Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Abbeville Institute for Southern Heritage Research and Education

Forwarded by Don Livingston of the Abbeville Institute:

Dear Friends and Associates of the Abbeville Institute
         If you have not already done so, please take a look at the remarkable achievement of the new Abbeville Institute website You should form the habit, as I have, of looking at it every day, for there is an abundance of new material daily. 
     Brion McClanahan is developing the site for the first time ever into a true voice of the South in all its many aspects.  He has already gathered an impressive company of writers,many of them new to our public mission. The new site has drawn 4,000 viewers in its first three weeks and seems especially of interest to young people.
     Please spread the word about this new venture to all potentially interested persons.  Consider contributing material for the Blog (commentary) and the Review (scholarly). Send submissions to, and congratulate him on his unique and unprecedented achievement.
     I do not exaggerate in saying this may well be the best hope for Dixie. 
Clyde Wilson, 
Emeritus, Distinguished Prof. of History,
University of South Carolina and 
M.E. Bradford Distinguished Fellow,
Abbeville Institute

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