Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Understanding the War Between the States by The Society of Independent Southern Historians

Understanding the War Between the States is an 88-page reader edited by Howard Ray White, author of Bloodstains, and Clyde N. Wilson, Ph. D. A powerful education tool, it is intended for bright students in middle school, high school and college. Furthermore, it is highly useful and readable for everybody. Sixteen writers cover American history from Jamestown to Grover Cleveland, presenting a dense array of truths about the conflict of North and South through that period of history. Among much else, it is made clear, chapter and verse, that the great conflict of the 1800s was a product of Northern aggression. No one who possesses this work will ever lack material to win any argument.

The booklet may be read and/or downloaded for free on computers and tablets at, accessed on Kindle, or purchased in paperback at low cost ( Available at no or minimal cost, it is intended for the widest possible distribution. Besides White and Wilson, the writers include Joyce Bennett of MD, William Cawthon of AL, Paul C. Graham of SC, Earl Ijames of NC, Gail Jarvis of GA, Patrick Kealey of CA, Steve Litteral of IL, Barbara Marthal of TN, Karen Stokes of SC, Joseph Stromberg of GA, Egon Tausch of TX, H.V. Traywick of VA, and Lesley Tucker of OK. This is a great contribution to truthful education for students of Southern History, young and old alike.

Get copies of these for your children and grandchildren and anyone else you know who is suffering to make sense of what is being taught at his or her present educational institution at any level. Perfect Christmas presents for friends and relatives. E-mail to purchase in bulk for SCV camps, schools and historical groups; then use in campaigns advocating more truthful and balanced education.

Howard Ray White, Director of Operations Clyde N. Wilson, Director of Historical Review
The Society of Independent Southern Historians,
6012 Lancelot Drive
Charlotte, NC 28270

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tour of Prattville AL Area Confederate Sites

Dragoons Communications Officer Larry Spears and Compatriot Richard Leya spent a great day on Wednesday September 19th touring area Confederate heritage sites.  Richard hails from South Carolina but attends Camp 1524 meetings when in town with family coincident with the camp's monthly meetings and supports the Dragoons annual Dixie Butt Fundraiser.
I-65 Confederate Flag Maintained by the Alabama Division SCV

Confederate Memorial Park Library

Confederate Memorial Park Museum

Flagging the Confederate Monument at the Alabama State Capitol

Richard in Front of the First White House of the Confederacy in Montgomery

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Va Flaggers: Texas Division, SCV Division Executive Committee Proclamation

The Va Flaggers were honored to receive word on Saturday September 12, 20015 that the Texas Division, SCV Division Executive Committee had, by unanimous vote of approval, issued the following proclamation: 

Texas Division, SCV, September 12, 2015  
Texas Division Resolution on the Virginia Flaggers

Whereas the Texas Division believes in aggressive defense of Southern heritage and the Confederate soldier, and

Whereas the Virginia Flaggers have represented the honor, integrity, decency, grace, and can-do spirit of the Confederate soldier, and

Whereas the leadership of the Virginia Flaggers has displayed a keen ability to bring the message of heritage defense directly to the masses, and

Whereas the Virginia Flaggers have raised awareness of the desire by some to destroy our Southern culture forever, and

Whereas the Virginia Flaggers have stepped into leadership in the Southern heritage movement and successfully fulfilled the Charge of General Stephen Dill Lee, and

Whereas the Virginia Flaggers have gained such success that they have become a true voice of leadership in the Southern heritage movement, and

Whereas the Virginia Flaggers represent the active principle in heritage defense and

Whereas the Virginia Flaggers serve as a positive, noble, and honorable role model for all those interested in defending Southern history and heritage, therefore, be it

Resolved that on this 12th day of September, in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 2015, that the Texas Division, SCV, does hereby affirm our support and admiration for the Virginia Flaggers and call upon all Southern Patriots, from across the Confederation, to fight for the survival of our sacred symbols and history, in the spirit of the Confederate soldiers of yesterday and the Virginia Flaggers of today.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Purging America's Heroes by Patrick J. Buchanan

Tuesday - September 15, 2015

With that kumbayah moment at the Capitol in South Carolina, when the Battle Flag of the Confederacy was lowered forever to the cheers and tears of all, a purgation of the detestable relics of evil that permeate American public life began.

City leaders in Memphis plan to dig up the body of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, who is buried in a city park that once bore his name. A statue of the great cavalrymen will be removed.

"Nathan Bedford Forrest is a symbol of bigotry and racism, and those symbols have no place on public property," said council chairman Myron Lowery, "What we're doing here in Memphis is no different from what's happening across the country." Myron's got that right.

Panicky Democrats are terminating their tradition of Jefferson-Jackson Day dinners, as both presidents were slaveholders.

Other slaveholders include Presidents George Washington, James Madison, who authored the Constitution that equated slaves with 3/5ths of a person, James Monroe, of Monroe Doctrine fame, John Tyler, who annexed Texas, and James K. Polk, who tore off half of Mexico.

Jefferson, Jackson and Madison are also the names of the state capitals of Missouri, Mississippi and Wisconsin, and Washington is the capital of the United States. Is it not time to change the names of these cities to honor more women and minorities who better reflect our glorious new diversity?

Washington, Jefferson and Jackson are on the $1, $2 and $20 bills. Ought they not all be replaced?

In Baltimore and Annapolis, calls are heard for the removal of statues of Chief Justice Roger Taney of the Dred Scott decision. In Fairfax County, Virginia, J.E.B. Stuart High may be headed for a name change. Can George Washington and Washington-Lee, rivals of my old high school, be far behind?

But it is Statuary Hall, beneath the cupola of the U.S. Capitol, where each state is represented by statues of two of its greatest, that really requires a Memphis-style moral cleansing.

Mississippi is represented by Jefferson Davis and Georgia by Alexander Stephens, the president and vice president of the Confederacy; South Carolina by John C. Calhoun, who called slavery a "positive good," and Confederate Gen. Wade Hampton.

Kentucky is represented by slave owner Henry Clay; Florida by Confederate Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith; North Carolina by Confederate colonel and Civil War governor Zebulon Vance; Texas by Stephen Austin and Sam Houston who seceded from Mexico to create a slave republic that joined the United States as a slave state in 1845.

Utah is represented by Brigham Young, founder of a Mormon faith that declared black people unfit to belong; Virginia by Robert E. Lee and Washington. California is represented by a statue of Fr. Junipero Serra, who established the missions that became the cities of California and converted and disciplined pagan Indians to Christianity.

Among the men revered by the generations that grew up in mid-20th-century America, five categories seem destined for execration:

Explorers like Columbus who conquered the indigenous peoples. Slave owners from 1619 to 1865. Statesmen, military leaders, and all associated with the Confederacy. All involved in the dispossession and ethnic cleansing of Native-Americans, like Gens. William Sherman and Phil Sheridan who said, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian," and acted on that maxim.

Lastly, segregationists. There is a move afoot to take the name of Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia, an opponent of civil rights laws, off the Senate Office Building to which it has been affixed for 40 years.

As there are thousands of schools, streets, highways, buildings, towns and cities that bear the names of these old heroes and men like them, the purging is going to take decades. Yet, make no mistake, a Great Purge of American heroes of yesteryear is at hand.

What did all those named above, who would be Class-A war criminals at the Southern Poverty Law Center, have in common?

All were white males. All achieved greatly. All believed that the people whence they came were superior and possessed of a superior faith, Christianity, and hence fit to rule what Rudyard Kipling called the "lesser breeds without the Law."

Acting on a belief in their racial, religious and cultural superiority, they created the greatest nation on earth. And people who got in their way were shoved aside, subjugated, repressed and ruled.

As for the Confederates of the Lost Cause, they yielded to superior force only after four years of fighting, but their battle flag has ever after been seen as a banner of rebellion, bravery and defiance.

And those tearing down the battle flags, and dumping over the monuments and statues, and sandblasting the names off buildings and schools, what have they ever accomplished?

They inherited the America these men built, but are ashamed at how it was built. And now they watch paralyzed as the peoples of the Third World, whom their grandfathers ruled, come to dispossess them of the patrimony for which they feel so guilty.

The new barbarians will make short work of them.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Indian Hill Cemetery Workday September 2015

The Prattville Dragoons had a good turn out of workers at Indian Hill cemetery on Saturday September 12th and earlier in the week and much work was accomplished.  Passers-by commented after the completion of the workday that the cemetery had never looked better with the grass cut, brush under the trees cut down and limbs picked up.  

After much weed eating along the fence line, Compatriot Tyrone Crowley took photos of the event - below. The workers on Saturday morning included Commander Stuart Waldo, Adjutant Wayne Sutherland, Tom and Tyrone Crowley, Chaplain Tom Snowden, Skip Ward, new members Chris McDaniel and David Saffold and Tom Huntington who supported the workers by bringing a personal assistant to help. Earlier in the week, new member Ryan King came and worked on his off time from work and completed a great deal of grass cutting. Chris helped cut up a fallen oak tree and Tom Crowley started his requisite fire effectively disposing of a large pile of limbs.  Communications Officer Larry Spears and father James Spears also pitched in earlier in the week since they were unable to attend on Saturday. 

As Alabama Division Guardians of this cemetery where Confederate veterans, including two Dragoons, are buried, Camp 1524 has an obligation to maintain this cemetery and have cheerfully accepted that duty. Deceased brother 2nd Lt Benny Harris who planned and executed the reclamation of this cemetery from the extensive overgrowth and years of neglect is also remembered and honored by maintaining this historic Autauga County burial spot. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Chaplain's Column for September 2015

From the Camp 1524 Dispatch newsletter:

Avoid The Mold – Scripture 1 Peter 1:13-16
When the injection molding process was invented in 1972 by John and Isaiah Hyatt the world was changed. Through this process, plastics and other materials can be heated and forced into a mold. Once cooled, a perfectly formed object appears. Every day we pick up something created by injection molding.
     Looking at Romans 12:2 the image of a mold came to my mind: “Do not be conformed to this world.  But be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, acceptable and perfect will of God.” The picture described hear tells me of the pressure that is constantly being exerted on us by sin (the flesh), the world, and the devil. The mold of the world takes many shapes, but none of them are original. They all question the authority of God—attempting to discount God’s Word and excluding Him from our priorities.
     It is important to remember who formed our being—God has created us to be like Him—we do not fit into any other mold.
We must also remember that a man can be outwardly conformed to the Christian way of life while he is inwardly conformed to the spirit of this world. This is something we must not allow to happen in our lives.
      God is teaching us about His relationship with His children. He says that He will deal with us just as a potter works with clay and that we, like the clay, are in His hands.

     God deals with believers in two ways. First, He is molding every one of us into the image of His Son Jesus. Second, He is shaping us for a specific purpose, one that is individually designed so we will help build His kingdom. Our part as the clay is to submit ourselves to His purpose. As the Potter, He may subtract something from our life—similar to removing lumps from clay. Another possibility is that He may speed up the pace until we feel as if we’re spinning. Or, desiring a new shape for His “vessels,” He might dramatically rework our pattern of living in order to start us in a new direction. Our responsibility is to accept any changes from the Master Potter.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Commander's Column for September 2015

Commander's Column:  Offensive Flags
Are we to accept and believe that the noble Confederate Battle flag is more offensive than the ISIS flag or the gay pride flag?  Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez gunned down four Marines at a recruiting office in an overt act of Islamic domestic terrorism.  Overt for all but the main stream media and White House talking heads who chose to ignore the root cause of the violent act.  Abdulazeez traveled to the Mideast including Yemen and blogged about Allah and Islam but any such association was ignored in favor of casting a lack of responsibility on his depression and drug abuse.  “The widely used flag embraced by ISIS as well as Al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda includes a white banner at the top of the black flag which reads, “There is no god but Allah. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.” Underneath is a white circle emblazoned with black writing reading "Mohammed is the messenger of God", which is meant to resemble the Prophet’s seal.  This phrase is a declaration of faith used across Islam, and is known as the shahada.” (Kashmira Gander,, July 6, 2015) Wonderful stuff for all our children here in Prattville, across Alabama and from sea to shining sea to appreciate and embrace, no?   Of course, also acknowledging and holding dear the ISIS jihadist tenet of executing Christians, raping women, and destroying historical ancient heritage sites.  Great ideals to hold in esteem and, cause certainly to proudly fly this Islamic flag.  Interestingly, “Charlie Winter, a senior researcher on Jihadism at the counter-extremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation, a counter-terrorism institute explains the flag is in fact not unique to ISIS, “A lot of people talk about the Isis flag or the Islamic State flag, however there is no such thing. It’s a flag they have adopted that has political and theological significance” and further explains that Isis “has done a good job of co-opting” the flag for their cause.” (Gander) But let’s not jump to the extreme and ban the flag just because some ne’er do well ISIS organization co-opts what is otherwise such a wonderful flag, yes? 
But what of the bright gay symbol of the LGBT movement whose proponents gained legal recognition and credence by our own Supreme Court of the land of the free and home of the brave.  We have all loved that rainbow since Sesame Street featured it to teach us about the pallete of colors.  It’s the symbol of God’s promise to his creation that he would never again flood the earth as punishment for our sins, “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” (Genesis 9:13)  But what a more inclusive and wonderful co-opting of the rainbow symbol to use to symbolize the same sex perversion of God’s design which we should certainly appreciate as a heartfelt beautiful expression of our societies diversity.  Never mind that “police reportedly confiscated a gay pride flag from the apartment of Vester Lee Flanagan, the 41 year-old black journalist who murdered two white Virginia reporters on live television at WDBJ  in Virginia in an apparent hate crime.”  But let’s illuminate the White House in rainbow colors and fly the LGBT rainbow flag at embassies across the world at taxpayers expense to celebrate our LGBT neighbors. Notwithstanding that “the gay pride rainbow flag reportedly found in Flanagan’s apartment is seen by many as a symbol of anti-Christian hate.  In a manifesto faxed to ABC News, Flanagan, an Obama-supporter, claimed that his motive involved a “race war.” Flanagan was black and gay and apparently angered by the fact that he had been a victim of racism and homophobia at the hands of “black men and white women.” (John Nolte,, 8/27/2015)  Thank goodness he didn’t finger white Southern men flying Confederate Battle flags.  Who knows what additional Confederate vestiges would be removed by placating pandering politicians. 

I choose to fly my Confederate Battle flag.  This historical flag is the flag my great grandfathers fought under at bloody battlefields like Gettysburg and Petersburg.  This is the beloved flag that Lee’s troops resisted forfeiting with teary eyes in surrender at Appomattox.  “Slowly and with a reluctance that was appealingly pathetic, the torn and tattered battleflags were either leaned against the stacks or laid upon the ground. The emotion of the conquered soldiery was really sad to witness. Some of the men who had carried and followed those ragged standards through the four long years of strife, rushed, regardless of all discipline, from the ranks, bent about their old flags, and pressed them to their lips with burning tears.”  So recounts the journal of Major-General Joshua L. Chamberlain (Southern Historical Society Papers, Vol. XXXII, Richmond, Va., January -December. 1904).  This beautiful Christian St. Andrews cross has since been embraced as a symbol of resistance to tyranny across the globe, from Korea to West Berlin to the Ukraine.  As such, the Confederate Battle flag should never be lowered but should be raised and flown precisely as a symbol of heritage and a statement of resistance “to tyranny over the freedom of expression, tyranny over the freedom of association, tyranny over the freedom of speech, and tyranny over the freedom of conscience” (Chuck Baldwin,, 7/13/2015). Dylann Roof’s actions do not lessen or diminish the sacrifice, bravery and heroism our Confederate ancestors demonstrated.  While some have co-opted the flag to represent hate groups, the Sons of Confederate Veterans has steadfastly sought to commemorate the Battle flag as that of the Confederate soldier, an embodiment of his virtues and ideals and that of the Cause. These are our ancestors, our family.  This is our Southern heritage.  Keep it flying!  

Monday, September 14, 2015

Millbrook Alabama's Historic Thornfield

Had the pleasure of visiting the home of two of our newest members, Wayne and Daniel Killingsworth whose home is historic Thornfield in Millbrook AL.  As Wayne is recuperating from knee surgery, Daniel hosted our visit.  Thornfield was built 1818-1823 by Archibald McKeithen and commands panoramic views southwest toward Wetumpka. The Killingsworth family purchased the property some years ago and renovated it to it's current immaculate condition.  The house includes the original rooms and a number of additions with all modern conveniences.  The construction includes white wood siding with a red metal roof and a front porch complete with white rockers.  A dairy barn sits on one side of the residence.  The property was in the Harris family for many years and includes a family burial plot in which Joseph Archibald Harris is buried (1845-1923, C.S.A.unmarked)  who was a private in the Montgomery True Blues for the duration of the war. His brother, Samuel Smith Harris was a Major, and ADC to Braxton Bragg. After the war he was the episcopal bishop of Michigan.  Archibald Smith Mckeithen was the grandson of Archibald McKeithen who built Thornfield and was an original member (surgeon) of the Prattville Dragoons. A treasure to call one's own home and the Killingsworths are an asset to the Prattville Dragoons, SCV Camp 1524.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Dixie Butt Fundraiser

Camp 1524's annual Dixie Butt distribution was a busy morning on Saturday August 15th.  One hundred and sixty five butts were bagged and handed out to those arriving to pick up their purchased smoked butt or taken by those who had multiple deliveries.  It is always a pleasure to see some of the members who support the Dragoons so well but who we are not able to see on a regular basis.  A tent and some chairs were set up to provide some shade and Adjutant Sutherland managed the checklist of sales against those butts distributed.  We had a great turnout of folks to help work the distribution including Commander Waldo, 1st Lt Grooms, 2nd Lt George Jenks, Adjutant Sutherland, Chaplain Snowden, Comm Ofc Larry Spears, Quartermaster Myrick, Jeff Potts, Don Drasheff, Tyrone Crowley who brought Mollie, the unofficial Dragoon mascot, and many other Dragoons and friends.  Thanks to all who purchased and sold a Dixie butt as part of the Dragoons annual fundraiser.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Upcoming Events for Confederate Compatriots

From the Prattville Dragoons Camp Dispatch for September 2015:

Upcoming Events
Flagging of the Confederate Monument at the Alabama State Capitol – ongoing afternoons
Indian Hill Cemetry Workday – Saturday September 12th, 8am – til; Bill Branch recently retrieved the remaining materials from Glenda Harris which were purchased by Benny for the cemetery renovations
General Joe Wheeler’s 179th Birthday – Saturday Sept 12, 10am-3pm, Courtland AL
Stone Mountain Park Confederate Lectures – Abbeville Institute, Saturday, October 17th,  9 am - 5 pm,
Dragoons Christmas Social – Friday December 11th, 7pm, Buena Vista, Prattville AL

Thursday, September 10, 2015

General Joe Wheeler's 179th Birthday Party

Sons of Confederate Veterans Members, Associates and guests are cordially invited to attend 
General Joe Wheeler's 179th Birthday Party at his home in Courtland, Alabama,
Saturday, September 12, 10 AM until 3 PM. 
 Music, food, reenactors, tours of the home, a great way to spend a Saturday!
 Details on the website.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Prattville Dragoons August 2015 Camp Meeting

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1524 held their monthly meeting on Thursday, August 13 at the Shoney's on Cobbs Ford Road in Prattville and it was a very exciting one and exceptionally well attended. Fifty-four camp members, potential members, new members and guests turned out to hear a compelling presentation from Dr. Cecil Williamson, pastor of Crescent Hill Presbyterian and City Councilman in Selma. Dr. Williamson delivered a passionate, well documented and truthful program about the true causes of The War and the way political correctness has altered the truth about these facts since 1960, challenging Confederate compatriots to continue the fight, just as our ancestors did, against tyranny and oppression by a heavy handed central government. In his conclusion, he stated that “God will vindicate” our Cause and the “pagans” will end up where they ought to when all is said and done.  This was an address given by Cecil at the Alabama Division United Daughters of the Confederacy Confederate Memorial Day Celebration in Montgomery, Alabama April 27, 2015 and the speech is available in the July Alabama Division Confederate Veteran magazine of July 2015, pages 22-24 - .

The program began with an invocation by Chaplain Snowden and then Color Sgt Brent Jenks led everyone in the pledges to the U.S., Alabama, and Confederate Battle flags.  Following Dr. Williamson, Commander Waldo delivered the SCV Charge.  As part of the announcements, newly appointed 2nd Lt. Commander George Jenks was sworn in; George who will handle recruiting and assist potential and new members for the camp. George has held other leadership positions in the SCV at other camps. A special thanks was extended to Adjutant Wayne Sutherland and Larry Spears for their hard work on the camp's Dixie butt fundraiser which culminated in the butt distribution on Saturday August 15th.  Adjutant Sutherland provided a report of the successful fundraiser and also announced the SCV membership renewals deadline in October. Available Confederate Battle flags and DVDs of recent SCV and camp events were offered. A great meeting of the Prattville Dragoons.
Dr. Cecil Williamson

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Alabama Monument Protection Bill - Lobbying Legislators and Prayer Vigil

On Monday August 3rd, the Alabama state Senate and House convened in a special session called by Governor Bentley to work on a budget.  But this was also an opportunity to present the Monument Protection Bill and attempt to get it passed through the legislature to help protect and preserve memorials to the brave soldiers who fought for Alabama and for our country throughout its history. Alabama Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander Gary Carlyle and Division Adjutant Mike Williams worked extremely hard to get this bill drafted and put before the legislature and were present in the committee room when the vote was taken. The Monument Protection Bill (SB12) passed the Senate committee which would be followed by a vote on the Senate floor and then through the House and ultimately to the governor for his signature.  The legislature went into recess though before it went any further so we need to continue to contact our senators and representatives to support this bill as we move into the special session scheduled for September and continue to work until we get this bill to be law in Alabama.  Dragoons including Commander Waldo, Larry Spears, Tyrone Crowley and Cody Simon lobbied the Legislature starting around 3pm on Monday, August 3rd and then some attended the special session called for 4pm following in the Senate chamber as others flagged the monument across Union Street.  Following dismissal, a prayer vigil was held at the Confederate monument on the state capitol grounds to pray for our Southern heritage and leaders both in this cause and our state.  Mike Williams organized the event, tireless as always, and Henry Howard of the Montgomery SCV Semple Camp led everyone in prayer.  Continue to support the Monument Protection Bill and contact your legislators.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Devastating Cost of Total War in the War for Southern Independence

The Abbeville Institute

The Cost of Total War in the South

By William Cawthon on 
Chapter 29, on “Lives Lost,” in the newly released booklet, “Understanding the War Between the States,” reveals startlingly higher numbers of people who lost their lives as a result of the War for Southern Independence, especially among Southern soldiers, civilians, and blacks.   New scholarly works on these topics are the basis for these significantly higher figures.   I learned this in research for the writing of this chapter.
The traditional number of soldiers who died as a result of this epic War, 620,000 (360,000 Northern and 260,000 Southern) has been revised to 750,000 (400,000 Northern and 350,000 Southern).   An estimated 35,000 white Southern civilians died, numbers very seldom even considered in the costs of the War.
Perhaps most astonishing of all, because heretofore very little attention has been paid to the deaths of black people caused by the War, the number of blacks who died in the Confederate States from the War’s causes may well have reached 200,000, primarily a result of the North’s lack of a plan for immediate emancipation and other policies of the “Union” government both during the War and Reconstruction, including the severe hardships brought on the Southern People by the blockade.
The Southern loss of life was so great that the prominent historian James McPherson believes that the total mortality rate of the South from this war — without counting the huge number of blacks who died — was greater than that of any country during World War I, a war so devastating that the West has been in decline ever since.  In World War II, only the region between the Rhine and the Volga suffered greater total mortality than did the South during the War, and this region included the Nazi death camps.
Almost 30% of all Southern white men between the ages of 18 and 48 died fighting for Southern Independence.   This ratio of deaths in a war fought today by the United States would result in 21 million deaths, virtually incomprehensible to modern Americans.  This rate of mortality is 300 times that of the Vietnam War, in which 58,000 Americans died.  Even World War II saw “only” 405,000 American deaths, itself a huge number, though paling in comparison with the comparable Southern losses during the War.

You can download the entire booklet by going to and clicking on, in the fourth block in the center of the page: “Free Download of New Booklet on . . . .”, and, on the link, click on at the top of the page: “Free PDF copy” of the booklet, which in this version is in its final published form. Some of the chapters are not the final version if one clicks on the individual chapters.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Honouring Our Fathers

This was a speech given in 2014 in Columbia, South Carolina on Confederate Memorial Day, just one short year ago.
 Honouring Our Fathers - excerpts

By Paul C. Graham on May 12, 2014 - for complete text

 Anyone who is still confused about the meaning of this display (Capitol Confederate Monument, Columbia, South Carolina) is either ignorant, dishonest, or is willing to use falsehoods to further a political or social agenda. For some reason they believe their lives will be improved if the memory of our fathers and their struggle for independence is effaced from the earth. For some reason they have come to believe the worst of us, their neighbours, who harbour no ill will towards them.

It is not our minds that are Confederate, it is our hearts, our blood, and our bones that is Confederate although, sadly, there remain few who are willing to openly say so anymore. I am, however, neither ashamed nor afraid of who and what I am.

In this present tense, ideological world in which we live, it is easy to lose sight of this simple fact: that the men whom we memorialize today are not abstractions, ideas, or political brickbats; they are not flags, monuments, or songs—they are our fathers; quite literally our fathers. They were real men who faced real difficulties; men who reacted to their situation to the best of their ability and did so with honour and dignity. Their actions were motivated by sound principle and a deep and abiding love for their country—a country that was not merely defined by government, territorial integrity, or abstract propositions. Theirs was a real and tangible country; a country of kith and kin, blood and soil, headstones and homesteads—things worth defending, things worth dying for. As their children, we have ample reason to be proud, indeed, to celebrate, commemorate, and memorialize our sires. Not only them, but our Confederate mothers as well who sacrificed just as much, if not more in many cases, than did our fathers. The Biblical injunction is clear: “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.” (Exodus 20:12)

As early as January of 1864, General Patrick Cleburne, warned what would surely come to pass should the South fail to gain her independence: …the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern schoolteachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision…

Edmund Burke, speaking in the 1780’s, wisely observed that Society is an open-ended partnership between generations. The dead and the unborn are as much members of society as the living. To dishonour the dead is to reject the relation on which society is built—a relation of obligation between generations. Those who have lost respect for the dead have ceased to be trustees of their inheritance. Inevitably, therefore, they lose their sense of obligation to future generations. The web of obligation shrinks to the present tense. We are now living in a society, indeed, a world, that views itself in the present tense—with no roots whatsoever—completely separated from historical context. In this condition they run headlong into the future, deaf, dumb, and blind.

By honouring and remembering our fathers, reclaiming their history—our history—we place ourselves in a position to take, just as they did, the long view. Grasping hands through the generations—one reaching back to our fathers and the other reaching forward to our children, we occupy the causal position that they once held. The dead can only teach and advise by their charter, conduct, and the effects of these that linger. Future generations will inherit, for better or for worse, what we leave behind. By memorializing our fathers, we realize that the call that they answered now rings in our ears— for the memory of our fathers, for the inheritance of our children, for the sake of duty itself. Next to our obligation to God, we have no higher duty than to our families—those who have passed, those who are with us now, and those that will follow us.