Saturday, May 26, 2012

Elijah Hunt, Private, Company B, 15th Georgia Infantry of Benning's Brigade Pt.3

Elijah Hunt was a Private in Co. B of the 15th Georgia Infantry  – they fought under Benning’s Brigade and mentioned in some of these histories (another good website) - .  My prior research had shown he enlisted early on, July 14th, 1861 and mustered out in November 1863 (when he died) and so he would have been a part of the campaigns at Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and Chickamauga.  Here’s a third excerpt from this Benning's Brigade website regarding unit action at Chickamauga:
On the left flank of the Benning’s brigade line, the 15th Ga. cleared the same woodlot that the 2nd and 17th had, only on the forest’s southern edge, facing south through the northeastern part of the Viniard Field. The exact timing and location of the 15th’s arrival was entirely accidental, but could not have been more fortuitous. To their south and east stood the Texas brigade, holding firm against a Northern attack. Directly to their south, yards away, lay the exposed left flank of the attacking federals, mostly members of Carlin’s northern brigade, who faced the Texans. Heg’s brigade had been supporting Carlin’s, but was disrupted by the actions of the 2nd and 17th Ga., and only disorganized elements of Heg’s brigade provided any cover for Carlin’s flank. The 15th unleashed a savage flanking fire into these northern troops, the intensity of which increased as elements of the 20th Ga. emerged from the thickets to the right of the 15th Ga., further enfilading the northern line. Gen. Robertson reported, “General Benning came up promptly with his brigade, and with his usual gallantry assisted in holding our position until nightfall…” As the tide of the fight turned, Robertson’s men began to advance. Under severe pressure in front and flank, the Union lines collapsed. The 15th and 20th Ga. pivoted a bit to their right and came into line with the 17th and 2nd Ga., parallel to the LaFayette Road and along the western edge of woods facing the Viniard farm buildings and the Glenn Field. The left flank of the 15th (and the brigade) rested on the Alexander-Viniard Road; the right flank of the 2nd (and the brigade) was perhaps ¼ mile to the north.

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