Monday, December 22, 2014

December Indian Hills Cleanup

Members of Camp 1524 tackled more cleanup work at Prattville's historic Indian Hills cemetery on Saturday December 13th, the morning after the camp's Christmas Social at Buena Vista.  The weather started cool but the work and the debris bonfires warmed everyone up by mid morning. Dragoon Benny Harris coordinated the project again and great effort was put forth and progress was shown.  Bill Branch brought his tractor with boom and was able to move all of the large cut trees to the fires.  1st Lt Grooms again demonstrated tireless energy in clearing brush and using his chainsaw all morning.  Commander Waldo on light duty raked leaves from the bordered burial plots and around the fires.  Adjutant Sutherland sacrificed his back and worked with Bill and Harold in moving all the large logs.  Skip Ward brought a friend and they too helped with this commendable work.  Even an interested passerby stopped and was promptly put to work with a wheelbarrow. A crisp winter breeze blew a couple embers from the fires unintentionally helping to burn off leaves on occasion but the Dragoons policed the area albeit with some smoke inhalation.  Indian Hills is the final resting place for 39 souls including original Dragoon Lt. A.Y. Smith.  A number of graves date to the 1840s.  The Dragoons hope to complete the Indian Hills cleanup and renovation to rededicate the cemetery in April on next year.
Grooms Pushing Wheelbarrow with Harris and Sutherland

Bill Branch and Tractor

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