Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Prattville Dragoons Attend Alabama Division SCV EC Meeting

The Sons of Confederate Veterans Alabama Division staff as well as Commanders, Adjutants and Chaplains from across the division and state met on Saturday February 18th at Dalraida Methodist Church in Montgomery AL.  After an opening prayer, 2nd Lt Hughey recited the SCV Charge. A special presentation was then made by Commander Hill who introduced the past Division Commanders in attendance numbering eight, two of whom went on to serve as National SCV Commander in Chief as well as Dr. Baker who serves as the current Division Chaplain and previously served as National Chaplain. Then reports were provided by Division Adjutant Hattabaugh who called a quorum and the previous EC meeting minutes and Treasurer Muse who provided a detailed accounting of the Division budget.  At this point, all the chaplains broke out for a separate meeting with Chaplain Baker.  Commander Hill then provided a detailed report of the current activities of the Division across the state including the Division's new website, efforts in support of the Monument Protection Bill and, the Forrest monument beautification.  The agenda was followed thru presentations on Recruiting, Adjutant procedures and the business portion which highlighted new Division SCV merchandise, heritage posters, the Alabama Education Conference scheduled for March and finally, former Commander Carlyle's update on HB-99 to protect the state's historical monuments and sites.  A rousing rendition of Dixie and then a closing Benediction closed the meeting.
Alabama Division SCV Staff and Past Commanders

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