Friday, June 10, 2016

Confederate Memorial Park Library

Prattville Dragoon Tyrone Crowley continues his stalwart service to the Cause as a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1524 by volunteering his time at the library at Confederate Memorial Park in Marbury AL. Tyrone was at the library on Saturday May 28th and despite a bit of rain in the morning, about 20 visitors stopped by the park's library, including a group of McGalliards who were there for a family reunion.  Library Chairman John Land is implementing improvements to the library including signs, labels, and an ongoing reorganization of the stacks. Tyrone noted the copy machine is used less these days as visitors interested in a particular book or page in a book simply takes a picture of it with camera or phone, to be studied or printed out later on.  One lady stopped by with her son who was on his way from Utah to Auburn to pursue a Ph D in Biology) took pictures of the title pages of about ten books that he and she found of interest and plan to borrow from their local library or buy.  A Canadian Air Force Colonel who had just graduated from Air War College at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery and his wife also stopped by to study the collection.  These folks appreciated the historical significance of the Confederate Memorial Park and enjoyed the library and other facilities at this wonderful Alabama state treasure. 

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