Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mobile Confederate Sights - Ft.Charlotte (Conde') and Battle House

Always enjoy visiting Mobile and taking the opportunity to walk around the downtown historic area where there are interesting sites at every turn.  This summer while staying at the beautiful historic Battlehouse hotel, I looked around that property a little and also walked over to the waterfront where the cruise ship terminal is located across from the shipyard where the next generation US Navy destroyers are being constructed.  Awesome stealth warships.  The Battlehouse hotel has a ballroom with tapestries which include depictions of an antbellum street scene with women in hoop skirts and another depicting the Confederate submarine Hunley which was constructed in Mobile before being shipped overland to Charleston.  There at the cruise terminal is a maritime museum next door to the convention center.  The architecture is beautiful and there are parks fronting the water.  Across the bustling thoroughfare is an historical neighborhood adjacent to the restored section of Fort Charlotte where the Spanish (allies to the colonists) laid siege to and captured the British forces defending Mobile Bay during the Revolutionary War in 1780.  Close by the fort is the beautiful restored antebellum Conde Charlotte House and Museum.  This home was constructed around 1822-1824.  The neighborhood surrounding this museum which has other antebellum structures is being restored including a wonderful boutique hotel and townhomes.  My last stop on my walking tour took me to a city park just to the west of the Battlehouse along Dauphin Street.  There in the southeast corner of the park under the moss-draped oaks is an unassuming monument constructed of limestone blocks with a plaque commemorating the centennial of the Battle for Mobile Bay where Confederate and Federal ironclads clashed in a fierce naval battle in 1864.

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