Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Visit to Mobile - Confederate Sites in Downtown

Had the opportunity to visit Mobile for a business trip recently.  While those commitments limited any opportunity for spending much time looking around this historic city, I was pleasantly surprised with my view outside the Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel.  My hotel room looked west from Mobile Bay.  On Friday morning as rain sprinkled down, I noticed on a median there on Government Street a statue and across the street two buildings, the Mobile County Probate Courthouse and the Mobile Municipal Courthouse had historical flag displays which included the Confederate Third National Flag.  Upon my departure, I stopped to get a couple photos.  The statue was a monument to Rear Admiral Raphael Semmes who was Captain of the legendary C.S.S. Alabama and included a large bronze statue of Semmes.  The statue bore the inscription, "Sailor, Patriot, Statesman, Scholar, and Christian Gentleman".  The base of the monument had a bronze relief of the C.S.S. Alabama.  The flag displays in front of the courthouses included historical flags of the countries under which Mobile existed including Spanish, French and English flags and of course the Confederate States of America which was represented by the Third National Flag.  

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