Thursday, October 10, 2013

Announcing the Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting for October 2013

The Prattville Dragoons will meet at the Shoneys on Cobbs Ford Road in Prattville at 7pm on October 10th.  Come early and enjoy the Shoney's buffet dinner and some of their delicious strawberry pie.  The following is the announcement from the Dragoons Camp Dispatch newsletter.

Patrick Henry To Give Famous Speech At October Meeting
Our speaker for the October meeting will be none other than Patrick Henry, impersonated in period dress by Dragoon Allen Herrod, who is also a member of the Prattville chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, at whose September meeting Allen debuted this presentation.  Allen is an accomplished actor, having starred and played other parts in local theatrical productions for years.  You will be impressed and inspired by Allen’s speaking about the life of young Patrick, as well as his rendering of the famous speech given by Patrick Henry before the Virginia House of Burgesses on 23 March 1775.  The speech ends emotionally with words dear to the heart of any Confederate:  “Give me liberty or give me death!”  It is also significant that, even though Patrick Henry was addressing the Virginia House of Burgesses, a government body, the speech was given in a church, St John's, in Richmond, Virginia.  If you want a preview, you can read and hear (or download) the Patrick Henry speech at
Also at the October meeting, we will recognize and award certificates to the "Star-Spangled Banner" 4-H Equestrian Team of young ladies and their coach from Autaugaville.  The young ladies carried the Confederate Battle Flag in a contest that they won recently, causing their picture to appear in the Prattville Progress and thus catching the eye and winning the praise of several Dragoons.

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