Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Prattville Dragoons Wish You a Happy Valentines Day

Wishing you and your significant other a Happy Valentines Day from the Sons of Confederate Veterans camp 1524, Prattville Dragoons. The soldiers of the Confederacy embodied the noble chivalry of the heroic warriors of history.  The Confederate soldiers as well as the Sons of Confederate Veterans believe in the defense of womanhood, the defense of their families and the innocent.  This defense of their homes and their states and families was the prime impetus for the Confederate soldier taking up arms to repel the invading Northern aggressors.  The war crimes and terror inflicted on the Southern civilian populace by the armies of Sherman and Grant stand in contrast to the rules of engagement and Christian principles which guided Lee and Jackson and the gentlemen soldiers they led.  This is the Cause we as Sons seek to promote, the heritage of brave and noble Confederate soldiers.  The brief period of peace the fledgling Confederate nation enjoyed and certainly the antebellum old South still conjure up images of Southern belles in their beautiful hoop skirts sipping mint juleps and gentlemen with their frock coats sitting on the front porch of majestic white columned Greek Revival antebellum mansions.  Close your eyes and smell the magnolias.  Hear the strings and piano playing in the parlor.  Certainly the stuff of Valentine's dreams. 

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