Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dragoons Upcoming Annual Camp Business Meeting

As part of the upcoming annual Prattville Dragoons business meeting in March, elections of camp officers will be made.  The camp is encouraging members to step forward to serve as we seek to further the Cause in our community and the state during this Sesquicentennial of the War Between the States.  Furthering an appreciation of the honor with which our forefathers defended their homeland and fought for liberty and the principles on which the Confederacy was founded, we should all seek to share our skills and gifts in a greater capacity. 

The Dragoons Dispatch included an editorial announcing those nominees presented by the EC and encouraging others to serve and also a column by Commander Booth petitioning members to step forward to fill the numerous important roles available to benefit the camp membership.

General Robert E Lee wrote to his son, "Duty is the sublimest word in our English language.  Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less."  Elections for Dragoon Camp officers are coming in March.  Can you be inspired by Lee's words to offer your service to the Camp, in any position that would seem to suit your talents and tastes?   In the last couple of years, the Dragoons have benefited from the service of at least two men who heard the call of duty and offered themselves to serve the Camp:  2nd Lt Cmdr Stuart Waldo, and Chaplain Tom Snowden.  Both these men thought it over, then stepped forward and offered themselves as candidates for the positions they now occupy so effectively.
Compatriot, search your heart and mind, and if you can see your way clear to propose yourself for any elected or appointed position within the Camp, contact Communications Officer Tyrone Crowley or any Camp Officer and he will assist you from there.  Elected offices range from Commander to Chaplain, with several appointed offices (see Commander's Column in this newsletter).  If you'd like more details about a specific position, Officer Crowley can provide detailed info from the bylaws or Camp officers.  His contact info is on the last page of this newsletter.

Nominations at this point stand as follows:  For Commander, Stuart Waldo; for 1Lt Commander, Harold Grooms; for 2Lt Commander, Chris Booth; for Adjutant, Wayne Sutherland; for Treasurer, Billy Leverette; for Chaplain, Tom Snowden.
Commander's Column
The New Year is on us and the Camp is looking good with plenty of well-organized and completed events and upcoming events planned.   The most pressing event right now is our annual business meeting in March.  The term for the current elected officers will be coming to a close.  During our March business meeting we will elect the officers for the next year.   The positions up for election will be Camp Commander, First Lieutenant Commander, Second Lieutenant Commander, Adjutant, Treasurer, and Chaplain. 
            All of the current occupants of these offices have served with competence and distinction.  With one or two exceptions all have served multiple terms as officers and we ask for anyone that has the desire, ability, and interest to step forward and offer his services in any one of these positions.  If you have an interest in serving in any of these positions please let me or any of the other officers know.  Even if none of these positions suit your skills, time, availability, or interest, there are other positions that the Commander will need to fill by appointment after the election.  These positions include Quartermaster, Color Sergeant, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Judge Advocate.  Any of these positions would be a good introduction to the management of your Camp. 

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