Monday, March 26, 2012

Dragoons Stores Replenished by Quartermaster Wayne Sutherland

Quartermaster Wayne Sutherland who recently took over responsibility for that position from Jeffrey Potts due to illness, has taken charge of replenishing the inventory of Confederate stores for the Prattville Dragoons.  In order to have Confederate supplies available for the general public and to promote the SCV, Camp 1524 and the Southern Cause, a number of items were recently ordered by Wayne including:
25 - 3'x5' Naval Jack Battle Flags
5 - 3'x5' Bonnie Blue Flags
3 - 38"x38 Infantry Battle Flags
6 - Battle Flag License Plates
6 - Bonnie Blue License Plates

These flags and license plates will be avilable for a paltry $4 or $5 for purchase with proceeds to benefit the camp's Treasury for future events and inventory.  In addition, the camp already had a number of small flags for placing at veterans graves and small ones for handing out to the public at local events which the camp attends:
30"x12"x12" white border = 312 used
30"x12"x12" white border = 48 new
30"x12"x18" without border = 13 used
6" Battle Flag on plastic stick = 130 new

Some additional eleven dozen 12x12" flags for setting at the graves will be ordered and another gross (twelve dozen) of the 6" flags will be ordered to fully stock the camp's stores.  It's awesome to think of all these Confederate flags being set and distributed to further the Southern cause and remember our Southern heritage.  Additionally, a quantity of the ever popular SCV coins will be purchased and these will also be available to hand out at the upcoming Prattville Cityfest and July 4th parade.   

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