Friday, April 29, 2011

Tragedy in Alabama

Wednesday April 27th, 2011 will be a day long remembered in Alabama as a day of tragedy as fierce storms spawned tornadoes causing massive damage and loss of life.  Current estimates place the number of dead well over 200 in the state of Alabama and neighboring states totaled approximately 100 additional as the storm system moved thru the South.  Many citizens of Alabama were either immediately affected or had friends or relatives who either experienced this devestation or, tragically, loss of loved ones.  The following is an excerpt from the SCV Alabama Division Commander:


Yesterday and last night was harrowing for many in Alabama. Many of our brothers were in the thick of the bad weather. Please keep them and their families in your hearts and prayers.
I am most concerned about our members in the Pleasant Grove and Tuscaloosa areas, but these were just the worst hit. There is quite a bit of
incidental damage all across the northern half of the state. When your house or family are hurt, it does not matter to you if you were not in a large disaster area, it is still a disaster to you.

May God be with you all, and with our members in travail.


Robert Reames
Alabama Division Commander
Sons of Confederate Veterans

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