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Sons of Confederate Veterans 118th National Reunion in Vicksburg MS - Part 4

The second Business Session of the 118th SCV Convention brought former Commander in Chief Chuck McMichael to the podium to discuss the Sesquicentennial Confederate heritage Rallies.  The last was in Biloxi MS at Jefferson Davis' Beauvoir home for the dedication of the beautiful Presidential library and museum and included a parade down the beach front along US Hwy 90 and speeches including by Bertram Hayes-Davis.  The next event will be in Franklin TN in the fall of 2014 with a formation at Winstead Hill with a march into Franklin past the Carter House.  We want to have thousands there on this Sesquicentennial.  Chuck closed inploring everyone to fly their Confederate flags every day.  we should be proud to be a descendant of a Confederate Veteran.
Past Commander in Chief Chuck McMichael Addresses the 118th SCV Reunion

The President of the Children of the Confederacy next addressed the Reunion saying their convention was just down I-20 in Jackson MS.  The Children of the Confederacy share our desire to perpetuate the memory and deeds of our ancestors who fought under the Battle flag.  SCV CiC Givens addressed their conference and hopes that they graduate to the SCV and UDC and become a group unafraid to display the flag.

Frank Powell discussed the Confederate Veteran magazine and encouraged everyone to continue to send in their high-resolution photos by mail or email but with 900 camps, there is a huge backlog of pictures. An electronic version of the Confederate Veteran magazine is available and future plans include the publication of the wonderful series of Sesquicentennial essays from the Confederate Veteran to be bound together in one book

CiC Givens introduced the Director of the Stephen Dill Lee Institute.  These lectures are designed to train SCV members, to educate members to answer the Charge.  The next lecture will be in Chattanooga TN at the Hilton Doubletree Feb 7-8th within sight of Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain.  The lecture series will be on the South Experiencing the First Modern Total War including the atrocities Lincoln's army committed when they invaded the South.  Scholarships are available for students and teachers.

JM next addressed the convention regarding the Sam Davis Youth Camps.  The Texas camp is ongoing now.  These camps are designed to entertain youth but to combat the main stream media indoctrination of youth today which teaches them to hate their Southern heritage.  Zip lines, canoes, swimming, horseback riding are complimented with lessons on manners, ballroom dancing, casting bullets, history and oratory contests.  At the Virginia camp, 26 children volunteered to participate in the oratory contest which teaches public speaking skills. A young lady who recently graduated from the the Texas camp provided an endorsement saying the kids she met and the activities and speakers, learning about our Southern heritage was incredible and inspired her to join the UDC and OCR.  This camp embodies the reference to the Charge, "It is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations." 

On a similar note, Trip Wilson provided information about the Hunley JROTC award program.  Over 500 awards were made last year in 39 states.  Awards were presented in Arizona and even in the Bronx last year. The SCV Hunley JROTC award is among the most coveted awards by these high school cadets.  Scholarship awards to these outstanding young students are also given in some schools.  

James Patterson related Tennessee Resolution 186 signed by the TN governor which honors Sam Davis and the Sesquicentennial of his capture and execution as a spy.  An event is planned November 22-24 in Smyrna TN to commemorate this Tennessee and Confederate hero and we should all emulate his heroic virtues like his dedication to his friends and family and the Cause.  The event will include tours of the Sam Davis home and music and food, a ball and a memorial service.

Past CiC McMichael again addressed the convention regarding the SCV Confederate Museum project saying it is time to reinvigorate the project with the goal to break ground by the end of the Sesquicentennial. Different donation levels are available up to a $10k cabinet level which includes a reproduction Enfield rifle.  Every SCV member should consider themselves part of the Museum committee, every camp should do a project to donate to the effort.  This is the place where we can take our children and grandchildren to learn the true history of the South, to further the SCV mission to be the preeminent source for all things Confederate.  Chief of Heritage Defense Eugene Hogan encouraged giving to the Heritage Defense Fund.  A Patrick Cleburne Guild Award is given to those pledging a $1000 donation.  Camps should consider making a donation to the Heritage Fund in honor of a distinguished member. $5, $25, $100, all donations help towards this profound present need during this Sesquicentennial.  

Past CiC Chris Sullivan took the convention thru the Amendments and all passed. The first was proposed by  camp 1813 inserted into the preamble the 1906 version of Stephen Dill Lee's Charge.  The second Amendment made a change to allow for Divisions outside state boundaries which was specifically thought might encourage Division formation in the Pacific Northwest but alos possibly oversees.  The third and last Amendments changed the Heritage Defense Chief and Committee to heritage Operations to create an effective proactive War Department for the SCV to further public education and promote Southern heritage.  
Sons of Confederate Veterans 118th National Reunion in Vicksburg MS

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