Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prattville Dragoons News from January 2015 Camp Dispatch Newsletter

Camp News
Dragoons Receive Matching-Funds Check from GE Foundation - Commander Stuart Waldo has again this year been able to get a matching-funds check for $600, to add to the Dragoon Treasury.  This bonus to our treasury is a benefit of a program offered by Commander Waldo's employer, General Electric, for donations to 501.c.3. organizations and we thank GE for their generosity in helping the Dragoons further their efforts for community education and projects to advance the Charge. 
Friends of the Sons of Confederate Veterans – Following the example of Brigade Commander David Brantley who signed his father up as a Friend of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Commander Waldo made this a Christmas gift for his father, Whitson Waldo.  Friends receive a commemorative certificate, lapel pin and a year’s subscription to the “Confederate Veteran” magazine.  This is an excellent way to introduce friends and family to the SCV. Whitson was born in Detroit and raised in New York from whence his family hailed but he loves the South and saw fit to name one of his sons after Generals Stuart and Forrest and one daughter after Lee.
Communications Officer and Newsletter Editor - Many thanks to past-Commander Larry Spears for volunteering to serve in the role of camp Communications Officer – you will receive this newsletter, information and communication distributions from Larry going forward.  Commander Waldo will attempt to compile our monthly Camp Dispatch newsletter going forward.  Together, hopefully these two men will be able to fill Tyrone Crowley’s shoes who served so well in these capacities for so long.  If anyone feels led to volunteer to help with either of these duties please contact Larry or Stuart.

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