Thursday, December 19, 2013

SCV Camp 1524 Prattville Dragoons Christmas Social 2013 - Part 2

The Dragoons Christmas Social at Buena Vista was enjoyed by all in attendance on Friday night December 13th.  Following the opening Social Hour with piano music by Mrs. Darlene Jennings, supper and a musical program by Ms. Kim Shannon, 1st Lt Harold Grooms introduced all the special guests which included members of the Montgomery Semple Camp and Tallassee Camp with Bill and Terry Anthony and their wives in their fabulous period attire as well as Pat and Butch Godwin and Todd Kiscaden from Selma also in period dress. Todd provided a recounting of the great news from Selma where the City Council there recently (again) deeded Confederate Circle to the United Daughters of the Confederacy, reimbursed Todd for a portion of his legal bills and lost time and wages from the enhancement project delays, and approved the revised plans for the Confederate cemetery improvements to include a rest bust of General Forrest, a new monument commemorating the Battle of Selma, security systems and handicap accessibility.
Todd Kiscaden Illustrates the Updates from the Selma Front
The Autauga County Heritage Association Buena Vista Director Beverly Byard who was a guest of the Dragoons for supper then provided another interesting history of the house including the prior owners starting with William Montgomery who built the house in the 1840s.  Communications Officer Tyrone Crowley read a somber letter from Tally Simpson, a Confederate soldiers Christmas letter to his sister relating the horrors of the War 150 years before.  Chaplain Snowden lifted our spirits leading everyone in the singing of Silent Night and Jingle Bells before soloing his rendition of Mary Did You Know.
Mrs. Beverly Byard Provides a History of Buena Vista

Communications Officer Crowley Read a Confederate Soldier's Christmas Letter
Santa Claus made an appearance at the Dragoons Social including divulging his list of those who had been naughty and those who were nice. Apparently some officers went on a casino boondoggle to Biloxi under the auspices of attending the Confederate Heritage Rally but Santa saw it all and Waldo, Myrick and Larry Spears got their deserved lumps of coal.  Tyrone received a lump of coal for his brief desertion to the left coast but received a candy cane for his superior service recognized by Division and National SCV awards he received this year.  His wife Carol received a candy cane for her Emma Sampson Award recognition.  Candy canes were distributed all around to the Godwins and Todd Kiscaden for their hard fought victory in Selma. Mrs. Kerri Waldo then assisted Santa in drawing and distributing the door prizes including the many lovely centerpieces provided by Commander Myrick and his wife Peggy.  Commander Waldo then commenced the closing of the Christmas Social by reading the SCV Closing.  Chaplain Snowden accompanied by Kim Shannon led everyone in the singing of Dixie and then provided a Benediction before everyone departed to celebrate the Holidays.
Santa Reveals his Naughty and Nice Lists
Grooms, the Myricks and Snowden Carefully Fold the Battle Flag
Merry Christmas from the Prattville Dragoons and Friends

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