Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Prattville Dragoons Camp News for September 2013

From the most recent edition of the Dragoon's Camp Dispatch newsletter:

Camp News
Thanks to Larry Miller For Upkeep at Dragoon Monuments.  If you drive by the Dragoon Monuments at Fourth and Washington Streets and notice how weed-free the area is, you can thank Compatriot Larry Miller.  The maintenance of the area within the perimeter wall that surrounds the monument is up to us, and Larry has faithfully kept an eye out for weeds this summer, spraying herbicide as needed to keep the area free of unwanted vegetation.
Thanks to Alan Parker For Upkeep at I-65 Flag Site.  Larry Spears, Chairman of the I-65 Flag Committee, wishes to thank Compatriot Alan Parker of the Henry C Semple Camp 2002 for his assistance with weed control at the I-65 Flag site.  Alan is a professional landscaper so provides valuable help and advice to the Committee, of which he also is a member.
Mrs. Sue Spears Also Offers Valuable Assistance To Flag Committee.  Mrs. Sue Spears, wife of I-65 Flag Committee Chairman Larry Spears, also makes a valuable contribution to the I-65 Flag mission.  It was agreed at the Alabama Division Executive Committee meeting at the Confederate Library on 24 August that Mrs. Spears has saved the Division hundreds of dollars by repairing Battle Flags that if not repaired would have to be replaced with new ones.  Each flag costs $500-$600 so any that can be repaired and re-used save that much money until the flag is beyond repair and must be replaced.  Finding someone to repair the large flags used at the I-65 site has always been a challenge, and for now that challenge has been met by the able hands of Mrs. Spears.  Our thanks go out to her.
Adjutant Sutherland Recovering From Back Surgery.  Our faithful Adjutant Wayne Sutherland underwent surgery on his back.  Wayne’s doctor says his prospects are good for a full recovery.  Wayne says, "Thanks to God's good blessing and all the prayers, I'm improving everyday.  Thank God the pain is less and I'm able to get out of bed with little problem".

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