Monday, July 9, 2012

Prattville Dragoons Executive Committee Meeting for July 9th

The Prattville Dragoons Executive Committee held their monthly meeting this evening in downtown Prattville.  In attendance were Commander Chris Booth, 2nd Lt Stuart Waldo, Treasurer Billy Leverette, Chaplain Tom Snowden, Adjutant Wayne Sutherland and Communications Officer Tyrone Crowley.  Commander Booth brought an assortment of outstanding hors d'oeuvres including smoked almonds, summer sausage and cheese, apples and cherries.  The meeting was brought to order by Commander Booth then Chaplain Snowden led those assembled in an invocation.  The primary item on the agenda was handing out Dixie butt tickets to the officers with the remaining tickets to be handed out to everyone at the Thursday camp meeting and any remaining camp members to be contacted to "take one and sell one".  The Dixie butt sale is the Prattville Dragoons primary fund raising activity.  The goal is a record sale (151 butts) and/or a new net record of $1456. Each butt is $25 (same price as the previous years) and any Dragoon member can be contacted to purchase one. All monies are due by the August camp meeting and distribution of the hickory smoked butts will be the following Saturday (August 11th) in the parking lot of Fat Man's BBQ at the intersection of Hwy 14 and Hwy 31 in Prattville.  The National Reunion is this week in Murfreesboro TN starting Wednesday and running thru Saturday.  2nd Lt Waldo will be attending Thursday and Friday with former Commander Wyatt Willis.  As the Reunion conflicts with this week's Dragoon camp meeting, Lt. Waldo will miss the special presentation by Mr. Crowley and Chaplain Snowden on the Rebel Yell. Audio recordings of Confederate Veterans performing the Rebel Yell will be presented and it promises to be an interesting get together. The speaker for the August camp meeting is yet to be determined but 2nd Lt. Waldo will provide a report out from the National reunion for the September program. Please join us the second Thursdays of each month for the Dragoons camp meetings at the Prattville Shoneys on Cobbs Ford Road.

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