind objective principles of mathematics are not exempt from the insanity of the relativist attacks by the alt-left wackos.  Well, that couldn’t happen in Prattville Alabama.  Well, we just received the latest revised rules for our own Prattville Christmas parade.  No flags permitted except the United States flag (presumably prohibiting even our Alabama state flag not to mention our historical Confederate flags).  No hand-outs except candy and “Christmas themed trinkets” disallowing our SCV coins and mini-Battle flags.  No reenactment weapons.  No playing of “Dixie” (or any non-Christmas themed music).  If our Prattville government Parks and Recreation Department was not intentionally discriminating against our entry in instituting these parade prohibitions, they incidentally did a fantastic job of restricting our popular promotional initiatives.  And that is what is so confounding and irking - our Prattville government leaders and those in Charlottesville and Washington DC and at the Southern Baptist Convention and other Protestant church bodies are all ignoring the will of the people and the majority and are pandering to a vocal militant PC minority who seek to destroy our nation’s fabric and underpinnings to minimize our nation’s greatness and distort her history in an effort to promote a new socialist world order.  Yeah, let’s prohibit those problematic SCV coins and mini-Battle flags, that’s the answer.  

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Upcoming Events for Confederate Compatriots

From the SCV Camp 1524 Dispatch newsletter.

Upcoming Events

Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting – Thursday November 9th at 7pm at the Shoney’s in Prattville on Cobbs Ford Rd

20th Annual Battles for the Armory – Thursday-Sunday, November  9-12th, Tallassee AL  

Prattville Christmas Parade – Friday December 1st downtown Prattville at 7pm

Vida Christmas Parade – Saturday December 16th  at 1pm at the Vida Community Center

Children of the Confederacy Christmas Program – Saturday December 2nd at the CMP chapel

Prattville Dragoons Christmas Social – Friday December 8th at Buena Vista at 6pm featuring Smokin S banquet

Prattville Dragoons Salvation Army Kettle Ringing – Saturday December 16th at Winn Dixie all day, Karl Wade will coordinate a sign-up sheet for shifts

AL Division Robert E. Lee Day Program – Saturday January 20th , 2018 at the Alabama State Archives

Army of TN Workshop -  Revival Building, 3030 Washington St. Athens AL, Saturday February 24th, 2018

AL Division Education Conference -  Prattville Doster Center, Saturday March 17th, 2018

Civil War Military & Civilian Life Living History - Confederate Memorial Park, Marbury AL,  April 27-28, 2018

Forrest Monument Dedication – Saturday May 5th, 2018 at Cedar Bluff AL 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Prattville Dragoons Chaplain's Column for November 2017

From the SCV Camp 1524 Dispatch newsletter:

Chaplain’s Column –Ask God, He Will Listen

    Did you know that God always loves the sound of your voice? God never places you on hold or tells you to call again later. He doesn’t hide when you call. He listens to all of your prayers.
   For that reason we should “be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6). With this verse the apostle calls us to take action against anxiety. We tell God exactly what we want. We pray the particulars of our problems.
Remember that what Jesus said to the blind man, applies to us as well. “What do you want me to do for you?” (Luke 18:41 NIV). One would think the answer would be obvious. When a sightless man requests Jesus’ help, isn’t it apparent what he needs? Yet Jesus wanted to hear the man articulate his specific requests. He wants the same from us. “Let your requests be made known to God!”
   I would like to wish everyone a very blessed Thanksgiving and please don’t forget to remember to pray for all those that are on our prayer list. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Prattville AL Prohibits Display of Confederate Flag for Christmas Parade - Open Letter to Mayor

Received the registration and new rules for the Prattville Christmas parade.  Quite disappointed. If our Prattville Parks and Recreation Department was not intentionally discriminating against our entry in instituting these parade prohibitions, they incidentally did a fantastic job of completely restricting our popular promotional initiatives.  No flags (except the U.S. flag), no SCV coins (just Christmas “trinkets”, whatever that is), no playing of Dixie, no reenactors weapons, no mini-Battle flag hand-outs.  While they are busy taking down plaques honoring George Washington and attacking the Constitutionality of the Electoral College, and sponsoring ads depicting a truck bedecked with Confederate flags chasing Hispanic children in Virginia and college professors are attacking mathematics (yes, math) and the nuclear family as “white privilege” and “white supremacy”, while Antifa and BLM militants physically prevent the exercise of our freedom of speech at events across the country, we’ll prohibit those problematic SCV coins and mini-Battle flags.  There will be a lot of disappointed parade spectators who will not receive what they expect from us in the way of hand-outs and representation, the vast majority of those in attendance.  Cannot believe in Prattville Alabama we are cowering at the feet of the few PC progressives and misguided bigots and disrespecting our history and heritage.  Very disappointing.  By the way, I did alert the Parks and Recreation Admin that the rules as published disallow the display of the flag of the state of Alabama but, perhaps since it is patterned after the St. Andrew’s cross as was the Confederate Battle flag, perhaps that was intentional.  

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Prattville Dragoons Enjoy a Wonderful Fall Muster

SCV Camp 1524 members and their guests in attendance on Saturday October 21st thoroughly enjoyed the 3rd annual Dragoon Fall Muster under bright Alabama sunlight with moderate temperatures and a nice breeze. Many participated in shooting the clay targets with their shotguns and also shot a variety of other weapons at stationary targets. After working up an appetite, we dined on delicious Dixie butt provided by Larry Spears, Bill Myrick’s “World Famous" Baked Beans, Commander Waldo’s potato salad and corn casserole, several desserts and other picnic fare. After the meal, several more Dragoons continued breaking several clays with their expertly placed shots. 

The event was held in a field of the Dismukes’ property off Main Street south of Millbrook AL but unfortunately Dragoon Will Dismukes was not able to attend due to an emergent conflicting priority. But the camp appreciated the hospitality shown by the Dismukes family in hosting the event on the beautiful grounds adjacent to the Alabama River. A total of 20 camp members attended so it was the biggest fall muster event so far conducted by the camp.  Clays were thrown using a hand thrower as well as an anchored spring thrower so a variety of target paths were seen which made it a challenge to break the clays (especially since many were using this event as their sole annual opportunity to shoot).  

Members were pleased to see Allen Herrod who has had some health problems lately and new member “Bear” Butler brought an array of weapons that provided enjoyment to several who shot them.  Bill Branch also had a nice couple weapons.  Bear and Bill both brought their better halves so it was nice to see a couple ladies participate also. The youngest member there was Connor Lee who is a student and recipient of the Alabama Division Joe Wheeler scholarship who stated it was his first time shooting clays and the oldest in attendance was WWII veteran James Spears who also shot stationary clay targets.   Great time being able to shoot our guns and practice a little before hunting season.  Thanks to all who attended, those who brought food and everyone who helped clean up following the shoot and dinner. There was great camaraderie among all those present.