Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 Commander's Column for April 2015

Spring has sprung and we are now rapidly moving into 2015, this final year of the Sesquicentennial.  The first of February we had a couple wonderful events with the Indian Hill Cemetery workday and the Millbrook Mardi Gras parade which offered great opportunities for the Dragoons to perform a worthwhile community service project and promote our Confederate heritage in a celebratory community event.  By my count, we had sixteen Dragoons participate in one or both events.  As usual our parade entry was very warmly greeted by the crowds lining the parade route down Main Street in Millbrook.  In March we had even more people at Indian Hill including a group of officers from Maxwell Air Force Base and their sons pitching in.  The cemetery is clear and we have only to complete some monument and fence repairs and celebrate the completion of a project well done with a rededication ceremony which is scheduled for Confederate Memorial Day, April 27th.  This could well be the largest event the Dragoons have ever hosted and promises to be a wonderful occasion with Benny Harris’ tireless planning and preparations.

The Indian Hills rededication on April 27th will have local dignitaries as well as SCV officers in attendance and I hope the general membership of the Dragoons is well represented.  The Tallassee camp has indicated they will attend as part of their regular monthly camp meeting, the Alabama SCV Division will be represented and Benny is coordinating with reenactors and others.  We have the camp picnic scheduled for April4th, the day before Easter.  That is always a great family time with great food and warm sunshine as well as a time to honor the Confederate veterans interred there at Confederate Memorial Park.  These events represent a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with Confederate compatriots and fellow Dragoons.  In our continual efforts to carry the Charge, we should remember to always celebrate our fraternity.  That should be one of the prime reasons for being part of the SCV and the Dragoons.  People want to be a part of an enjoyable organization which provides opportunities for involvement in activities together.  

In this Sesquicentennial, we should also celebrate our successes in the camp such as with the Indian Hill Cemetery project but also as a greater organization advancing the Cause.   The Selma victory including winning the deed to the Confederate Circle in Live Oak Cemetery is certainly a worthy reason to celebrate and the Godwins and the Friends of Forrest have a celebration planned for May 23rd.  In a recent trip to Atlanta I saw a new Confederate Soldier Monument in the Marietta Cemetery which was erected by the Georgia Division just last year on the Sesquicentennial of the Battles of Atlanta and Kennesaw Mountain.  The Alabama Division completed great new enhancements at the Forrest Monument in Gainesville AL just last year.  The Tallassee Camp erected a new Battle Flag in Elmore County and purchased a new camp meeting house.   Starting April 1st, for the entire month, the Dragoons and the Alabama Division purchased an advertisement for the electronic billboards in downtown Prattville as well as out at Hwy-14 and I-65 to proudly proclaim April as Confederate History and Heritage Month.  Again, all reasons to celebrate and reflect on the progress we all have made in advancing the Cause and proudly displaying our Confederate Battle Flag.    

There is always more to do and more to celebrate including our own flag at the Robinson Springs Monument in Millbrook, Cityfest and July 4th parade community events.  I was elated to see the interest in serving as reflected in the camp elections and would encourage any Dragoon to assume a leadership role in the camp including project roles like our Dixie Butt fundraiser coordinator.  It’s great to be a part of such a worthwhile and enjoyable group and organization.  Come and participate, fellowship and celebrate with your Confederate compatriots.    

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