Thursday, December 4, 2014

Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 Commander's Column for December 2014

I have mentioned in previous columns that I take interest in listening to Kevin Elkins radio program on 1440 AM early mornings.  He is a former Army Ranger and owns a computer repair business in Montgomery.  Kevin comes across as a pretty conservative guy and a marked contrast to most of his callers on most social and political issues.   So I was listening attentively recently when they were discussing the proposed new Walmart which would be located on the old Bonnie Crest golf course property.  Kevin is a resident in that area and is opposed to that proposed construction.  In defending his position, I was waiting for him to explain that he didn’t want the extra traffic congestion but his statement was that he didn’t want “those type of people” milling about in the area.  The loitering and increased crime brought about when people from outside your neighborhood commute into an area for retail shopping or gambling or other causes concerns Kevin as it would us too in our own backyards.  Interesting to hear his thoughts on these issues which impact his community there where he resides.   Another caller during the same show stated, “My mother told me not to associate with people I don’t like”.   We have lost control of being able to determine locally what is best for our families and neighborhoods and had political correctness forced upon us where we cannot oppose objectionable lifestyles and must seemingly embrace any and all offensive sodalities. 

It is a refreshing affirmation when we still can enjoy a fraternity of like-minded individuals such as the Prattville Dragoons.  I too would rather not associate with people who offend my moral compass and who militantly espouse social and political views juxtaposed to mine.  I want to insulate and protect my family and provide for them as I see fit.  The Sons of Confederate inherently provides an organization of shared common interests.  We come from Southern stock and are heirs to the beliefs and ideals which our forefathers shared as the foundation of a culture and the bedrock for a nation, the Confederate States of America.  The last issue of the Confederate Veteran contained an article again highlighting the differences between the historical culture of the North and South and their peoples and how these differences impacted Reconstruction and the subsequent American century following.  The article provided examples of how the Southern representatives voted largely as a political block based on their fundamental beliefs in a limited self-government in an attempt to resist progressivism.  The geopolitical map clearly illustrates the red and blue states separated into distinct regions, the South, Midwest, Southwest, West Coast and New England.  Thank goodness for Sweet Home Alabama.  Thank God for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, our families, friends and neighbors.

This is a wonderful time of the year to fraternize with compatriots at numerous holiday events.  The Dragoons and their guests from the Wetumpka League of the South had a marvelous time at the Prattville Christmas parade on Monday.  Again, our float and contingent was met with cheers and hundreds of Confederate flags and SCV coins along with bags of candy were dispersed and heartily enjoyed by the crowds lining the downtown streets.  The annual Christmas Social at the beautiful historic Buena Vista mansion is approaching and offers another opportunity to enjoy a program with Christmas dinner and General Lee eggnog with friends from our camp and around the region.  The Vida Christmas parade and Millbrook Mardi Gras parade are also quickly approaching.  All excellent opportunities to enjoy the spirit of the season and festive events with fellow SCV members and our neighbors.  I hope you and yours enjoy a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a wonderful holiday season.

Stuart Waldo, Commander

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