Saturday, October 15, 2011

General Robert E. Lee's Death October 12th, 1870

General Robert E. Lee, Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia was one of the most admired leaders of the Confederacy.  Lee died on October 12th, 1870, shortly after 9 in the morning in Lexington VA.  The anniversary of his passing is worthy of remembering this great man.  A great military mind.  A great Christian man.  An honorable leader of the Confederacy.  The following recounts the events of his passing.  Lee suffered a stroke two weeks prior to his death and succumbed to pneumonia.  Just five years following Lee's surrender at Appomatox but five long years of Reconstruction which prolonged the agony of the Southern States after their defeat in the War for Southern Independence.

Midnight, October 12, it was raining. Agnes woke Mildred (his daughters), Lee was slipping away. Mary  (his wife) said later, "He wandered to those dreadful battlefields." Lee was delirious in his last hours. He calls out "Tell A. P Hill he must come up!" Pendleton was at Lee's bedside, saying prayers for the dying. At his side was Mary in her wheelchair, Custis (his son) was kneeling beside the bed and Agnes and Mildred knelt beside Custis.
Mildred remembered Lee "breathing hard and painfully." Agnes kneeling by his side-moistening his lips-fanning him-he lying on his right side--drawing long, hard breaths.
The storm broke and the sun lit up the chamber. His final words were "Strike the tent."

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