Friday, January 27, 2012

Lee-Jackson Banquet with the Semple Camp

Members of the Prattville Dragoons attended the Henry C Semple SCV Camp 2002 Lee-Jackson banquet on Friday, January 20th.  The dinner was held at the Dalraida Methodist Church Fellowship Hall in Montgomery.  The banquet was a great success and enjoyable bringing members of local camps together just as a number of members of the Semple Camp had attended the Dragoons Christmas Social in December.  State Senator Dick Brewbaker was the keynote speaker and he provided a terrific speech drawing on his background in classical ancient history.  He believes the two Confederate heroes based their sense of duty and integrity on their education in the Classical school, which draws on Greek and Roman philosophy and law to form one's approach to life.  Communications Officer Crowley followed Senator Brewbaker and read the poem, "Lee At Jacksonville".  Semple Camp Commander Philip Davis served as master of ceremonies and Semple member Karl Shogren doled out door prizes.  Lucky Dragoons 2nd Lt Commander, Stuart Waldo, won a fine-looking Confederate Centennial (1961) commemorative glass, Treasurer Bill Leverette won a book on Chickamauga and Color Sergeant Larry Spears won a book on Antietam. Other Dragoons attending included the Crowleys, Davises, and Myricks.

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