Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dragoons in the Prattville Christmas Parade

The Prattville Christmas parade was held Saturday evening December 3rd in downtown Prattville and the Prattville Dragoons, SCV Camp 1524 participated with a beautiful float and a nice contingent of reenactors from Wetumpka led by Mike Whorton.  2nd Lt. Stuart Waldo, Comm. Officer Tyrone Crowley, Commander Bill Myrick and Treasurer Billy Leverette (and his family) marched in the parade with Billy pulling the trailer float.  Chaplain Tom Snowden also helped with the float construction ealier Saturday morning. Commander Chris Booth dropped in before the parade before heading off to help his wife in their parade entry.  The float was assembled on a tandem axle trailer and had a lighted Christmas tree in the center surrounded by bales of hay.  At the front of the trailer in a row stood the Alabama State Seccession flag, the Prattville Dragoons flag, the Stainless Banner, the First National Flag of the Confederacy and in the middle above all others, the glorious Battle Flag.  Tree and tinsel garland was strung along the outside edge of the trailer and illuminated by a string of multicolor LED lights.  The Dragoon entry was led by Stuart and Tyrone carrying a Christmas themed Dragoon/SCV banner.  Then came the float with Billy's wife and kids in the bed of his truck adorned with Santa Claus hats.  The Wetumpka SCV/League of the South group carrying Battle and Confederate National flags brought up the rear of the Dragoons Christmas parade entry.  We were greeted warmly throughout the parade route.  Spectators shouted heartily as soon as they recognized the beautiful Confederate flags displayed on the float and by the marchers.  One person approached Stuart asking for specifics on how to join the Sons or Confederate Veterans.  Fortunately, an SCV coin had just been thrown to his son which had information about the SCV including the 1-800-My South number embossed on it.  These coins are always popular with the kids and it was great to see them scramble after them when they heard the clink of the coin hit the pavement of the downtown Prattville streets.  We ran out of coins and just about all of the candy after tossing some to all the children and well wishers and celebrants lining the parade route.  It was a very enjoyable time and an opportunity for comraderie and fellowship and sharing the Cause of the Confederacy and the SCV with the folks of Prattville as part of the annual Christmas parade.   

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