Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Robert E. Lee Celebration at the Alabama State Archives - January 23

From the Alabama SCV Division Commander Gary Carlyle:

There will be a tremendous celebration of the life and contributions of Robert E. Lee on Saturday, January 23, 2016, at 10 am, in the Alabama State Archives Auditorium in Montgomery, Alabama.  The award winning band, Un-reconstructed will began playing around 9:45 am. The spirit of General Lee will speak, special tours, special activities, and weather permitting rifles and cannon salutes.
All Americans enjoy the contributions of General Lee to our society. With General Lee’s engineering work on the Mississippi River, where others had failed, Robert E. Lee established a safe trade route by boat  down the Mississippi and secured the ports of many cities especially Saint Louis, Missouri. Robert E. Lee’s work on the Eastern Coast of the U.S. is still visible today. The protection of Texas settlers under the leadership of Robert E. Lee from outlaws, renegade Indians, marauding Mexican bandits, as Juan Cortinas, led to law and order for Texas citizens. While college President, Robert E. Lee established the first school of journalism and, had he lived, a school of medicine would have been developed at Washington College. Robert E. Lee had no equal on the field of battle He was the only person that could and did bring peace at the end of the War.  
Declared, “The very best soldier that I ever saw in the field” by General Scott, being described as the “Greatest American” by Sir: Winston Churchill, and honors placed on him by Dwight Eisenhower and other famous Americans that studied his life, Robert E. Lee was a Great Man!
We have an opportunity to honor one of our Confederate Heroes. If we do not use our privileges, we cannot complain if they are taken away. Many in other Southern States would be pleased to have this opportunity. Join us in this great Celebration Saturday, January 23, 2016, at 10 am in the State Archives Building and bring your flag!

Gary Carlyle

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