Monday, April 30, 2012

A Teachable Moment Missed

Letter to the Gibson County (TN) district and high school administrators to object to Texanna Edwards being refused admission to her prom as she was wearing a dress proudly displaying the Confederate Battle flag.  Email these educators to reinforce the SCV charge! Email addresses are and
Mr. Pruett and Mr. Hughes,
Read with dismay an article this morning on ( ) where Texanna Edwards was denied access to her Gibson County High School prom for wearing a dress which displayed the Confederate Battle Flag.  According to the article, the girls dress was actually greeted with compliments by her fellow classmates but the school administration claimed it could incite a racial conflict.  While the Confederate Battle Flag has been inappropriately used by hate groups, it is an historically accurate and relevant symbol of the Confederate armies which struggled for their independence in the War Between the States.  I believe the Gibson County school district and high school administrators missed a teachable moment in not defending the right of this girl to recognize this symbol of Southern heritage.  It was on Tennessee soil that many battles were fought and many Gibson County citizen soldiers joined the fight for liberty in such units as the TN 12th Infantry. 

(The same paragraph which was emailed to Roy Masters was then inserted here as it provides a concise defense of the Confederate cause - see blog post for that letter.)

I would beseech you in the future to do some more studying on the facts regarding the War for Southern Independence, more commonly but mistakenly known as the Civil War and to use your position as an educator to actually instruct your students and the general public as to the truths of this important period in our country’s history.
Sincerely, Stuart Waldo, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp 1524

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prattville Dragoons Commemorate Confederate Memorial Day

The Prattville Dragoons, SCV Camp 1524 celebrated Confederate Memorial Day on Monday April 23rd with a program at the Dragoons Memorial at the Prattville Primary School in downtown Prattville at 6pm.  Keyboard music was provided by Mrs. Henson and Mrs. Striepe who opened the program with the Prattville Light Dragoon March and led the singing of Dixie at the conclusion.  Remarks were provided by the camp officers including recognition of distinguished guests in attendance which included the Mayor of Prattville.  The History of Confederate Memorial Day, the history of the Confederate Monuments in Prattville, and a commemorative poem were presented by the Dragoons officers before a wreath was placed at the Memorial, placed at the spot where the Prattville Dragoons departed for the War for Southern Independence in 1861.  A color guard of reenactment Confederate soldiers came to arms when the wreath of magnolia leaves was placed between the two monuments there at the school.  An invocation and benediction were offered by the Camp Chaplain.  Approximately 35 people were in attendance.  The Prattville Dragoons hope that everyone participates in some Confederate Memorial Day and Confederate History Month programs being conducted across their state in remembrance of the Confederate veterans and their ancestors who fought and died to defend their homeland, for liberty and freedom under the original Constitutional principle of states rights. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Confederate Memorial Day Observance by the Alabama Division of the SCV at the State Capitol

The following announcement was sent out by Robert Reames, Commander of the Alabama Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Recognizing your Confederate ancestors and participating in these programs and observances is important especially during this Sesquicentennial period. 

Please join me at the Capitol for the Ala. Division's Confederate Memorial 
Day Observance.

The speaker will be Bill Rambo, Director of Confederate Memorial Park. As 
Director of a park whose sole purpose is to serve as a "Confederate 
Memorial" I can think of no more qualified speaker. Bill is a great speaker, and 
has been at the forefront of the fight to keep funding for this important 
park in Alabama.

We will have music, speeches, and musket fire. Please bring your muskets 
and your flags. If you have a cannon, bring that too. Please come and 
represent your ancestor.

This is the same weekend as the Selma Reenactment so we will be short of 
reenactors. PLEASE bring your uniforms and muskets and help take their 
place. Powder and caps will be available.

Following the memorial observance we will be holding a DEC meeting at the 
Shoney's in Prattville at about 1 PM, following dinner at noon.

For the CAUSE,

Robert Reames
Alabama Division Commander
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Teleportation - Attending Two Simultaneous Confederate Memorial Events

Last Saturday, April 21st, there was a full schedule of Confederate Memorial Day celebrations around the central Alabama area which virtually required being in two places at one time.  Would have been nice to have had the technology of teleportation like the crew of the Enterprise enjoyed in Star Trek. First attended the Confederate Memorial Day parade at 10am hosted by the local League of the South chapter which crossed the Coosa River bridge into downtown Wetumpka.  Unfortunately I missed the food and music which was sure to be enjoyable as I had to make the 30 mile drive up to Confederate Memorial Park for the United Daughters of the Confederacy Confederate Memorial Day program at the church there in the Park.  This was a fantastic program with the Children of the Confederacy actually hosting the program and providing some very good memorial messages recognizing not just Confederate veterans and casualties but those from all the wars the United States has joined.  The Cradle of the Confederacy SCV Camp provided a color guard and Park Director Bill Rambo conveyed how much it meant to have the operating funds for the Park protected by the action of the SCV and UDC from attack by ignorant and racist Alabama state legislators.  It was attended by a large crowd, standing room only in the quaint church.  In addition to prayers and responsive reading there was music including of course Dixie which concluded the portion of the program in the church.  The wreath laying was then performed at the No.2 cemetary including the playing of taps and three musket and cannon volleys.  The Confederate Battle Flags which the Prattville Dragoons had placed on the veteran's graves were still there which provided a fantastic backdrop for the wreath. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prattville Dragoons Annual Picnic April 14th

The Prattville Dragoons held their annual picnic at Confederate Memorial Park on Saturday April 14th.  At 9am a group of members and guests helped place Confederate Battle Flags on the graves of the more than 300 Confederate veteran graves there at the two cemetaries at Memorial Park.  At 10:45am the program commenced with an invocation by Tyler Suttle.  1st and 2nd Lt Commanders Harold Grooms and Stuart Waldo provided some opening remarks then Communications Officer Tyrone Crowley introduced Bob Glennon who had been a guest at his house overnight prior to the picnic.  Bob is the author of a number of books on the Confederate period and gave a wonderful account of The Last Slave Voyage to America which was the title of one of his books.  It provides a glimpse into the life of Cudjoe Lewis who was one of the slaves brought to Mobile on that ship in 1860, a warrior in his African tribe.  Bob provided a copy of this book as one of the door prizes which were awarded following the picnic lunch.  As usual, there was plenty of great food including Dixie Butts and camp stew, beans, salads and amazing desserts (including the three I sampled, a banana pudding, peach cobbler and Mississippi mud cake kinda thing).  Yummy.  About 35 folks were in attendance but Commander Booth and his family were missed as they were out of town and travelling at the time.  Another very enjoyable social event sponsored by the Prattville Dragoons.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Roy Masters Ignorance Regarding the War for Southern Independence and the Emancipation Proclamation

I listen to talk radio often and on weekends around the Prattville/Montgomery area, on FM 107.9 Roy Masters has a program.  Roy espouses some rather strange principles such as refusing to recognize his wife's birthday or their anniversary as it would condone her placing importance on such trivial things and would empower her in their relationship.  He regularly cautions callers that they hate everyone including themselves and that is the root cause of this problem or that in their lives.  Strange stuff it is.  But I felt obligated to write Roy when he stated as clear fact on his show falsehoods regarding the Confederate States cause and the folly of the Emancipation Proclamation.  The following is my letter "To Roy":
Listened to your radio show this past weekend as I do on occasion. I would beseech you to do some more studying on the facts regarding the War for Southern Independence, more commonly but mistakenly known as the Civil War. To believe that the War was fought to free the slaves ignores the truths of that history. Lincoln himself even said (and it is inscribed on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC) that he would not attempt to free a single slave if it would preserve the Union. The Emancipation Proclamation didn't free a single slave, the 13th Amendment did after the War was over. The Emancipation Proclamation attempted to free slaves in the Confederate States of America over which Lincoln had no authority in 1863.  Gen. Grant actually owned a slave til the end of the War.  Gen. Lee, none.  The opprossive tariffs imposed on imported goods which burdened the Southern populace and resulted in restrictions on Southern exports (Morrill Tarriff for example) and unfair taxation to unproportionally fund infrastructure projects in the Northern states provoked the Southern states to secede.  The act of secession was lawful, specifically taught at the time at West Point for instance, and endorsed by the Declaration of Independence but Lincoln used it as an excuse to brand the Confederacy as a rebel insurrection and indeed, to instigate a war against fellow Americans suspending habeus corpus, threatening imprisonment even for state legislators in states which remained in the Union (Maryland) and other violations of the Constitution which would have been punishable as war crimes had the South prevailed. But, the victors write the history books and thus has been perpetuated the myth that the Northern states, the Union, commenced on a noble crusade to free the slaves as the cause of the War. My ancestors on my mothers side fought for their homelands and states rights as part of the Confederacy - they did not own any slaves.  My ancestors on my fathers side on the other hand gained wealth as slave traders in the 1600s out of Connecticut (Cornelius Waldo). Nuf said? If you are attempting to present yourself as an astute learned man capable of advising people in important life matters, don't expose your ignorance and lack of qualifications in speaking of historical truths.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Prattville Dragoons Observe Confederate Memorial Day

The Prattville Dragoons, SCV Camp 1524 will observe Confederate Memorial Day, today, Monday April 23rd with a program at the Dragoons Memorial at the Prattville Primary School in downtown Prattville at 6pm.  Keyboard music will be provided to open the program as well as a singing of Dixie at the conclusion.  Remarks will be provided by the camp officers including recognition of  distinguished guests in attendance as for instance the Mayor of Prattville and several city council members and state Representatives are expected.  The History of Confederate Memorial Day and a commemorative poem will be presented before a wreath is placed at the Memorial, placed at the spot where the Prattville Dragoons departed for the War for Southern Independence in 1861.  An invocation and benediction will be offered by the Camp Chaplain.  The Prattville Dragoons hope that everyone can attend this Confederate Memorial Day program conducted in remembrance of the Dragoons of 1861-1865 and will take pause today to remember their Confederate ancestors and all those veterans who fought and died to defend their homeland, for liberty and freedom under the original Constitutional principle of states rights. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Remarks from Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 Picnic by Lt. Commander Waldo

Thank you everyone for attending this annual picnic for the Prattville Dragoons.
Thanks to everyone who helped set flags at the graves of these honorable Confederate Veterans, over three hundred here at Memorial Park.
This is beautiful “Chamber of Commerce” weather we get to enjoy as we celebrate Confederate History Month and enjoy some good BBQ including Dixie Butts and homemade fixin’s. 
The Confederate History Month posters Brigade Commander Bill Myrick provided are available and we are encouraged to distribute these to schools, libraries and businesses.  Tyrone Crowley has some words regarding these posters and a special recognition which should serve as a commendable example.
These are trying times we see before our nation.  The Sesquicentennial we are commemorating seems to be serving as much as an opportunity for celebration of the Confederacy and a rememberance of our courageous forefathers as it is a foreboding of repeated history.  The oppressive strong arm of the federal government continues to encroach on our liberties and freedom in much the same way as it did 150 years ago thru burdensome expensive regulation, taxation and legislation.  Racial tensions continue to escalate despite the promise of a “post-racial leadership”.   I was remarking to Tyrone that the Nat Geo series on Doomsday Preppers is entertaining television but equally alarming.   These are serious times.
It’s encouraging to see children here today and some who are daring to learn and promote the truth of our Southern heritage.  It’s thru understanding our history that we can better prepare for and affect our future.  In order to reach more people in this modern digital age with these truths, information and encouragement, in addition to our website, meetings, newsletters and email communications, Camp 1524 has maintained a blog now for over a year now with 946 pageviews.  Commander in Chief Givens issued a directive to establish a Twitter account for faster broader communication, this actually after our camp had already done so with an SCVDragoons Twitter account linked to our blog posts, now following 24 people with 14 followers including the CiC. The news shared in these mediums is important to know and to act on to preserve our Southern heritage and to reach more people who need to understand the reasons our Confederate ancestors fought and died for their liberty and homeland. 
Let’s make 2012 our best year ever as an SCV camp and a Sesquicentennial tribute to all these Confederate Veterans.  Thanks again for your attendance and God Bless our Dixie homes.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Prattville Dragoons Picnic 4/14/2012, Confederate Memorial Park

We are expecting 45 folks for the Dragoons annual picnic this Saturday so come join us for food and fellowship.  There will be a reduced admission charge of just $2 to the Museum there at the Confederate Memorial Park - just indicate you are there as part of the SCV Dragoons group.  The following is the program schedule for the picnic:

Masters of Ceremonies:  Lt Commanders Grooms & Waldo (Commander Chris Booth will arrive late)
9:00  Set flags on graves
10:45  Lt Commanders Grooms/Waldo welcome all, have Chaplain Snowden offer invocation, lead pledges to flags, and introduce New Jersey Baptist Pastor Chuck Gargan; Pastor Chuck shows Dragoon sword
11:00  Lt Commanders Grooms/Waldo conduct business
            Lt Cmdr/Chaplain swear in new member Scott Roberson
            Chaplain swear in Lt Cmdr Grooms, who then swears in remaining officers
            Remind everyone of door prize and make sure that everyone has put name in hat.
11:15  Comm Officer Crowley introduce speaker Bob Glennon
            Mr. Bob Glennon speaks on "Last Slave Voyage to America" (approx. 30 minutes)
11:45  Eat dinner - Let Pastor Chuck bless food
After dinner, Commander Booth:  Remind everyone of Confederate Heritage events on April 21 and 23, specifically our ceremony at 6:00 at Dragoon Monument on Washington Street next to Prattville Primary School
End program with Lt Cmdr Grooms leading singing of "Dixie"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prattville Dragoons Annual Picnic at Confederate Memorial Park

In lieu of the regular meeting, in April the Prattville Dragoons hold a picnic at Confederate Memorial Park.  The picnic will take place on Saturday 14 April 2012, 10 am - 2 pm, at Confederate Memorial Park.  The park is located south of Mountain Creek in Chilton County and north of Marbury in Autauga County.  At 9 a.m. we will set flags on all 300+ Confederate graves at Confederate Memorial Park, Cemeteries 1 and 2.  Everyone is invited to attend and bring your children and grandchildren, who always enjoy the flag setting activity as well as the picnic. Our speaker will be Mr. Bob Glennon, local historian from Fairhope, Alabama, who will speak on "The Last Slave Voyage to America".  We will also meet and enjoy dinner with Pastor Chuck Gargan of New Jersey, who owns a sword once owned by a member of Company H, 3rd Alabama, which was the ultimate designation of the Prattville Dragoons.  We will enjoy Fatman’s BBQ Dixie Butts as our main dish provided by the camp, plus sides and desserts provided by our ladies (and in some cases, our men).  We will coordinate side dishes, drink, and utensils through Communications Officer Crowley, so email him at and let him know whether you can attend and what you will bring.  If you are a single man, don’t worry—just come on and enjoy yourself.  There will be picnic tables in the pavilion to sit at, but if you really want to be comfortable bring a folding chair.
Bring the family and enjoy the food and fellowship at the Confederate Memorial Park Pavilion 2 (next to Confederate Library) on Saturday 14 April!  See you there, Dragoons and guests!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The General Lee at Augusta National?

Congratulations to Bubba Watson who won a playoff for his first PGA tour Major victory at The Masters golf tournament yesterday in Augusta GA.  Bubba was born in Florida and attended college in Alabama and Georgia.  Bubba apparently appreciates his Southern and Confederate history as he recently purchased one of the original General Lee Dodge Chargers used in the filming of the Dukes of Hazzard television series.  NASCAR had rejected the idea of having Bubba drive the General around the Phoenix racecourse as part of his honorary grand marshall duties during the upcoming race there, rejecting the Southern heritage dear to so many of their NASCAR fans with the statement:

"The image of the Confederate flag is not something that should play an official role in our sport as we continue to reach out to new fans and make NASCAR more inclusive."

That should serve to rightly alienate many of the NASCAR fans which built the brand.  But, after Watson's Masters win, Bubba's wife Angie said, "You know he's going to put on that (Masters) green jacket (awarded to the winner of the annual tournament) and drive down something in General Lee".  The General Lee driving down Magnolia Lane at Augusta National would be absolutely classic and deserved.  Congratulations Bubba.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Upcoming Alabama Statewide Events of Interest for Confederate Heritage

A perusal of the Alabama Tourism Department Sweet Home Alabama statewide Calendar of Events for April include some events of interest for Confederate heritage supporters. 

  • ArchiTreats: Incidents of the War: The Civil War of Mary Jane Chadick

    Montgomery | Apr 19, 2012
    Apr 19, Montgomery Incidents of the War: the Civil War of Mary Jane Chadick 334-353-4726. Free. Alabama Department of Archives & History--Presented by Nancy M. Rohr as part of the ArchiTreats Third-Thursday Lecture Series. Noon-1 p.m.

  • Civil War Living History

    Marbury | Apr 20, 2012
    Apr 20, Marbury Civil War Living History 205-755-1990. Free. Confederate Memorial Park--A day of "up close and personal" living history of the War Between the States for schools and the public. Infantry, cavalry, artillery, commissary wagon, soldier’s equipment, uniforms, music, flags, civilian life, medical, bivouac, infantry drill (student participation), and cavalry obstacle course demos. Plus the new state of the art museum (Fee charged) which interprets Alabama's role in the war as well as Alabama's only home for confederate veterans. FREE self-guided tours of the Soldiers' Home site. Call the park for school group reservations. 9:30-11:30 a.m. & noon-3:30 p.m.

  • Confederate Memorial Day

    Ashville | Apr 28, 2012
    Apr 28, Ashville Confederate Memorial Day 205-338-2412. Free. John W. Inzer Museum & Ashville Cemetery--Public invited. Service with guest speaker, honor guard, 21 musket salute and laying of wreath. Service begins at 11 a.m.; picnic lunch at noon and grave markings at 1 p.m. Sponsored by St. Clair Camp 308, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Ashville Chapter 1488, United Daughters of the Confederacy and The John W. Inzer Museum, Inc.

  • Battle of Selma Civil War Reenactment

    Selma | Apr 26-29, 2012
    Apr 26-29, Selma Battle of Selma Civil War Reenactment 334-875-7241. Battlefield Park--Enjoy sights and sounds of the 1860s, period battles, sutlers, music and living history.

  • Sunday, April 1, 2012

    Prattville Dragoons Set Flags at Oak Hill Cemetary March 31st

    To commemorate the upcoming Confederate History Month for Alabama, members of the Prattville Dragoons, SCV Camp 1524 set flags to honor the Confederate veterans at Oak Hill Cemetary in Prattville.  Adjutant Wayne Sutherland coordinated the event and brought the Battle Flags and cemetary plot maps showing the locations of the veterans graves.  2nd Lt Waldo and Comms Officer Crowley brought biscuits and praline cookies as the volunteers arrived. Commander Booth and his family also brought snacks. 1st Lt Grooms and Chaplain Snowden rounded out the camp officers who participated but in all, eleven members showed up to set flags on this Saturday morning following a night of storms in the area.  Dragoons Bruce Casey and Mike Williamson were even able to ride their Harleys as the weather broke. The rain helped soften the ground to make the job of setting the flags in the soil a much easier task.  After Chaplain Snowden opened the event with a word of prayer, everyone paired up and covered sections of the cemetary and in 45 minutes all the flags were set.  It was an enjoyable time and an important one in recognizing these gallant heroes, these Confederate veterans.