Thursday, March 10, 2011

Monthly Camp Meeting - A Plethora of Upcoming Events

The camp meeting for the Prattville Dragoons was held this evening and it was a great time for fellowship with friends and SCV compatriots.  Three visitors were in attendance continuing a great trend with guests and new members.  A hearty congratulations to Ferrell Durrance who was sworn in as the newest member of the Prattville Dragoons.  New camp officers were elected including Chris Booth as Commander, Harold Grooms as 1st Lt. Commander, Stuart Waldo as 2nd Lt. Commander, Wayne Sutherland as Adjutant, Billy Leverette as Treasurer and Thomas Snowden as Chaplain.  The Camp Finance and Dispatch reports were distributed for member perusal.  An announcement was made for the availability to all members of copies of the outstanding "Road to War" insert; another run will also be placed in the upcoming edition of the Alabama Gazette.  April and May will be full of important opportunities to celebrate the Sesquicentennial and Confederate History Month (April).  March 26 at 8:30 members of the camp are encouraged to gather at the Prattville Oak Hill Cemetary to help place Confederate flags on veterans graves in honor of their service.  April 2nd in Wetumpka is Confederate Heritage Day including free food, music, and a parade.  April 16 will be the annual camp picnic at the Confederate History Park in Marbury and Dixie Butts will be provided - bring a side to share and flags will again be placed at graves of the Confederate veterans there at the Park. Saturday April 23 at the state Capital there will be a program to commemorate Confederate Memorial Day with speakers and music and a microphone will be passed around the crowd so attendees can state the name of one of their Confederate veteran ancestors in recognition.  Monday April 25, Confederate Memorial Day, at 6pm there will be a reenactment to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the departure from the Prattville Primary School of the Prattville Dragoons.  May 6 and 7 the annual Prattville Cityfest will be held on Main Street downtown and the Prattville Dragoons will have a table set up to provide free flags and SCV gifts and information to passers-by.  May 20-22 the annual SCV Alabama Division Reunion will be held in Birmingham at the Irondale Shriners Temple and registrations were distributed which provided sign-ups for the receptions, banquets and conference attendance.  Bill Myrick encouraged all to attend to hear the important business of the SCV Division including ammendments to the Constitution.  Of course in July will be the huge annual conference in Montgomery marking the Sesquicentennial of the founding of the Confederate States of America and the War Between the States with five days of activities.  Truly a plethora of upcoming opportunities to get involved and commemorate these great historical events.

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