Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pratville Dragoons July 2014 Camp meeting

SCV Camp 1524 held their monthly meeting at the Shoneys in Prattville on Thursday July 10th.  Over twenty Dragoons, wives and guests were present. Chaplain Tom Snowden opened the meeting with an Invocation followed by George Jenks leading everyone in the pledges to the United States Flag, Alabama State flag and the Confederate Battle Flag.   Commander Waldo presented the SCV Charge and made the Announcements.  Wives were welcomed and then Upcoming Events were highlighted including a recap of the recent Dragoons participation in the July 4th parade in Prattville.  The Godwin's annual Nathan Bedford Forrest birthday party in Selma on July 12th, the SCV National Reunioon in Charleston July 16-19th, and the camp's Indian Hills Cemetery cleanups on August 2nd and 16th, the latter of which coincides with the date for the distribution of the Dixie Butts, the camps annual fundraiser.

Announcements included the availability of camp stew and BBQ leftover from the Lions Club July 4th sale from 1st Lt Harold Grooms.  Larry Spears had a table set up at the meeting providing Dixie Butt coupons to everyone so that they could "Buy One and Sell One" as part of the camp's fundraising efforts.  Harold then gave a recap of the first Indian Hills cleanup day, part of a series to restore the cemetery in Prattville, the final resting place of a number of Confederate veterans and Dragoons heroes. Larry Spears then made a special presentation of a recognition certificate from the UDC to his father and Dragoon James Spears for his service as a World War II veteran, one of the greatest generation.

The guest speaker for the camp meeting was the Dragoons own Sam Reid who compared the Northern and Southern economic systems and the differences and animosity which led to the War Between the States.  The SCV Closing was then read by Commander Waldo and Chaplain Snowden closed another great camp meeting with a Benediction.  The next camp meeting will be held on August 14th, again at the Shoneys in Prattville and everyone is welcome to join us for another educational program and fellowship.
Larry Spears Presents Father James Spears with UDC WWII Recognition Certificate

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