Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dragoons Participate in Prattville July 4th Parade

Members of the Prattville Dragoons and their guests participated in the Prattville July 4th parade yesterday morning.  The parade started at 9am from the Autauga County Courthouse and proceeded down Main Street to Pratt Park.  Thousands lined the streets and despite all good intentions and planning, the candy tossed to the children along the parade route ran out just before the end of the parade.  The parades are always a fun time and a good time to get the Dragoons out in front of the folks of our community and we were warmly received throughout.  The parade officially honored Korean War veterans but the camp did not have any veterans from that conflict.  Whitson Waldo, father of 2nd Lt Stuart Waldo did participate and was greeted often and thanked for his service as a WWII vet (as well as a long term USAF reservist).  2nd Lt Waldo and Adjutant Wayne Sutherland carried the camp banner and Communications Officer Tyrone Crowley rode in the golf cart with Whitson Waldo and grandson Forrest Waldo who drove the cart as part of the Dragoon entry.  David Brantley also walked with the Dragoons and helped toss candy to the kids and wave to the parade spectators.  Commander Chris Booth drove a convertible with his wife Judge Joy Booth in a seperate entry.  1st Lt Harold Grooms participated with the Lions Club and addressed the crowd gathered at Pratt Park at a ceremony honoring the Korean War vets following the parade.  A thoroughly enjoyable way to kick off the July 4th holiday with Confederate compatriots.

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