Thursday, March 3, 2011

Remnants of the Road to War

Interesting excange at the establishment where I had lunch this afternoon.  After ordering our entrees, one of the guys I was with mentioned something about wanting some bread pudding and not any of the banana pudding or peach cobbler on the menu.  I joked with him that we were in the South and we don't do the bread pudding thing.   He went on to say that a restaurant down in Mobile where he had recently dined had bread pudding and that was "even more in the South".  The lady who took our order actually shook her head in disagreement and I added that actually, Mobile isn't very Southern as they actually voted against secession, a point I learned from the Road to War insert which was recently reprinted by the Prattville Dragoons and placed in a couple of local newspapers for distribution to the local community.  I noticed she nodded her head while looking at my friend as if she was aware of that fact.  Her apparent knowledge of the subject was impressive and when I finished eating I went back up there and commended her on her grasp of this point of regional history.  Apparently, even within the borders of the state of Alabama there remain clear remnants of the division and opposing points of view between those who supported the secession for defending their homeland and the establishment of a Confederacy based on sovereign State's Rights and those who sympathized with the Lincoln Republican's ideals for preservation of the Nation no matter the compromise to principles and moral values. 

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