Thursday, January 10, 2013

Passing of Dragoons Real Son Henry Gober

Henry Owen Gober of Millbrook Alabama, a Real Son of Confederate Veteran Lisbon Failes Gober passed away yesterday.  Henry may be the last Real Son and member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Alabama.  Henry was the seventh of nine children born to Lisbon and Caroline Elizabeth Rowlen.  Henry married Beno Grace Sego on December 17th, 1934 in what is now Millbrook.  Henry and Beno had two daughters and two sons together. Henry was a building construction contractor and helped build many of the houses in the community where he lived.  Henry was a member of the Prattville Dragoons, Camp 1524 of the SCV.  Former Dragoons Commander Larry Spears was saddened by the news but fondly remembers Henry having expressed how very proud he was to be the son of a Confederate veteran. His father Lisbon Failes Gober is buried at Rocky Mount Cemetery in Prattville, Elmore County.  Dragoons 2nd Lt Stuart Waldo and past Commander Wyatt Willis visited Henry this past May, informing him that Stuart had recently discovered on the Gober family ancestry website ( ) that they were related having the same great grandfather William Gober in the 18th century.  Henry will be missed as is his Confederate veteran father and as are all the heroes of the War for Southern Independence.

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