Friday, September 20, 2013

Prattville Dragoons September Camp Meeting - Part 1

The Dragoons held their monthly camp meeting on September 12th at 7pm at the Shoney's on Cobbs Ford Rd in Prattville.  There was a great turnout including some visiting guests and an application for membership was received.  Chaplain Tom Snowden began the program with the Invocation recognizing those who are ill and in need of the Lord's healing and mercy.  Color Sergeant Brent Jenks  led everyone assembled in pledges to the United States Flag, Confederate Battle Flag and the State of Alabama Flag.  The reading of the SCV Charge was made by Commander Stuart Waldo followed by Announcements.  Upcoming events (which have further details in another post on the camp blog) included the 13th Annual Battle of Newton (Oct 19th) and 16th Annual Battle for the Tallassee Armory (Nov 8th)  Reenactments, the Sam David Anniversary in Smyrna TN (Nov 22nd), the Prattville Christmas Parade (Dec 7th) and the Dragoons Christmas Social (Dec 13th).  Dragoon Benny Harris then added another event to the calendar, the Rededication Ceremony for the Rasberry Family Cemetery on Nov 2nd - see the related blogpost providing additional information on this event.  Tyrone Crowley was recognized as having recently received a Sons of Confederate Veterans National Meritorious Service Award to a round of applause.  Tyrone then remained standing and added to the list of events the Stephen Dill Lee Lecture scheduled for February.  He then provided the final report out on the camp's Dixie Butt fundraiser, again successful to fund the camp's myriad activities. Commander Waldo then announced the Hunley JROTC award and showed the certificate and medal and ribbon which are awarded to deserving high school JROTC cadets; local high schools will be approached on including this recognition amongst those awarded in their programs. Quartermaster David Brantley announced the availability of additional 2013 SCV educational posters and a number of these were disbursed at the meeting.  Adjutant Wayne Sutherland then provided a status of the receipt from the camp members for the annual dues.  These are due by October.  Charles Wayne Arnold provided an entertaining accounting of the Battle of Ebenezer Church as the guest speaker; see Part 2 of this blog for details.  The SCV Closing was read by Commander Waldo at the conclusion of the presentation and Chaplain Snowden closed the meeting with a Benediction.  Another great camp meeting of the Prattville Dragoons.

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