Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Open Letter to Texas Gov. Rick Perry (copied to the TXDMV)

Gov. Perry,
I will not be supporting you in your run for President of the United States.  Your recent stated position opposing the creation of a Confederate commemorative license plate benefiting Sons of Confederate Veterans heritage preservation demonstrates political waffling and posturing and a rejection of the ideals of liberty and noble Southern history.  You stated that permitting such a plate would "scrape old wounds".  Your denial of the honor under which the Confederate and Texas veterans fought and died in defense of their homelands, a denial of our ancestors bravery and sacrifice scrapes such wounds.  It was Lincoln who fanned the flames of war and invaded a sovereign nation and caused 600,000 casualties, not Jefferon Davis.  It was troops under Grant and Sherman and many other Union generals who shelled and terrorized civilians and raped women and burned homes and churches and crop fields, not Confederate Generals Lee and Jackson.  The Battle Flag displays an historic St. Andrew’s Cross and is emblematic of strength and progress.  The Confederate Battle Flag has been proudly flown by US forces in every worldwide conflict since and including World War II including at Okinawa, at Khe Sanh in Vietnam and in the mid-east conflicts.  The flag has been desecrated by hate groups but it has never represented slavery -  it is a symbol of the defense of freedom and liberty, the values under which the Southern states attempted to form the Confederacy as the one true continuing model of our nation’s founding fathers Constitutional ideals.  The Confederate armies fought and died under that flag to defend their homeland from invasion and for liberty from an overbearing overreaching federal government which should be only too apparent and comprehensible in today’s political climate.  It doesn't appear you have learned your history lesson well. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is the one sole organization dedicated to the preservation of this noble Southern Confederate heritage, to promote the truth behind the establishment of the Confederacy and the valiant struggle our ancestors undertook in defense of their homes and their liberty.  Good luck back in Texas.
Sincerely, Stuart Waldo

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