Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Orleans Confederate Sights

Went on a weekend visit to New Orleans which was mentioned in the October Commanders Column. New Orleans is my wife's favorite city because of its cuisine, music and the unique culture and people.  The architecture, music, language and cuisine is the result of a melting pot of French and Spanish and of course Southern, both black and white influences.  New Orleans is home to the second largest collection of Confederate memorabilia, the Confederate Memorial Hall Museum which is also the oldest museum in the state of Louisiana dating from 1891.  At the entrance to the museum, a plaque is mounted indicating that it was here that Jefferson Davis’ body lay in state on May 28, 1893.  This was actually four years following his death.  He was temporarily buried in Metairie at a cemetery with veterans from the Army of Northern Virginia and his body was disinterred, placed in a new casket and transported to Richmond VA on a funeral train with full military honors, greeted by throngs all along the route, venerated by as many citizens as for any leader in the history of the country.

Nearby there is a circle with a large monument of General Robert E. Lee overlooking the city of New Orleans.  The St. Charles street car route passes right by this tall impressive monument. The monument and circle are still cared for nicely including small palms on the corners of the pavilion.
 The following weekend we took another long weekend trip down to Florida and while in the Tampa area, we were thrilled to see a large Confederate Battle Flag displayed immediately alongside the interstate there.  The photo was taken thru the front windshield so it may not do justice to the beautiful flag.

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