Sunday, April 15, 2012

Remarks from Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 Picnic by Lt. Commander Waldo

Thank you everyone for attending this annual picnic for the Prattville Dragoons.
Thanks to everyone who helped set flags at the graves of these honorable Confederate Veterans, over three hundred here at Memorial Park.
This is beautiful “Chamber of Commerce” weather we get to enjoy as we celebrate Confederate History Month and enjoy some good BBQ including Dixie Butts and homemade fixin’s. 
The Confederate History Month posters Brigade Commander Bill Myrick provided are available and we are encouraged to distribute these to schools, libraries and businesses.  Tyrone Crowley has some words regarding these posters and a special recognition which should serve as a commendable example.
These are trying times we see before our nation.  The Sesquicentennial we are commemorating seems to be serving as much as an opportunity for celebration of the Confederacy and a rememberance of our courageous forefathers as it is a foreboding of repeated history.  The oppressive strong arm of the federal government continues to encroach on our liberties and freedom in much the same way as it did 150 years ago thru burdensome expensive regulation, taxation and legislation.  Racial tensions continue to escalate despite the promise of a “post-racial leadership”.   I was remarking to Tyrone that the Nat Geo series on Doomsday Preppers is entertaining television but equally alarming.   These are serious times.
It’s encouraging to see children here today and some who are daring to learn and promote the truth of our Southern heritage.  It’s thru understanding our history that we can better prepare for and affect our future.  In order to reach more people in this modern digital age with these truths, information and encouragement, in addition to our website, meetings, newsletters and email communications, Camp 1524 has maintained a blog now for over a year now with 946 pageviews.  Commander in Chief Givens issued a directive to establish a Twitter account for faster broader communication, this actually after our camp had already done so with an SCVDragoons Twitter account linked to our blog posts, now following 24 people with 14 followers including the CiC. The news shared in these mediums is important to know and to act on to preserve our Southern heritage and to reach more people who need to understand the reasons our Confederate ancestors fought and died for their liberty and homeland. 
Let’s make 2012 our best year ever as an SCV camp and a Sesquicentennial tribute to all these Confederate Veterans.  Thanks again for your attendance and God Bless our Dixie homes.

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