Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dragoons Participate in Prattville 4th of July Parade

The Prattville Dragoons placed an entry in the City of Prattville's annual 4th of July parade once again.  The day started with a steady hard mist which dampened everyone's hair and clothes during the line up for the parade but it did not dampen everyone's enthusiasm.  A nice crowd of spectators also braved the elements and we were all rewarded when the rain stopped just before the parade started at 9am.  Dragoons Commander Stuart Waldo and his family, Adjutant Wayne Sutherland, Quartermaster David Brantley, Communications Officer Tyrone Crowley, Flag Chairman Larry Spears and his father James Spears participated as did camp guest Calvin Nelson; a number of other Dragoons were at the parade including 1st Lt Harold Grooms who ran the Lions Club barbeque after the parade and addressed the veterans at the program there at the Prattville city park and at the stadium later that evening for the fireworks.  2nd Lt. Chris Booth was also there to get us started and open up the law offices so we could congregate prior to the parade. Stuart and his wife and stepdaughter and Tyrone were dressed in period outfits.  It was another great parade with the people of Prattville showing enthusiastic support for the camp and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  David brought dozens of small Confederate Battle Flags and those were requested by onlookers so quickly we ran out before the parade turned off Main Street.   The candy supplies lasted throughout but treats were thrown to all the children lining the parade route down Court, Main and Northington Streets.  Calvin's golf cart played patriotic songs including Dixie every other tune to the delight of everyone.
Wayne, Tyrone and David Prior to the Parade
Larry and James Spears with Calvin Nelson before the Parade
Stuart, Chris and Tyrone at the Parade Lineup

Stuart and Wayne Carry the Dragoons Camp Banner in the Parade
Tyrone Driving one of the Dragoons Carts in the Parade

Calvin Driving his Cart with Dixie Playing

Kerri in her Patriotic Dress Riding in the Parade

 Brooke Tossing Candy with the Battle Flag Prominently Displayed
Happy 4th of July from the Prattville Dragoons

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