Saturday, January 5, 2013

Emancipation Proclamation Contrast by Hollywood

Although I have not lined Steven Spielberg's and Hollywood's pockets with money to support their misinformed progressive agenda to further promote a contorted historical view of Lincoln and his legacy, I would offer the following link to interested readers.  Penned by Stephen Mansfield, this account purports that Lincoln was divinely inspired, nay personally directed by God to free the slaves thru an Emancipation Proclamation, God having given Lincoln and his Union army a victory at the Battle of Sharpsburg (aka Antietam). Giving little credence to the superior manpower and equipment the Northern troops had, he presents the Union victory there and Lincoln's proclamation as a divine gift bestowed by his apparent faithful servant Lincoln.  OMG.  Nothing of the invalidity of the proclamation attempting to effect the populace of a sovereign nation (although duly recognizing that it fabulously ignored any slaves in the states and territories under Northern control).  Nothing of the unconstitutional nature of the proclamation which attempted to overturn the constitutional law of the land which supported that institution.  Nothing of the Biblical support for the institution in that day and age contradicting any such divine inspiration (recognizing of course the certain preference for all to be free men). Nothing about the blatant strategic premise for the proclamation to reinforce the Union ranks with blacks who had formerly been unable by law to join the Union ranks.  Nothing about the unconstitutional entire premise of the War which Lincoln instigated to force the states of the Confederacy back into their subservient tax paying rolls in the Union. The article does present the position that the Emancipation Proclamation provided another impetus for those supporting the Union (including certain foreign nations) to rally behind the war effort of the North.  But again, another strategic rather than philanthropic gesture. The given title of the article is even blasphemous to infer a sacred motivation and legacy.  What an absurd farcical fantastic notion (and movie).  Yes, an imperfect document to be sure, but effective.

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