Monday, March 12, 2012

Right to Display the Confederate Flag on Prattville Students Vehicle

At the monthly Prattville Dragoons camp meeting, Communications Officer Tyrone Crowley shared a letter from camp member Compatriot Steve Wallace.  His granddaughter was accosted by a black female security guard when attempting to leave the schools parking lot and had her Confederate flag forcibly removed, torn from where it was mounted on her truck's luggage rack.   Compatriot Wallace shared the following letter to the camp.

"I just wanted you to know what was going on today at PHS.  A Black female teacher was making everyone in the school lot take anything to do with a Confederate flag off of their vehicle before they could leave.

My granddaughter drives a 4 X 4 and has had a flag (I guess about a 12x12 flag like the team flags on car windows on a pole) on it since after this Christmas and has parked in the parking lot every day since Christmas.  She was almost out of the lot and on the street when the Black female stepped in front of her truck and told her to get "that" off of her truck before she left school grounds.  She told someone to even tear it off!!  It was on the luggage rack since it could not be put on a window and was secured with cable ties.  Well it was broken off!!

It would appear that it is just fine to have Black History Month as well as Mexican things at PHS but we cannot celebrate Southern Heritage at PHS without being tagged as racist."

This is obviously a violation of Constitutional freedom of speech and personal property rights.  It was suggested by 1st Lt Harold Grooms that Steve set up a meeting with the Prattville High Principal Dennis.  It was also suggested that some of the lawyers in the camp may be able to contact the county school Superintendent for issue resolution. The Dragoons also encourage anyone with an interest in this issue and ties to Prattville High School to contact the Principle of Superintendent to voice their concerns.   The following email was sent to Superintendent Greg Faulkner, "It was brought to the attention of the local Prattville camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans that last week there was a security guard accosting students as they were leaving the Prattville High School parking lot and demanding they remove Confederate flags displayed as heritage symbols on their vehicles. We understand this was actually a contracted security guard.  This aggreesive action would constitute a violation of Constitutional freedom of speech and personal property rights. We understand this person used their position of authority to direct people to actually climb aboard these students vehicles and tear these flags off. This is unbelievable that this could happen and I am certain Prattville High School and the Autauga County School Board would not condone this intimidation and violence and these infringements on these students rights.  We would appreciate an investigation and resolution of this issue. Sincerely, Stuart Waldo"   Take action to defend your Southern heritage.

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