Saturday, September 12, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Dixie Butt Fundraiser

Camp 1524's annual Dixie Butt distribution was a busy morning on Saturday August 15th.  One hundred and sixty five butts were bagged and handed out to those arriving to pick up their purchased smoked butt or taken by those who had multiple deliveries.  It is always a pleasure to see some of the members who support the Dragoons so well but who we are not able to see on a regular basis.  A tent and some chairs were set up to provide some shade and Adjutant Sutherland managed the checklist of sales against those butts distributed.  We had a great turnout of folks to help work the distribution including Commander Waldo, 1st Lt Grooms, 2nd Lt George Jenks, Adjutant Sutherland, Chaplain Snowden, Comm Ofc Larry Spears, Quartermaster Myrick, Jeff Potts, Don Drasheff, Tyrone Crowley who brought Mollie, the unofficial Dragoon mascot, and many other Dragoons and friends.  Thanks to all who purchased and sold a Dixie butt as part of the Dragoons annual fundraiser.

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