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Prattville Dragoons 1861 Departure Reenactment

Confederate Memorial Day, Monday April 25, members of the SCV Camp 1524 Prattville Dragoons conducted a memorial laying of a wreath at the monuments at Fourth and Washington Streets in Prattville; placement was made by Quartermaster Jeffrey Potts and Brigade Commander Bill Myrick. It was a well performed and well attended event with exceptional reenactment performances by SCV members including Tyrone Crowley playing the part of Daniel Pratt as well as school children from Prattville Christian Academy. Invocations and Benedictions were offered by Chaplain Tom Snowden, welcome remarks were provided by Commander Chris Booth, 1st Lt. Commander Harold Grooms, 2nd Lt. Commander Stuart Waldo and Brigade Commander Bill Myrick.  After the reenactment of Daniel Pratt's address and the presentation of the Dragoons flag, the program concluded with a rousing rendition of Dixie led by Chaplain Snowden and 1st Lt. Grooms.  The following is an excerpt from the Prattville Progress which provided coverage for the event. 

Local SCV group re-enacts 1861 Civil War sendoff

Members of Prattville Dragoons, Camp 1524 of the Alabama Division of Sons of Confederate Veterans, gathered with members of other SCV camps Monday to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the departure by the first local troops to join Confederate forces.
The sesquicentennial ceremony included a re-enactment of the presentation by ladies of the former Prattville Male and Female Academy, where Prattville Primary School now stands, of the flag the local troops carried into battle. It also included an improvised version of the speech likely made to the gray-clad soldiers by Daniel Pratt.
Monday's re-enactment and series of short speeches, which was attended by about 100 people at the site of the monuments to the CSA troops, also served as the local celebration of Confederate Memorial Day, an official state holiday.

and some photos from the event:

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  1. a great big howdy,and thanks for all that you folks do to remember and honor our heros. Robert adelson (descendant of several p.dragoons) SCV Morgan UTZ camp1815.