Friday, September 28, 2012

Selma City Council Halts Work on N.B.Forrest Monument

Outrageous.  Unbelievable.  Unfathomable.  What else can describe the decision by the Selma City Council  to halt work on the renovations and enhancements to the Confederate Circle and the Forrest monument at the Live Oak Cemetery in Selma.  Injustice and anarchy and revisionists and political correctness and black racism prevails in the face of heritage and legality. By militant action and outrageous claims of injustice, a crowd of racially motivated demonstrators have influenced the legal and historical right to restore the final resting place of Confederate heroes and a place to honor them.  Thieves stole the bust of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, Confederate defender of Selma and despite rewards offered, no one has been brought to justice regarding this robbery.  The replacement of this bust and enhancements to the Confederate Circle including handicap accessibility improvements so that ancestors of the brave soldiers who gave their lives in defense of their families and homeland interred at this site could be honored. Vandals disrupted and damaged property at the construction site where a new monument pedestal was under construction, properly and legally Permitted.  These same terrorists harassed and assaulted workers until a postponement of the construction work was deemed necessary.  Local police literally stood idly by and offered not to intervene or apprehend these criminals but to document a report for posterity.  The Selma City Council had previously moved the N.B. Forrest monument from its original historical downtown Selma location but now played ignorant to any deed or provision permitting the restoration of the monument and Confederate Circle.  The Confederate Circle portion of the Live Oak cemetery was bequeathed to the United Daughters of the Confederacy to rightfully honor the men who defended the Cause and their homeland against the unConstitutional aggression of the Yankee invaders.  So thieves, vandals, terrorists succeeded thru unrestrained anarchy to stifle the remembrance of our Southern heritage and honoring of our Confederate ancestors and veterans.  Outrageous that the Selma City Council demonstrated such cowardice, ignorance, and ineptitude in postponing commencement of the restoration work on this hallowed ground.  Outrageous but not surprising.  Please support the Friends of Forrest as they must meet the challenge of a frivolous challenge and lawsuit meant to deter them from completion of this meaningful important restoration and enhancement work at the Confederate Circle at Live Oak.  The following is a news article which the Associated Press distributed on Sept 25, 2012 regarding this dishonorable disgraceful development.

The Selma City Council voted 4-0 with two members abstaining to stop work on the monument to Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest until the courts decide whether the city or a Confederate heritage group owns the cemetery property where the monument would be rebuilt. The vote came after a group of protesters marched to City Hall. Demonstrations by civil rights groups about 10 years ago led to the relocation of a Forrest monument from outside a city building near downtown to a section of a city cemetery honoring Confederate war dead. But Forrest’s bust was apparently stolen from atop a 7-foot granite memorial earlier this year, and efforts to rebuild it have drawn calls by civil rights activists not to replace it. Detractors say Forrest massacred black Union soldiers and joined the early KKK.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Restoration of the Old Raspberry Family Cemetery in Mulberry/Isabella Community, Chilton County, Alabama

From Prattville Dragoons SCV camp member Benny Harris:

I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am to have participated in each of the three cemetery restoration workdays (at the Historic Raspberry Family Cemetery) that have been held so far since the 1st of June.  I am extremely proud of 16 year-old (Eagle Scout Candidate) Trevor Cofer and his family for their commitment to this noble undertaking.  Our family ancestral cemetery was lost in deep woods and undergrowth, head stones and foot markers are broken and damaged and still need a lot of work, and I am once again requesting that you come and help preserve the honor and dignity of this final resting place of two generations of our grandparents (as for those of us in my generation, it is one set of our 4xgreat-grandparents and one set of our 5xgreat-grandparents) .  This cemetery also contains several Confederate graves!  I assure you, you will be glad you participated and helped out!  We have even had one 96 year-old descendant to come out and help with one of our workdays!  Please make a special effort to be in Chilton County (the Mulberry/Isabella Community) on Saturday morning, September 29th, around 8:00 a.m. and let’s all help Trevor Cofer earn his Eagle Scout Badge (the highest award a boy can earn in the Boy Scouts of America).

IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  Eagle Scout candidate, Trevor Cofer, is requesting that all descendants, fellow scouts and scouters, as well as anyone interested in helping to restore historic old cemeteries, to please come and help with the cemetery restoration project scheduled for this coming Saturday, September 29th.  We have already held three work days but a lot of work is still needed.  I would suggest that you wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants, socks and closed toe shoes, a hat and work gloves.  Bring a folding chair to rest, insect repellant, water and something to eat for lunch.  Don’t forget to bring some good tools to use in cutting and clearing small trees and undergrowth.  Trevor is also requesting donations be made to a cemetery fund to help with signage, a gateway and concrete benches.  You can make your tax deductible check payable to Trevor Cofer (FOR: Eagle Scout Service Project) and feel free to mail your donations to his home address at 23 County Road 223, Thorsby, Alabama 35171.  Please make a special effort to come and help with this work day and don’t forget that he needs donations to make some improvements to the cemetery. 

Directions to the cemetery…..take Hwy 22 leaving Clanton heading west toward Maplesville…turn right (north) on County Road 15 when you see the signs to Isabella High School and Mulberry Baptist Church…when you get to the 4-way intersection at Isabella High School turn right (east) on County Road 29…when County Road 29 forks go left (northeast) on County Road 223 (a dirt road)…you will see signs and a logging road on the left of County Road 223 leading to the cemetery.  See you there!

For descendants of Lee Dora (Price) “Bambam” Foshee:  If you are wondering how you are related to our ancestors buried in this cemetery, here is the linage…

Starting with Eula (Foshee) Wells, Hattie (Foshee) Massey and Pearl (Foshee) Scott
Eula, Hattie and Pearl were the daughters of Lee Dora (Price) “Bambam” Foshee and Riley Monroe “Papa” Foshee – buried in the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery – Chilton County, Alabama
Lee Dora (Price) Foshee was the daughter of Francis Marion “Frank” Price and Mary Frances (Pate) Price – buried in the Cedar Grove Methodist Church Cemetery – Chilton County, Alabama
Francis Marion “Frank” Price was the son of John J. Price and Piety Pertissa “Purity” (Hayes) Price – buried in the Cedar Grove Methodist Church Cemetery – Chilton County, Alabama
Piety Pertissa “Purity” Hayes was the daughter of William C. Hayes and Luritie “Charity” (Raspberry) Hayes – buried in the Old Raspberry Family Cemetery – Chilton County, Alabama
Luritie “Charity” (Raspberry) Hayes was the daughter of Green Raspberry and Mary Ann (Mullins) Raspberry – buried in the Old Raspberry Family Cemetery – Chilton County, Alabama

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


As part of the continuing  Sesquicentennial commemoration of the War Between the States,
dozens of huge Confederate Battle Flags are going up across the state. The "Flags
Across Georgia" project is being conducted by the Georgia Division of
the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) as part of the effort to
commemorate the War and to promote Southern heritage.

Within the last month, new 50 foot flag poles have been erected in both
Augusta and Ringgold, both on major highways in heavily commercialized
areas. The pole in Augusta is located on Wheeler Road, a busy four lane
highway just off I-20. The flagpole in Ringgold is located on
Battlefield Parkway at I-75 exit 350. Each of the poles is located in a
highly visible location and flies a large 10 x 15 foot battle flag.
Other recent additions include a flag on Ga Highway 520 and US Highway
19 in Baconton, both locations in south Georgia.

The SCV has already erected a dozen such flags across the state on major
thoroughfares and has plans to increase the number over the next three
years during the ongoing Sesquicentennial commemoration of the late War.
The largest flag erected so far is a Confederate Battle Flag just
north of Tifton, Georgia right beside I-75; that flag is 30' x 50' atop
a pole that stands 120' and was erected more than a year ago. It has
attracted a huge amount of attention, especially since it is positioned
on the main route travelled by tourists heading to Florida and back from
all over the country.

Interviews and more information may be obtained by contacting the
Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans online at or by calling 1-866-SCV-IN-GA.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Response to Montgomery Advertiser/Prattville Progress Editorial Regarding Gen.N.B.Forrest


Past Dragoons Commander Willis' letter to the editor:

Moon Revises Forrest's History Inaccurately

The inaccuracies of Josh Moon’s column on Nathan B. Forrest are legion. Any historical fact he disagrees with he labels “revisionist.”
But we can check the facts for ourselves by examining primary source documents. For example, in his first inaugural address Lincoln said he had no desire “to interfere with slavery and no lawful right to do so.”
Nathan Bedford Forrest called for the KKK to be abolished in 1868 and personally volunteered to help apprehend those responsible for lynchings. In an 1875 address to the blacks of the “Pole-bearers” society Forrest encouraged them to seek out the professions of their choice including public office and declared “I am with you in heart and hand.”
In the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Lincoln publicly stated that the black man was not his “intellectual equal.” And when issuing the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, Lincoln told his cabinet that it was a necessary “war measure” since the Union was in the process of losing the war.
When the facts are examined it could be argued that Forrest is much more deserving of public praise than Lincoln. Regardless of current sentiment, Forrest was far ahead of his day (and Lincoln) in race relations. But sadly, propaganda rather than historical fact, usually wins the day.
Mr. Moon (perhaps out of sheer historical ignorance, or perhaps not) has added another layer of myth to further obscure the truth on Forrest. He could check the record to verify his folly, but undoubtedly this would not serve his divisive purposes.
Joseph W. Willis

Monday, September 24, 2012

10th Alabama Infantry Regiment Confederate Cemetery in Virginia

Alabama Civil War cemetery, nearly lost, dedicated in northern Virginia today Published: Saturday, September 22, 2012

10th Alabama Infantry Regiment cemetery
Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans spread red Alabama dirt across the new cemetery at Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park in Bristow, Va. (Mary Orndorff Toryan | Birmingham News)
BRISTOW, Va. - Descendants of Civil War soldiers carrying buckets of red dirt from Alabama gathered Saturday to formally dedicate a 151-year-old restored cemetery that was nearly lost to the march of suburban development in northern Virginia.
Not until the restoration work of a local Eagle Scout candidate, guided by county historians who recently gained ownership of the site, did the 90 or so soldiers from the 10thAlabama Infantry Regiment have a marked and permanently preserved resting place.
The new cemetery, at Camp Jones in the Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park, is now registered with Prince William County and on the official tour trail of the Civil War site not far from Manassas. About 150 people, including 50 from Alabama, watched as a new Alabama stone monument was unveiled and the dirt and water was spread across the cemetery.
"I was giving our boys their last drink," said Linda Currey of Albertville. She and her husband, David, ferried the water from the spring near where the 10th Alabama gathered the night before leaving for Virginia in 1861.
Many of them died just a few weeks later of disease in the damp campsite, before ever seeing battle.
10th Alabama Regiment cemeterySoldiers of the 10th Alabama Regiment are buried in the newly restored cemetery at Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park in Bristow, Va. (Mary Orndorff Troyan | The Birmingham News)
One of them, Jesse Frank Leatherwood was only 20. When a historian read his name aloud during Saturday's ceremony, one of Leatherwood's distant relatives was there to hear it, and he was comforted by a fellow member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
"I'm just glad the site was saved," said Frank Leatherwood, a truck driver from Boaz who volunteered to haul the stone monument from Alabama that now anchors the site. "They need to be remembered."
The Alabama Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans donated $5,000 for the plaques and raised another $1,500 from around the country, said Jimmy Hill, a commander with the Alabama Division.
Research by Harold Bouldin of Fyffe, the genealogist with the Alabama Division, shows 92 soldiers buried there, including some who died in battle in Dranesville and were moved to Camp Jones for burial. Eventually, their names will be added to the trail sign near the cemetery entrance.
Among the records used to determine exactly who is buried there is an 1883 letter from a Virginia minister to a newspaper in Jacksonville, Ala., that listed names he saw there on crude headstones. There is also a plea from a veteran in a 1909 letter, asking that the site be commemorated.
"It took us 130 years, but your friends are here and are immortalized," said Brendon Hanafin, the Prince William County Historic Preservation Chief.
It was a deal between the county and a local developer that preserved the battlefield site, which had been in private hands and farmed for decades. The cemeteries - including one for a Mississippi regiment - were largely untouched and overgrown.
Dane Smith, an Eagle Scout candidate from nearby Nokesville, organized the clearing of the Alabama site, which is now surrounded by a split rail fence and accessible by a wooden foot bridge. He was a part of the color guard ceremony Saturday.
"These men left their homes and wound up here 150 years ago and they're still here today. We could not take these men back home to their families, so we brought a little bit of Alabama back to them," said Thomas Strain Jr., of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
The cemetery's rebirth is not without controversy. Civil War relic hunters and historians had visited the site in the 1980s and said they saw headstones with names on them that have since gone missing. Descendants, some of them angry that they were removed in the first place, are hoping that whoever has them will return them.
The overall 133-acre Bristoe Station park opened in 2007, marking the Battle of Kettle Run in 1862 and the Battle of Bristoe Station in 1863. It is about an hour's drive west of Washington, D.C., in Bristow, Va., near the Manassas National Battlefield Park.
10th Alabama Regiment cemetery gravestoneBetty Royal from Slapout pauses at one of the unmarked graves at the new 10th Alabama Regiment Cemetery. (Mary Orndorff Troyan | The Birmingham News)
The 10th Alabama Infantry Regiment included companies from Jefferson, Shelby, Calhoun, Talladega, St. Clair and DeKalb counties, according to the Alabama Department of Archives and History.
The Birmingham News first reported on the cemetery's rebirth in December, sparking interest from around the country. Descendants of Archibald Canaday, who died there Sept. 4, 1861, according to Civil War records, drove about 900 miles from Illinois for Saturday's ceremony. Canaday's great-great-great-granddaughter Kim Hughes and her husband George from Kimberly just north of Birmingham had seen the story and alerted the family.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

UDC Friends of Forrest Pavers to Support Selma Live Oak Cemetery Confederate Circle Renovations

As you all are aware, we, the Friends of Forrest, are in a full blown war with our local domestic terrorist, Rose Sanders, her husband Senator Hank Sanders and now they have brought in the national organizations that have been waging war on our heritage & culture for years. Let me assure you...WE HAVE THE HIGH GROUND AND WE ARE GOING TO WIN! We are in a truce at this time...I will be able to expound more on that in the upcoming days. In the meantime, my job is to raise money...AGAIN! I know a lot of you might be saying, "well, I have been giving to this effort for years...when is it gonna stop and when is Pat Godwin going to stop asking me for money"....Gentlemen, there are not words adequate enough to express to you my most sincere gratitude for everything y'all have done for us and General Forrest here in Selma through all these years, plus the committed money for the reward for the information leading to the arrest & conviction of the perpetrators of the theft of the NBF bust. I am just an humble player in this theater of war...I have told many folks through the years, that I really think this entire project from its inception has been Providential. There are people who walk the planet for their entire life, and then when the time comes for them to stand at their judgement, they wonder why they have been here and feel they have lived a lifetime not knowing why they were here and wondering what they have done with their lives during their time here. I am blessed to KNOW why I am here...our Lord has allowed me to be just a small part in this effort to pay homage to General Forrest that is properly due him...especially here in Selma Alabama where he only had about 3000 troops against more than 13,000 of the best equipped troops in the history of the world..this took extreme raw courage and commitment to duty to his country! Based on the history of Selma, I truly believe that General Forrest's spirit STILL LIVES HERE IN SELMA...and there is a reason this war continues to exonerate him in OUR time as he was exonerated in HIS time. Confederate Circle will be an historical learning site ...we plan to have historical markers telling the history of the circle, the Ladies Memorial Association, Selma chapter 53 UDC, Elodie Todd Dawson, the Confederate Monument, the Forrest Monument...we are installing two more flag poles - one will fly the Confederate Battle Flag (the soldiers flag) one will fly the Stars & Bars (the daughters flag) and we plan to move the existing flag pole to the Forrest Monument and fly Gen Forrest's 7th Tenn Cavalry flag (the Battle Flag without the center star ). We plan to have the heavy duty wrought iron park benches within the circle also. We are planning to re-landscape the Circle with Southern trees, flowers & shrubs. There is sooo much to tell and I will be putting out a detailed report soon...however, please be assured that SECURING the FORREST monument and the entire Confederate Circle is the objective...we will have state of the art security system installed with 24/7 surveillance. There also will be LED lights installed on the Forrest Monument and the Confederate Monument. We will be offering an opportunity to sponsor the flag poles ($2100 each), a park bench (cost is unknown right now) bronze historical markers, and the bronze historical plaques that will be attached to the eight-sided pedestal that the entire Forrest monument will be placed upon. There will be a 5 ft.wrought iron period correct fence installed around the Forrest monument, as well. I am currently working on the order forms for the sponsorship of these features. Thank you again for your continued faithful support of the Forrest Monument effort here in Selma. ORDER FORM GENERAL FORREST NEEDS YOUR HELP! He fought for you…will you fight for him? Please support the friends of forrest & Selma chapter #53, UDC by honoring your ancestor at the Nathan Bedford forrest memorial! Honor your Confederate Ancestor, UDC Chapter/Division, OCR Chapter/Society, SCV Camp/Division or other Southern Heritage organization by purchasing a permanent granite paver to be installed around the base of the NBF Monument at Confederate Circle in Live Oak Cemetery in Selma, Alabama. The order form is attached below. If your ancestor served with General Forrest, please indicate by putting a star at the beginning of your ancestor’s name on the top line. If you have any further questions, please contact Patricia S. Godwin, President of Selma Chapter #53 and Friends of Forrest, Inc. @ 334-875-1690 or 334-419-4566 (cell) or @: The pavers are $50 each; you may purchase more than one if you wish. Please mail your completed form, with your check made payable to NBF Monument Fund/Confederate Circle, to: Patricia S. Godwin Fort Dixie 10800 Co. Rd. 30 Selma, Alabama 36701 ************************************************************************* ORDER FORM Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________ City/St/Zip __________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________________________________________________ (Home) (cell) e-mail _________________________________________________________________________ Please engrave my 4” x 8” paver as follows: (Max. 3 Lines, 19 Characters per line) ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___

Monday, September 17, 2012

Prattville Dragoons Camp Dispatch - September Newsletter Column

Speaking of Black Confederates...
            Following are the last two paragraphs of a July 1904 article in the Montgomery Advertiser, describing a barbecue held in Prattville honoring Confederate veterans of the Prattville Dragoons and the W. W. Wadsworth Camp, United Confederate Veterans.
            "Two honored Confederate Veterans about the grounds at the barbecue were the two old negroes who, as slaves, were devoted to their masters, (and) served in the war. One, Monroe Stuart, belonged to the late Mr. George L. Stuart, loaded guns at Vicksburg, was in prison for months, refused pardon to remain in the fight, and as he came out of prison, took the clothes off a dead Confederate soldier, put them on, and stayed by the side of Col. H. J. Livingston the last two years of the war. He is ever faithful to his white friends and always votes the Democratic ticket.
            "The other black veteran is Bosin Lynum of Camden, who belonged to the late William Lynum. On Thursday he wore a Yankee sergeant uniform which, he said, was captured during the war. He said:  'They gin it to me at Montgomery.' He wore a white helmet with a red and yellow tassle on it. This, he said, belonged to 'Marse Gin'ral Bragg.' Well, he had soldier's clothes on, and was happy whether he got their history quite correct or not. He carried with him as credentials, as it were, an old New Orleans Times-Democrat, in which appeared a long article about him on an occasion when he made a speech there. He said:  'After the war I waited a while for that mule and forty acres, and then I went back to my white folk and have voted the Democratic ticket ever since.' "

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Prattville Dragoons Camp Dispatch - September Newsletter Chaplain's Column

Chaplain’s Column: Living Obediently - John 14:23-26
God gave Adam and Eve just two commands. First, they were to fill the earth and rule over it, and then not to eat from a certain tree in the Garden (Gen. 1:28; 2:17). Because they chose to disobey, their relationship with God was broken, and they had to leave Eden.
This rebellion not only impacted Adam and Eve’s lives, but all future generations have suffered as well. In Romans 5:12-19, the apostle Paul explained the reason. Through the disobedience of Adam and Eve, sin made its entrance into the world, and death resulted for all mankind. Because Adam was head of the human race, his actions affected everyone born after him. His disobedience resulted in each of us being separated from the Lord and having a desire for self-rule.
By contrast, Jesus made conformity to the Lord’s will a priority of His life. He obeyed the Father in both word and deed (John 8:28-29). Having lived a perfect life entirely without sin—He qualified to be our Savior (2 Cor. 5:21). Through the death of one man, Jesus, payment was made for the transgressions of all mankind. God’s acceptance of the Son’s sacrifice brought us forgiveness and freedom from sin’s power.
Whereas Adam’s disobedience brought judgment and death to all of us, Jesus’ obedience resulted in new life for all who believe in Him (Rom. 6:4). Jesus  calls us to deny our selfish desires, live sacrificially, and follow Him (Matt. 16:24). You see, as we live a godly life, this will bring Jesus honor as we influence others for Him.
Please pray for the following:
1.     Jeff Potts - health problems
2.     Cecil Williamson of Selma
3.     Larry Spears’s father and mother, James & Ann Spears
4.     Our former Quartermaster Lewis “Pete” Holmes - recovering from heart surgery
5.     Bobby Carter and wife Merrill
6.     James Little’s wife Nita who has been diagnosed with COPD
7.     David Brantley’s wife
8.     Allen Herrod has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma
Yours In Christ,
Tom Snowden, Chaplain

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Prattville Dragoons Camp Dispatch - September Newsletter Commander's Column

Commander’s Column:  150 Years Ago This Month (with assistance from Adjutant Wayne Sutherland)
            1 Sep 1862 - Battle of Chantilly, Virginia. Making a wide flank march, Jackson hoped to cut off the Union retreat from Bull Run. On 1 September, beyond Chantilly Plantation on the Little River Turnpike near Ox Hill, Jackson sent his divisions against two Union divisions under Kearny and Stevens. Confederate attacks were stopped by fierce fighting during a severe thunderstorm. Union generals Stevens and Kearny were both killed. Recognizing that his army was still in danger at Fairfax Courthouse, Union Maj. Gen. Pope ordered the retreat to continue to Washington. With Pope no longer a threat, Lee turned his army west and north to invade Maryland, initiating the Maryland Campaign and the battles of South Mountain and Antietam. Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan assumed command of Union forces around Washington.
            15 Sep 1862 - Capture of Harper’s Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia). This battle was a precursor to the Battle of Antietam.
            17 September 1862 – Battle of Antietam. On this date occurred “the bloodiest single day in American history”, the Battle of Antietam.   The Union Army suffered over 12,000 casualties, the Confederates over 11,000 (casualties include dead, wounded, and captured).  Though unable to achieve his goal of getting Maryland into the Confederacy, Lee, though outnumbered two-to-one, fought the Union army to a standstill, and was able to slip away back across the Potomac before the Bluecoats could harm him further.  As a result of this battle, Lincoln replaced McClellan with Burnside.
Chris Booth
Camp Commander

Friday, September 14, 2012

Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting - Gen.N.B.Forrest Monument and Selma Live Oak Confederate Circle Security and Beautification Project

The Prattville Dragoons held their monthly camp meeting at the Shoneys on Cobbs Ford Road and enjoyed a great presentation and fellowship.  Commander Chris Booth welcomed everyone to open the meeting - there were 26 people in attendance including prospective new member David Gatch as well as Bill Anthony from the Tallassee SCV Camp. Chaplain Snowden then provided the invocation (and at the close of the meeting, provided the closing prayer with some more pointed requests for tolerance and honoring our ancestors following the guest speaker's message).  Upcoming events highlighted included the Gun show at the BJCC Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex on October 13th which will include Confederate artifacts from Beauvoir, the State Archives, and the Columbus Naval Museum will be on display. The 15th annual Battle for the Tallassee Armory will be held Friday-Sunday, November 9-11th and will include the reenactment and suttlers. The Prattville city Christmas parade will be held on Saturday Dec 1st and 2nd Lt. Waldo and Brigade Commander Myrick will be coordinating the Dragoons entry - float riders and walkers are encouraged.  The Dragoons will again be hosting the Christmas Social at Buena Vista on Friday Dec 14th.  Brigade Commander Myrick also petitioned everyone that a new I-65 Flag Chairman is needed to head that ongoing project. 

The guest speaker was Todd Kiscaden who provided an update to the work on the Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest monument restoration and security, beautification and enhancement project for the Confederate Circle at Selma's Live Oak Cemetery.  Todd showed architectural plans for the memorial circle enhancements as well as the new N.B.Forrest monument.  He read four different documents including the Statement of Purpose for the Confederate Circle Project being shepherded by the Friends of Forrest Inc, Pat Godwin's Epitaph on the death of tolerance and honor for our history, heritage and forebears in Selma, his published letter to the editor of the local Selma newspaper which questioned why Selma was allowing terrorists to prevent the permitted construction completion of the Confederate Circle enhancements and finally, a laminated document which was found buried at the Circle proclaiming Jesus as Lord of Selma and commanding that occult practices and rituals cease at the cemetery - an interesting parallel to the anarchist terrorist activities conducted by ignorant heritage haters attempting to block the progress of the Forrest monument restoration and Confederate Circle improvements.  Todd shared his horrific story of the construction progress and current work stoppage including being physically assaulted, materials being stolen and vandalized, and racial slurs being thrown incessantly at him and his workers.  These criminal acts of vandalism and causing work to be postponed have resulted in tens of thousand dollars of losses to Todd and to local Selma suppliers and laborers - these ignorant militant anarchist black activists led by Rose Sanders and her conspirators including paid demonstrators have illegally prevented the progress on this construction and also affected the local commerce with Selma citizens all in an effort to hinder the improvements at the cemetery to honor our Confederate heritage and forebears and allow access for handicapped visitors. Outrageous!  With the police department allowing and promoting this vandalism without providing any resolution or prevention to the continued anarchy and the mayor not providing leadership to complete this permitted project, the issue is now scheduled for legal hearings to secure the deed to the cemetery plot and to secure reimbursement for the loss wages and material costs as well as criminal prosecution for vandalism and destruction of private property.  Support is needed for this legal fight - contact the Friends of Forrest for donations and to lend a hand.  Many thanks to Todd for this update and for his and the Godwins incredible resolve and patience and restraint in dealing with this criminal element and with the corrupt or inept or cowardly police and city government in Selma. 
Todd Kiscaden Presenting Confederate Circle and Forrest Monument Architectural Plans

Todd During His Impassioned Presentation to the Prattville Dragoons
Commander Chris Booth Encouraging the Dragoons to Support the Friends of Forrest

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SCV Alabama Division Fundraiser - SCV Automobile License Plates

In the recent Prattville Dragoons Dispatch camp newsletter, following an accounting of the tremendous success the camp had with the annual Dixie Butt sale (details below), Brigade Commander Bill Myrick beseeched all to support the Alabama Division and it's work by purchasing an SCV license plate for their automobile. 

As you well know (the Prattville Dragoons) camp has one (Dixie Butt) fundraiser per year (and) support of this is beyond anything we could ask for.  Many of you may not know it, but the Alabama Division has one fundraiser per year also.  The difference is that it lasts all year long.  Money to operate our Division comes from the sale of Sons of Confederate Veterans tags.  You pay an extra $50.00 for an SCV tag.  From this the division gets $42.63—over 85%.  The Division uses these funds to support all manner of projects supported by the division, such as the I-65 Flag.  Over the years the number of plates sold has continuously dropped off.  Many of us have at least one SCV tag.  If you don't, won't you consider purchasing one?  It is a way of supporting the cause and remembering your ancestor at the same time. No one can make you remove the tag because they are offended.
Bill Myrick
Southwest Central Brigade

The newsletter report for the Dixie Butt sale provided details on the outstanding record success from this year's fundraising effort.

            The annual Prattville Dragoons "Dixie Butt" fundraiser set a record this year, a record that we may have a hard time surpassing in future years. In 2010 we sold 134 butts, a record, then in 2011 sold 143--another record--but this year, due to several factors discussed below, we blew through last year’s record early on, then went on to sell a pleasantly-surprising total of 196 Dixie Butts.  Together with donations by several Dragoons who declined to take a BBQ butt, this year's fundraiser netted an all-time record amount of $2,139 for the Dragoon treasury, which will ensure our operations for another year.  
            Perhaps the main reason for this year's great success is that we have done this type of fundraiser for seven years now, and have become a "well-oiled machine" when it comes to executing this annual effort. Also, some people buy tickets because they know Fatman's is cooking the butts, and like his product. Thirdly, the usual stalwarts got to work and tried to outdo one another in selling the most tickets.  Second Lt Cmdr Stuart Waldo and Treasurer Billy Leverette were the top sellers (see list on next page). Skip Ward, who always buys 12 butts and donates two back to the Camp (along with Bill Hamner's donation, this provides BBQ for our April picnic), says he can't make meetings but is inspired by the sight of his ancestor's grave to do what he can to further the Cause.
            And speaking of inspiration, we have several newer members who brought fresh spirit to the fundraiser and added to the overall enthusiastic and synergistic spirit of the undertaking. Last but not least, since we sold about a dozen tickets that way, Mr. Don Fletcher of the Prattville Progress deserves our thanks for continued publication of the announcement of the Dixie Butt Sale in the Progress (Mr. Fletcher, by the way, is a descendant of Confederate Vice-President Alexander Stephens, AKA "Little Alec, the brain without a body").  Local folks who are not SCV members but support Southern heritage called and bought tickets (one couple, originally from Indiana, bought six tickets) after reading the announcement in the paper.  The fact that we offer to deliver tickets to the buyer’s door also seems to be a selling point. Finally, it is quite an accomplishment that we handled the tickets for, and distributed, 196 butts without losing track of a single one!
             Thanks to all those Dragoons who answered the call to "Buy One And Sell One". Dragoons who went above and beyond that call to "Buy One And Sell One", as well as Dragoons who made outright cash donations.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Prattville Dragoons EC Meeting

The Executive Comittee for the Prattville Dragoons held their monthly meeting Monday evening with Commander Chris Booth, 2nd Lt Stuart Waldo, Chaplain Tom Snowden, Brigade Commander Bill Myrick and Communications Officer Tyrone Crowley in attendance.  These are always enjoyable meetings as well as constructive.  Appetizers were delicious including smoked almonds, potato chips and dip and oranges and watermelon slices.  But, the business at hand included finalizing the upcoming camp meeting agenda.  Contrary to what was recently announced in the Camp Dispatch monthly newsletter, 2nd Lt Waldo's report out from the National Reunion in Murfreesboro will be presented at the camp meeting in October or November.  Tom Kiscaden will be the guest speaker for this Thursday's September camp meeting.  Tom has been instrumental in the new construction of the Forrest memorial in the Selma cemetery and will be reporting on the most recent issues involving legal obstacles laid down by obstructionist militant black local politicians in that community who demand everyone respect their African heritage but refuse to respect our Confederate Southern heritage and brave soldiers who fought for the Cause and defended OUR homeland from the Northern aggressors who raped and pillaged all manner of civilians and property including these same black's slave and free ancestors.  Dues for the annual renewal of SCV membership including national, state and Dragoons camp dues total $45 and are due by the end of October.  The Christmas events were briefly mentioned including reservations made at Buena Vista for the Social on Friday December 14th and organizing an entry for the Prattville Christmas parade on Saturday Dec 1st.  The Alabama Division EC meeting will be held in Prattville AL in February of 2013 which will allow Prattville and Montgomery SCV members easy access to attend this annual event - it will be held at Bucks Place on Hwy 31.  The final topic for the EC was a discussion on the merits of closing the longtime jjoakley Dragoons website.  This website provides much good useful information about the Prattville Dragoons and the SCV including historical accounts and creeds.  But it was decided that to reduce expenditures, this same information can be provided on this camp blog, thru blogposts, links and homepage information.  A comprehensive history of the Dragoons should be posted on Wikepedia and a link provided on the blog to this most important accounting of this Autauga AL historical period.  Order of Confederate Rose member and wife of the 2nd Lt, Kerri Waldo will provide webmaster work to make these changes before we close down the jjoakley site or terminate funding for that webpage. 

Prattville Dragoons September Camp Meeting

The Prattville Dragoons camp meeting for September will again be held at the Shoneys on Cobbs Ford Road on Thursday September 13th at 7pm.  Many will arrive at 6pm to partake of the delicious Shoneys buffet before the camp program commences.  Todd Kiscaden is the guest speaker for this camp meeting and he will bring us news regarding the improvements to the Confederate Circle and replacing the bust of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest atop a new monument in Old Live Oak Cemetery in Selma AL.  Work has hit a roadblock with a legal challenge from militant black activists in Selma who hate Confederate heritage and the Cause and refuse to respect Southerners honoring their veteran ancestors who bravely defended their families and homeland during the War for Southern Independence. 

        Todd Kiscaden is truly a Son of the South; born in 1951 in the state of Florida, third state to secede from the union in 1861; reared in South Carolina, first state to secede, and has lived most of his life in Virginia, mother of eight presidents, plus Patrick Henry and Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson!
        Todd attended grade school at Stonewall Jackson Elementary School and high school at Robert E. Lee High School. After high school Todd entered Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia and graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia where he acquired his B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering; also a Masters Degree in Mining Engineering and holds a Professional Engineering License.
He is a career coal mining engineer, operating coal mines in the Eastern and Western United States, Venezuela, Columbia, Chile and Indonesia. He also engages in commercial and residential stone quarries in Tennessee and West Virginia.
Todd resides in historic Abingdon, Virginia and is the devoted father of beautiful twin daughters who are following in the historical educational traditions of their father, having attended historic Stuart Hall in Staunton, Virginia through elementary and high school and are now adults into their own careers.
        Patrick Henry said "the best leaders always educate themselves." Todd is a self-taught historian and not only holds a phenomenal command of American History but world history as well. Todd is certainly a soldier for our cause of liberty and state and national sovereignty. It is said that a leader’s vision is rooted in his knowledge of the past and faces the future with a sober confidence. This certainly describes Todd Kiscaden. Todd has a clear & present understanding of who we are, as Southerners, where we came from and why we are the way we are and faces our uncertain future with the sober confidence that we can prevail in reclaiming our liberty if only we, as a people, stick together.
        Todd is a War Between the States reenactor and travels hundreds of miles regularly to reenactments across this country with a mission to educate the masses about our country, its founders and the organic law of this land…the Constitution. He mesmerizes audiences with his vast knowledge and entertaining delivery of his message.
        Todd Kiscaden’s love for God and his family and his duty to his country is unsurpassed. Two words describe him most succinctly…Todd Kiscaden - Constitutionalist and Patriot!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Similarities Between the Periods of 1860 and 2012, Final Part 8

The Southern states were economic underlings to the North with disproportionate taxation and legislation passed favoring the Northern industrial regions.  After decades of struggles to resist biased tariffs and attacks on their Constitutional liberties, the election of the Republican candidate Lincoln proved the impetus for the Southern states to secede.  But not all immediately did so.  It was only after Lincoln turned federal troops on the Southern states who he claimed were still citizens of his United States that the Southern states of Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina elected to secede.  Beyond his inconsistencies in policy, Lincoln’s abuse of power in attacking the sovereign states who had legally seceded and suspending habeas corpus and instituting martial law in many Northern states embodied unconstitutional executive branch corruption.  
Today, the federal government infringes on state’s rights in myriad ways from unconstitutional application of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution to formulate and require Obamacare compliance to suing states who dare oppose the progressive federal agenda.  While states pass Constitutional amendments defending the Biblical definition of marriage, the Justice Department refuses to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, a legally passed federal law.  The Democrat party adopts same sex marriage as a plank of their party’s 2012 platform alienating any Christian constituents.  While states seek to curb voter fraud by verifying voter roles per legal requirements and provide all military personnel ample time to participate in their right to vote, the federal government brings suits to stop these efforts.   While the states are compelled to pass legislation to enforce federal immigration laws left dormant by lax federal efforts to protect the very borders of the nation, the federal government sues those who dare and profess that they will not deport illegal aliens and that they support sanctuaries for these illegals. Dr. Walter Williams maintains, “States should again challenge Washington's unconstitutional acts through nullification. But where can we find leaders with the love, courage and respect for our Constitution like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, or John C. Calhoun.”  And we could add the framers and defenders of the Confederacy’s Constitution, President Jefferson Davis, Howell Cobb, and General Robert E. Lee.  Some Governors in Arizona and South Carolina and Texas have stepped up and have dared to confront the dangerous unconstitutional progressive agenda of the current administration. 
Just as the election of 1860 proved to be pivotal in the history of the United States of America, so too may the elections of 2012.  Today, the confiscatory taxation policies, the ever growing federal behemoth controlling every aspect of our lives, ignoring Constitutional mandates to uphold the laws of the land, the treasonous neglect of the security of the country, the federal government confronting their very states and citizenry and, the moral delinquency of the federal governments agenda, bear justification for extreme measures to protect the liberties and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and envisioned by our Founding Fathers. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wheeler Home Grand Opening, Saturday, September 8th

At long last, after being closed for so many years, the Lawrence County home of General Joe Wheeler will again be open to the public, beginning with a Grand Opening this coming Saturday, September 8, 2012, beginning at 9 AM.

At 10 AM is the official welcome ceremony, flag raising ceremony by Boy Scout Troop 91,and cannon firing by crew of Freeman's Battery.

Speakers will include Mr. Frank White,who is the Executive Director of the Alabama Historical Commission; Melissa Beasley, the site director for the Wheeler Home, and Dr. Millie Caudle, who is the President of the Friends of the General Joe Wheeler Home Foundation.

Refreshments are provided by the Joe Wheeler Chapter 291 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Period attire for ladies and gentlemen in attendance is encourages, but, of course, modern dress is very welcome.

For more information contact Leland Free at 256-606-1057 (cell).

The website is

Pond Spring
The General Joe Wheeler Home
12280 Alabama Highway 20
Hillsboro, Alabama 35643

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Similarities Between the Periods of 1860 and 2012, Part 7

Pet “shovel ready” projects for massive federal bailouts conducted during the current administration include heavily unionized auto and road construction companies and “progressive”, “enlightened” investments in non-viable green industries and to the largest extent of all, education fund subsidies benefiting teachers union members, payback for those liberal supporters, particularly in the northeast and west coast regions.  Comparatively little investment was earmarked from the massive omnibus stimulus bills for the agricultural industries of the mid-west United States or the non-union industries based in the Southeast. and provide data on the disproportionate disbursement of stimulus funds to these geographic and swing state regions.  In the period leading up to the War Between the States, burdensome inequitable taxation similarly targeted the Southern states disproportionately in order to fund industrial modernization and infrastructure projects in the Northeast.  Decades of federal tariffs which placed Southern exports at a competitive disadvantage in foreign markets harmed their economy and also taxed imports increasing the cost of the goods on which the Southern populace depended culminated in the Morrill Tariff, passed shortly after Lincoln’s election.  “The North favored protective tariffs for their manufacturing industry. The South, who exported agricultural products to and imported manufactured goods from Europe, favored free trade and was hurt by the tariffs. Plus, a northern-dominated Congress enacted laws similar to Britain's Navigation Acts to protect northern shipping interests.  (After the Morrill Tariff was enacted) the South seceded setting up a new government. Their constitution was nearly identical to the U.S. Constitution except that it outlawed protectionist tariffs, business handouts, and mandated a two-thirds majority vote for all spending measures,” as recollected by Dr. Williams.   Imagine spending measures requiring a consensus - gridlock is one method for reducing the current out of control federal deficit spending and debt.   The Southern states seceded in 1861 to avoid stifling tariffs and taxes used to fund infrastructure and progressive socialization projects in the industrializing Northern states and an intrusive dictatorial federal government and adopted a Constitution for much the same reasons our Founding Fathers did in 1787 when they shed the oppression of British rule to form a new Republic to protect their citizenry with guarantees of liberty.   

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Upcoming Alabama Statewide Events of Interest for Confederate Heritage for September 2012

A perusal of the Alabama Tourism Department Sweet Home Alabama statewide Calendar of Events for September include some events of interest for Confederate heritage supporters. 
Decatur | Sep 2, 2012
In commemoration of the Battle for Decatur, the Belle will offer the opportunity for you to step back into time and enjoy a cruise aboard an authentic paddle wheel river, relax as a tasty meal is served to your table and a Civil War tour guide provides a narration about the role the river played in the war complete with rifle demonstrations and firings. 12:30-2:30 pm
Decatur | Sep 1-2, 2012
Sept 1-2, Decatur Battle For Decatur 800-524-6181. Free. Point Mallard Park--Civil War Reenactment featuring mock battles at 2 p.m. each day.
Courtland | Sep 8, 2012
Sept 8, Courtland Joe Wheeler Birthday Party 256-637-8513. Visit the grounds and out buildings of Pond Springs, the home of Confederate Gen. Joe Wheeler, for a party celebrating his birthday. It resumes a tradition that ended in 1955 with the death of daughter Miss Annie Wheeler. Themes include "A Celebrated Man"--Soldier, Legislator and Businessman; "A Celebrated Recipe"--The General's Favorite; and "A Celebrated Restoration"--Focusing on the Wheeler House. Grounds will be open from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Welcome at 10 a.m. Wheeler House will be open from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. House tours, re-enactors, costumed docents and birthday cake (while it last). Grounds and refreshments free; there is an admission fee for the Wheeler House.

Similarities Between the Periods of 1860 and 2012, Part 6

In contrast to a government condoned and defined village to raise children, a traditional Christian community places the importance of the nuclear family as the foundation for a strong society.  And this family is led by a man, a father and husband, and a woman, mother and wife, not single mother households, not same-sex households.  The relationship between the husband and wife as father and mother are defined in the Bible as one demonstrating respect, love, discipline and honor.  Today, same sex partners vocally condemn and militantly demonstrate against anyone who dares espouse the Biblically dictated heterosexual norm.  Study after study cite the importance and benefits of having the male father figure and female motherly roles in the home where children are raised.  The belief in a society with a self-sufficient family unit and limited local government control is a peculiar Southern tradition with roots in the Jeffersonian principles which helped shape the Constitution.   These same principles form the basis for the Taxed Enough Already, TEA Party platform.  Today the socialist agenda of the current administration seeks to redistribute wealth from the job/wealth creators to the urban welfare and earmark recipients.
Further, this community foundation is based on a local communal reliance secondary to the familial one and rejecting one which relies on or bestows control on an omnipotent centralized (federal) government.  According to Walter Williams a prominent black economist, author, syndicated columnist, and professor at George Mason University, “Lincoln's intentions, as well as that of many northern politicians, were summarized by Stephen Douglas during the presidential debates. Douglas accused Lincoln of wanting to "impose on the nation a uniformity of local laws and institutions and a moral homogeneity dictated by the central government" which "place at defiance the intentions of the republic's founders." Douglas was right and Lincoln's vision for our nation has now been accomplished beyond anything he could have possibly dreamed. The only good coming from the War Between The States was the abolition of slavery. The great principle enunciated in the Declaration of Independence that "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" was overturned by force of arms. By destroying the states' right to secession, Abraham Lincoln opened the door to the kind of unconstrained, despotic, arrogant government we have today, something the Framers of the Constitution could not have possibly imagined.”  Lincoln’s goal of federal control of the citizenry at the expense or personal liberty and state’s rights was secondary to pacifying the demands of the abolitionists.