Friday, July 31, 2015

Black Confederate Activist Dies in Car Wreck - Mississippi Highway Patrol Investigating Vehicle Forced Off Roadway; Funeral Plans and Family Expense Assistance

From The New American posted on July 24, 2015, .

The Mississippi Highway Patrol has witnesses who confirm that a silver car driving at a high speed swerved toward the SUV driven by Black Confederate activist Anthony Hervey, 49, causing his death this past Sunday as the SUV ran off the highway and rolled over multiple times.

Hervey died on U.S. Highway 278 in Lafayette County after returning to Mississippi from a pro-Confederate rally in Birmingham, Alabama. The Ford Explorer belonged to his passenger, Arlene Barnum of Stuart, Oklahoma, also a black Confederate activist, who was letting him take over the driving as they neared his home in Mississippi.

According to the wreck reconstruction by the MHP, the Explorer left the road at the crossover section of U.S. 279 and County Road 285, went into the median south of U.S. 278, reentered U.S. 278, crossed both westbound lanes and continued off the right shoulder of U.S. 278, before crashing into an embankment and concrete ditch and rolling over several times, ending upside down.

Hervey was pronounced dead at the scene, and Barnum was treated for cuts and a broken foot at Baptist Hospital in Oxford.

Witnesses to the crash, including Barnum, said a silver vehicle occupied by five black men was following the Explorer and swerved toward the SUV, but did not make contact. In her interview with The New American, Barnum said that she was in the passenger seat, checking Facebook on her phone, when she suddenly heard Hervey yell. She looked over to see what she described as a silver or gray car driving alongside them on the highway. The Explorer’s windows were not down, but she could see some "angry-looking black guys" yelling at Hervey. Although the windows of the silver car were down, she could not understand what they were saying.

An official Anthony M. Hervey Funeral GoFundMe site has been established to assist with Hervey's funeral expenses - give generously. Funds are tax deductible through the SLRC. All funds not needed for funeral expenses will be given to Anthony's widow, Paula. 

A Confederate military funeral for Anthony will be held on Sunday August 2nd in Oxford MS. You won't want to miss this event. Bring Confederate Flags!  An Anthony M. Hervey Funeral Facebook site for support has been established

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Civil War Walking Tour of Old Cahawba

Civil War Walking Tour of Old Cahawba

Saturday, August 1
10 am – 11 am
Old Cahawba Archaeological Park, Orrville (near Selma)

In the waning days of the Civil War, flooding pushed the waters of the Cahaba and Alabama rivers over their banks and across the town of Cahawba leaving over three thousand Union army prisoners of war standing for days in knee deep river. Finally released from captivity, many made their way to Vicksburg and boarded the ill-fated riverboat Sultana only to perish on their way home in the worst maritime disaster in U.S. History.

This walking tour will visit Castle Morgan, the POW camp at Old Cahawba and explore the plight of these unfortunate soldiers as well as the hardships of the town’s confederate residents who suffered while their husbands, fathers and sons were off to war, many never to return.

Directions: From downtown Selma, take Highway 22 (Dallas Avenue) west 8.6 miles. Cross over the Cahaba River and turn left onto County Road 9 and follow this 3.3 miles until it dead ends. Turn left onto County Road 2 and follow this 1.5 miles until you see the Visitor Center on the right. Visitor Center Address: 9518 Cahaba Road, Orrville, AL 36767.

Fee: $8.00 per person

For more information contact Linda Derry at<> or call the park at 334-872-8058.

Cahawba lies at the confluence of the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers, and from 1819 to 1826 it served as Alabama’s first capital. Today, the Alabama Historical Commission owns and operates this significant archaeological site.

The Alabama Historical Commission protects, preserves, and interprets Alabama’s historic places and is the State Historic Preservation Office.<>

                                                                         # # #

Jonathan Matthews
Old Cahawba Archaeological Park
Alabama Historical Commission

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Forrest's Birthday Party at Ft. Dixie in Selma

Another grand birthday party for Nathan Bedford Forrest was hosted by Butch and Pat Godwin at Ft. Dixie in Selma AL on Saturday July 11th, 2015.  A number of Prattville Dragoons attended including Tyrone Crowley (and his wife Carol), Jeff Jones (and hiss grandson Trey), 1st Lt. Harold Grooms, 2nd Lt. George Jenks (and wife Melissa), Billy Parker (and wife Judith), and past-Commander Wyatt Willis.  Everyone assembled under the tents and shade trees and enjoyed ice cold watermelon and the educational displays provided by Todd Kiscaden. The event kicked off at 3pm with a welcome from the Godwin's followed by an invocation by Rev. Robert Griffin from Clanton. Everyone then joined in the singing of Dixie which concluded with a magnificent cannon shot by Johnny Westerfield.  Bill Anthony read a new poem, "Keep it in Their Face" beseeching everyone to keep  proudly flying their Confederate flags.  Bill also conducted the auction later in the program which helped raise money to continue the wonderful renovation and enhancement efforts at Old Live Oak Cemetery and Confederate Circle in Selma.  Todd Kiscaden also presented "The Flags Over Slavery in English Speaking North America" to educate everyone as to the historical flags which presided over the institution. A solo off "The Bonnie Blue Flag" was sung by Kirby Crabtree followed by the Tallassee Armory Guards Camp 1921 Band which provided music throughout the afternoon.  Past-Alabama Division Commander presided as the Master of Ceremony and introduced AL Division Commander Gary Carlyle as the keynote speaker. Russ Hare performed "I'm a Good Ol' Rebel" and the program concluded with the blessing of the food by Johnny Westerfield.  The supper included delicious fresh fried catfish and sides prepared by many of the wives.  An immensely enjoyable event to celebrate the birth of the Wizard of the Saddle, one of the great Generals of the Confederacy and in the history of our country.
Line for Catfish Supper

The Crowd Enjoying the Program

Commander Gary Carlyle

Butch and Pat Godwin and past-Commander Simmons

Todd Kiscaden

Tallassee Armory Guards Camp 1921 Band

Best-dressed Confederate

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Dixie Butt Fundraiser

It is time for the Dragoons' annual Dixie butt sale fund raiser for our Camp 1524. The butts will be cooked by Fat Man’s Bar B Q just as in the past. Price is the same as last year, $30 per butt. Each member is implored to buy one and sell (at least) one to help fund the camp treasury for the upcoming year to put our Confederate heritage in the public eye and donate to Confederate related causes. This past year we funded two electronic billboards in Prattville for Confederate Heritage month in April, Robert E. Lee birthday ads, furnished money to clean up and re-dedicate Indian Hill Cemetery and other projects. We also made contributions to the Confederate Circle project in Selma, First White House in Montgomery, SCV National Heritage Defense Fund and the Archives and History Confederate flag conservation program. Money well spent to further our heritage. 

Butt tickets were distributed at the camp meeting on Thursday July 9 but additional tickets are available. The contact person for the Dixie Butt drive this year is Adjutant Wayne Sutherland who can be contacted at  Also, any other Dragoon can provide butt tickets. .

Butts will be distributed on Saturday August 15 from 7:00am - 9:00 am at Fat Man’s BBQ location next to the Marathon Station on the corner of Main and Memorial Dr. in Prattville. Donations to the camp can be made in lieu of buying or selling a butt; you can donate $10 per ticket or more. This Dixie Butt fundraiser is critical for the Dragoons to carry forth the Charge so we are implored to work together to make a strong push and get our sales completed and money turned in by the August 13  camp meeting and set a record for sales. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

From the Heart Pocket... Music and Letters of the Civil War

On Saturday evening, July 25th and Sunday afternoon July 26th, a play presented at the Tallassee High School auditorium will feature music and stories from the War Between the States and features at least one member of the Tallassee Armory Guards Sons of Confederate Veterans camp singing and acting. This will be an excellent evening of entertainment featuring songs and letters from those who lived in this pivotal historical period.. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

Anyone that would like a ticket can contact Julie Bodenheimer by e-mail at or Andy Bodenheimer  at

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rights and Privileges Given to Confederate Veterans as U.S. Veterans

Congressional Act of 9 March 1906
We Honor Our Fallen Ancestors
(P.L. 38, 59th Congress, Chap. 631-34 Stat. 56)
Authorized the furnishing of headstones for the graves of Confederates who died, primarily in Union prison camps and were buried in Federal cemeteries.
Remarks: This act formally reaffirmed Confederate soldiers as military combatants with legal standing. It granted recognition to deceased Confederate soldiers commensurate with the status of deceased Union soldiers.  Code 38 was the crown of reconciliation, a gesture of good will based on the service and sacrifice of the Southern people.

U.S. Public Law 810, Approved by 17th Congress 26 February 1929
(45 Stat 1307 – Currently on the books as 38 U.S. Code, Sec. 2306)
This law, passed by the U.S. Congress, authorized the “Secretary of War to erect headstones over the graves of soldiers who served in the Confederate Army and to direct him to preserve in the records of the War Department the names and places of burial of all soldiers for whom such headstones shall have been erected.”

Remarks: This act broadened the scope of recognition further for all Confederate soldiers to receive burial benefits equivalent to Union soldiers. It authorized the use of U.S. government (public) funds to mark Confederate graves and record their locations.

U.S. Public Law 85-425: Sec. 410 Approved 23 May 1958

Confederate Iron Cross
(US Statutes at Large Volume 72, Part 1, Page 133-134)
The Administrator shall pay to each person who served in the military or naval forces of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War a monthly pension in the same amounts and subject to the same conditions as would have been applicable to such person under the laws in effect on December 31, 1957, if his service in such forces had been service in the military or naval forces of the United States.

While this was only a gesture since the last Confederate veteran died in 1958, it is meaningful in that only forty-five years ago (from 2003), the Congress of the United States saw fit to consider Confederate soldiers as equivalent to U.S. soldiers for service benefits. This final act of reconciliation was made almost one hundred years after the beginning of the war and was meant as symbolism more than substantive reward.

Additional Note by the Critical History: Under current U.S. Federal Code, Confederate Veterans are equivalent to Union Veterans.

Researched by: Tim Renick, Combined Arms Library Staff, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Indian Hill Cemetery Workday

Following the Dragoon's cleanup and renovations of the historic Indian Hill cemetery in Prattville and the rededication service at the end of April, the summer rains and warm temperatures encouraged the growth of the grass, weeds and undergrowth at the cemetery grounds.  Dragoons including Danny Smyth and Harold Grooms have continued to maintain the cemetery cleaning the grounds, removing paper photos from the dedication, spraying weeds and cutting grass.  On Saturday July 18th, Camp 1524 is planning another workday to continue these maintenance efforts.  Beginning at 8:00 am, the primary goal is to cut back vegetation as much as possible and spray herbicide to retard the re - growth of the vegetation. Weedeaters, mowers, swing blades, sprayers and herbicide is needed.  The camp will have some herbicide available also and the hope is to have several hands available and make short work of this task before the summer heat becomes stifling. The Dragoons worked hard for nearly a year to bring this cemetery back to a respectable burial site for these Confederate veterans and members of Autauga county’s pioneers and it is our responsibility to maintain it.  A sign will be installed on the fencing similar to one hung on the fence at the Robinson Springs cemetery denoting the Dragoons as the caretakers and Guardians of this cemetery.  An SCV Guardian application has been submitted to Compatriot Dan Williams who managed the Alabama Division Guardian program for Camp 1524 to become a Guardian for the Indian Hill Cemetery. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting for July 2015

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1524 held their monthly camp meeting on July 9th, 2015 at the Shoney's on Cobbs Ford Road in Prattville.  The Dragoons welcomed what may have been a record crowd, of 43 compatriots including members and their wives, potential members and visitors.  There was strong sentiment from everyone present that the current happenings regarding the attempted erasure of Southern Heritage and culture from the state and this country brought in the crowd. There were at least five potential members present, some potential transfers, some visitors from other camps and family and friends of members. Lt. Commander Grooms did a superb job of running the meeting through the agenda including the Chaplain's opening and closing prayers, pledges to the U.S., Alabama state and Confederate Battle flags, and announcements.  Dixie butt tickets were all distributed to all present as part of the Dragoons annual fundraiser; the delicious Fat Man's BBQ smoked butts will be distributed on August 15th.

Mike Williams, Adjutant of the Alabama Division Sons of Confederate Veterans was the guest speaker and made a very short presentation but mainly allowed questions about the current events regarding the removal of the historical Confederate flags from around the Confederate monument on the Alabama state house grounds including the Governor’s call for a special session on Monday the 13th of July for which it was intended to make a show of support for heritage preservation to the state legislators and present a Monument Protection Bill to solicit support and sponsorship in an effort to get this bill enacted into law.  As usual, Mike was well informed and all questions were answered honestly and factually. This special session was well attended (on Saturday July 13th) by members of the SCV and many other concerned citizens and compatriots who met with their senators and representatives to plead the importance of this heritage protection legislation; the bill was introduced in the Senate and assigned SB-12.

The Dragoons' July 2015 meeting was excellent and refreshing to see so much interest from the large crowd and potential new members. Interest in renewals and new memberships in the Sons of Confederate Veterans has been at a high pitch in the last few weeks, a silver lining to the attacks on the Battle flag and Confederate vestiges throughout the Southern states.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Chaplains Column for July 2015

Chaplain’s Column:  Responding to Heartbreak and Conflict
            The last few days have been terrible for me. First my friend Benny Harris passed away. Not many people worked and served the SCV like Benny. He believed that any job worth doing was worth doing right. It seemed that Benny was going to do great things for the SCV but the Lord called him home early. I will miss him so much.
     Then many have chosen to remove our confederate flag from display in as many places as possible. We are being told that it is a symbol of hate and the politically correct crowd takes action. The removal of this flag will not stop hate or racism in this country. I am very put out by those who think that the removal of this flag will solve all our problems.
     Another event that happened was the legalization of same sex marriage in all 50 states. This, to me, was judicial activism practiced by the top court of our land. It looks like states rights are a thing of the past. The morality of our country is going down. In listening to the news, this is so apparent to me.
     The question immediately comes to mind is how do we respond to this? There is a positive way to handle conflict. Luke 23:34 reveals how our Savior responded when He was wrongly accused, unfairly judged, and killed for something He didn’t do. Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.”
     By the Holy Spirit, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). Don't worry about the assignments God gives you. We've read this page-turner and know that we win in the end! When a man makes alliance with the Almighty, giants look like grasshoppers. I believe the first thing we should do is pray and listen to the Holy Spirit to direct us. Either you believe Romans 8:28 or you don’t. And if you do, you can entrust yourself to the Lord, knowing that He has your best interest at heart, will take care of you, and won’t ever leave your side. When you embrace these truths, you’ll have no reason to be anxious.

     Please remember to pray for our country, the Harris family and all the others on our prayer list.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Flagging the Confederate Monument at the Alabama State Capitol

From the Prattville Dragoons Camp 1524 Dispatch newsletter of July 2015:

State Capitol Confederate Monument Flagging – Dragoons and Confederate compatriots are encouraged to find time to go to the state capitol with a Confederate flag to take a stroll around the beautiful grounds and flag the Confederate monument to send a message to Governor Bentley (and call his office ph. 1-334-242-7100) and the state legislators to “Put Our Flags Back”. Dragoon Communications Officer Larry Spears and Commander Stuart Waldo have attended afternoons already and just this past week were greeted by Shannon Fontaine (from the Mobile area and member of the SCV Raphael Semmes Camp #11) and Rick Selfridge from Eclectic, an SCV Tallassee Armory Guards applicant member.(See photo below.) Past-Division Commander Ronnie Simmons and Adjutant Mike Williams are there most every day educating people, changing hearts and minds.   

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Announcing Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting for July 2015

July Camp Meeting

The July 2015 meeting of SCV Camp 1524 will be held on Thursday July 9th at the Shoneys on Cobbs Ford Rd in Prattville at 7pm. Come early to enjoy the Shoneys buffet or an entrĂ©e. 
Mike Williams will be the guest speaker and he will update us on “The Recent Unpleasantness” regarding the removal of the flags from the Confederate monument at the state capitol.  Mike is the Adjutant and Webmaster for the Alabama Division Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Mike is very active with the SCV and recently coordinated the Confederate Heritage Rally at the capitol.
We will also be distributing Dixie Butt sales slips as our annual fundraiser, “Buy one, sell one.”

Monday, July 6, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Commander's Column July 2015

                               Confederate Counterattacks
June started wonderfully for our camp and the Alabama Division.  The Tallassee Division Reunion was a great success and an opportunity to celebrate with compatriots. But the sudden passing of 2nd Lt. Benny Harris was a shock to us all and was accompanied the same day by the appalling news that Governor Bentley had removed the flags from the Confederate monument at the state capitol.  The Division came together quickly in a big way and held a rally the following Saturday attracting nearly 1000 on the steps of the state house overlooking the monument.  Politicians and race baiting radicals across the country posturing for political correctness are scrambling to remove what they maintain are offensive Confederate flags and symbols from public view. Confederate monuments are being vandalized. These are proving to be trying times for the Sons of Confederate Veterans but no other organization has taken or can better take the lead on preserving the Battle Flag and Confederate monuments and memorials. The opposition declares that our beloved venerated Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of hate but we in the SCV know full well it is an object of hate for ignorant politically correct bigots.  Those haters fear we know the truth of our ancestor’s valiant struggle and that we take pride in our Southern heritage and are determined to defend it.  We cannot afford in this tumultuous time to capitulate and compromise or surrender.
Our Confederate heroes are shedding one more tear from heaven seeing their revered flag furled once again.  Current events sadly reflect the Sesquicentennial of Reconstruction when it was prohibited by the oppressive federal and puppet state governmental authorities to display the Battle flag.  Our ancestors weathered that tyranny and suppression and we must also.  At a Division and at a camp level we must go on the offensive.  To address the wrong of removal of the Confederate flags from the monument at the Alabama state capitol, every SCV member needs to write the governor and their state legislature representatives beseeching them to replace the flags and protect the monuments. Call them and have your family call also; Governor Bentley’s office phone is 334-242-7100.  We need to take whatever legal action is possible at the local and state levels to block or reverse these unilateral partisan actions and introduce legislation to protect our vestiges of Confederate history and Southern heritage.   Attend the next Confederate heritage rally tentatively scheduled for the start of the state legislature’s special session in August. Attend local county and city commission meetings.  Help flag the Confederate monument at the state capitol. 

These intolerant PC extremists have taken to heart Rahm Emanuel’s creed to never “allow a serious crisis to go to waste, an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."  They seized the unfortunate tragedy of the Charleston AME church shootings to attack all things Confederate as racist.  It is not coincidental that in the same news week, the SCOTUS passed down their ruling legalizing gay marriage while our founders including Washington and Jefferson and our Confederate heroes including Davis, Lee and Jackson were demonized as racists. Southern heritage and ideals and Christian beliefs are under relentless attack.  We need to take solace and strength in the Bible though which says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.”  We need to maintain and strengthen our vigilance, resolve and diligence.  We need to continue to participate in community and service activities to educate our neighbors in our good work and the Cause.  We need to step forward at a camp, state and national level to be a source for Confederate information but also for memorabilia, to get thousands more Battle flags into the hands of those scrambling to get them fearing they will disappear.  We need to seize the opportunity to swell our ranks, to commission new soldiers to carry forth the Charge.  Take action! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Press Release: Sons of Union Veterans' Resolution on Confederate Battle Flag



(ATLANTA - July 3, 2015)    In 2000, the annual national Encampment of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War passed the below resolution regarding their position on the Confederate Battle Flag.  These men are the descendants of those Union soldiers who fought on the opposite side of the field from our brave forefathers in grey.   In light of the current attack upon our beloved Flag, the re-publishing of that resolution is timely.  It reads as follows...   

SERIES 2014-2015
Display of the Confederate Battle Flag
By the authority vested in me as Commander-in-Chiefof theSons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, the National Constitution and Regulations, and National Policies, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1:  
Recently many individual Brothers, Camps, Departments and the National
Organization have been contacted regarding the position of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) on the display of the Confederate Battle Flag.

Section 2:  
The SUVCW already has an official position on file regarding this issue, as
adopted by the 119th National Encampment. As the National Encampment is the supreme governing body of the SUVCW, and as no subsequent National Encampment has revisited this issue, the SUVCW's official position remains the same. Neither the Commander-in-Chief nor the Council of Administration has the authority to amend the position.
Section 3: For clarity, the official position of the SUVCW regarding the display of t
he Confederate Battle Flag is included in this order, as follows:
A resolution in support of the display of the Confederate Battle Flag.
WHEREAS, we, the members of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War,
condemn the use of the confederate battle flag, as well as the flag of the United States, by any and all hate groups; and
WHEREAS, we, the members of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War,
support the flying of the Confederate battle flag as a historical piece of this nation's
history; and

WHEREAS, we, the members of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War,
oppose the removal of any Confederate monuments or markers to those gallant soldiers in the former Confederate States, and strongly oppose the removal of ANY reminders of this nation's bloodiest war on the grounds of it being "politically correct;" and
WHEREAS, we, as the descendants of Union soldiers and sailors who as
members of the Grand Army of the Republic met in joint reunions with the Confederate veterans under both flags in those bonds of Fraternal Friendship, pledge our support and admiration for those gallant soldiers and of their respective flags;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we, the members of the Sons of Union
Veterans of the Civil War in 119th Annual National Encampment, hereby adopt this
Dated in Lansing, Michigan, on this nineteenth day of August, in the year of our
Lord Two thousand.
SUVCW General Order No. 26, Series 2014-2015

Section 3:
Individual Brothers, Camps and Departments shall be mindful of the official
position of the SUVCW when addressing issues involving the Confederate battle flag. It is recommended that inquiries about the SUVCW's official position be directed, without further comment or elaboration, to the Order's website ( where it can be read in its entirety.
The foregoing General Order is proclaimed this 25th day of June in the year of our Lord two thousand fifteen, and of the Independence of the United States of Ameri
ca the two hundred thirty-ninth, in the City of Gilroy, County of Santa Clara, State of California.
Tad D. Campbell, PDC


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Confederate Heritage Rally at Alabama State Capitol Grounds

A Confederate Heritage rally supporting the replacement of the Confederate flags was held on Saturday morning, June 27th on the Alabama State Capitol grounds about the Confederate memorial monument there.  News outlets reported the crowd numbered between 300-1000 people.  Prattville Dragoons in attendance included Commander Waldo, 1st Lieutenant Grooms, Karl Wade, Communications Officer Larry Spears, James Spears, Quartermaster Bill Myrick, Chaplain Snowden, Tom Crowley, Skip Ward, Danny Smyth, Bruce Casey, new members Cody Simon and Daniel Killingsworth.  Good press coverage captured many images of the hundreds of beautiful Confederate Battle flags and other historic Confederate flags blown stiff in the breeze and waved zealously by compatriots.  The event was sponsored by Mike Williams, Adjutant of the Alabama Division Sons of Confederate Veterans.  He emceed the event which included addresses from Division Commander Gary Carlyle, Tallassee Armory Guards member Andy Bodenheimer co-hosted the event and delivered a great speech which fired everyone up.  AL Div Chief of Staff Russ Hare read a letter from the SCV Chief of Heritage Defense saying we cannot give an inch, that they (opponents) have underestimated us although this battle may take years.  Past AL Division Commander Ronnie Simmons also briefly addressed the crowd and led everyone twice in a catchy chant, "Put Our Flags Back, Put Our Flags Back".  Former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Alabama Philip Davis also gave a short speech in his usual eloquent style. Bill Anthony from Tallassee also delivered a dynamic powerful speech eliciting many shouts and applause. Bodenheimer and Carlyle led everyone in some songs including "Dixie", "Will the Circle be Unbroken" and others.  Dixie was partially interrupted by the arrival of more than a dozen members of the Mechanized Cavalry.  Many attendees were in their period dress and Confederate uniforms but others wore patriotic colors and many wore light clothing to beat the Alabama heat.  The first portion of the rally lasted about an hour and a half after which impromptu speakers continued to rally the compatriots.  It was a wonderful event to highlight the egregious actions violating the will of the citizens of the state of Alabama by their sitting governor in the removal of the First, Second and Third National and Confederate flags from their positions about the monument meant to honor our shared Southern heritage in an historical and educational presentation there on the Alabama state house grounds.
Henry Howard of the Montgomery SCV Semple Camp Provides an Invocation

The Assembled Crowd at the Rally Numbering Approximately 600

Tallassee Armory Guards SCV Member Andy Bodenheimer Speaks

SCV AL Division Commander Gary Carlyle Performs

Tallassee Armory Guards member Bill Anthony Delivers a Message

Compatriot Showing Flag Signed by Gov. Bentley at Battle of Mobile Bay Reenactment 2014

Friday, July 3, 2015

Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander in Chief Statement Condemning the Recent Acts of Church Arson

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is very concerned with the stories of recent burnings of Christian churches in our beloved South.  We strongly condemn any acts of violence or vandalism against houses of worship and their parishioners.  That the recent acts of violence seem to be targeting churches with large black memberships, and occurring in the South, is deeply disturbing to us.  We join all Americans in condemning any acts of arson or other acts of violence against all churches and their members and any message of intimidation that such actions might imply.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a heritage preservation organization dedicated to preserving the memories and heritage of our Confederate ancestors who fought and, in many cases, died during the War Between the States.  We condemn all acts of racial violence.  

We stand with our Christian brethren of all races when their houses of worship are attacked and assaulted. If local law enforcement and fire marshal investigations determine that any of these churches were intentionally burned or damaged by arson or other malicious acts, we will stand with our Christian brethren and fellow Americans and support wherever we can the efforts of local law enforcement to catch and punish the culprits.

Charles Kelly Barrow

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Upcoming Events for Confederate Compatriots

Flagging of the Confederate Monument at the Alabama State Capitol – ongoing afternoons
Prattville 4th of July Parade – Saturday July 4th at 9am Court St/Main St Prattville
Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting – Thursday July 9th 7pm at Shoney’s on Cobbs Ford Rd

General Forrest’s Birthday Celebration – Saturday July 11th, 2015 3pm til at Ft. Dixie, Selma AL
2015 SCV  National Reunion – July 15-19th, Richmond Va – for further information see
Alabama State Legislature Confederate Heritage Rally – coming in August
Prattville Dragoons Dixie Butt Fundraiser – coming in August – our primary fundraiser which provides the means for accomplishing all our camp continues to do to carry forth the Charge