Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dragoons at the Prattville Cityfest

Saturday May 2nd provided perhaps the best day, weather wise, in the history of Prattville's CityFest, so Main Street in downtown was filled with people enjoying this annual spring community event. The Dragoons again set up an informational booth and Quartermaster Bill Myrick brought merchandise from the camp stores to sell and give away.  All the Battle Flags and Naval Jacks were sold and hundreds of mini-Battle flags and SCV coins were given to children and adults alike.  SCV literature and educational posters were also given out to interested passers-by and a list of folks was compiled who were interested in the SCV and asked to be contacted for more information.  Tyrone Crowley helped setup on Friday evening and then made an appearance for a few hours on Saturday as Jefferson Davis before going to the Prattaugan Museum to welcome visitors there as Daniel Pratt.  Adjutant Wayne Sutherland and Commander Stuart Waldo also helped set up the booth tent and tables and also manned the booth on Saturday. The Saturday morning shift included Bill Myrick,  Larry Miller, Tom Crowley (of Indian Hill renown), George Jenks, and Wayne..  The afternoon shift included Commander Stuart Waldo and Louis Turner along with Bill and Larry who stayed all day; past-Commander Wyatt Willis also stopped by to say hello. The Dragoons always take advantage of the opportunity to promote the Cause with the public at Prattville's Cityfest.
Dragoons at Cityfest

George and Stuart Greeting Passers-by

Tyrone Crowley as Jefferson Davis

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