Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Understanding the War Between the States by The Society of Independent Southern Historians

Understanding the War Between the States is an 88-page reader edited by Howard Ray White, author of Bloodstains, and Clyde N. Wilson, Ph. D. A powerful education tool, it is intended for bright students in middle school, high school and college. Furthermore, it is highly useful and readable for everybody. Sixteen writers cover American history from Jamestown to Grover Cleveland, presenting a dense array of truths about the conflict of North and South through that period of history. Among much else, it is made clear, chapter and verse, that the great conflict of the 1800s was a product of Northern aggression. No one who possesses this work will ever lack material to win any argument.

The booklet may be read and/or downloaded for free on computers and tablets at, accessed on Kindle, or purchased in paperback at low cost ( Available at no or minimal cost, it is intended for the widest possible distribution. Besides White and Wilson, the writers include Joyce Bennett of MD, William Cawthon of AL, Paul C. Graham of SC, Earl Ijames of NC, Gail Jarvis of GA, Patrick Kealey of CA, Steve Litteral of IL, Barbara Marthal of TN, Karen Stokes of SC, Joseph Stromberg of GA, Egon Tausch of TX, H.V. Traywick of VA, and Lesley Tucker of OK. This is a great contribution to truthful education for students of Southern History, young and old alike.

Get copies of these for your children and grandchildren and anyone else you know who is suffering to make sense of what is being taught at his or her present educational institution at any level. Perfect Christmas presents for friends and relatives. E-mail to purchase in bulk for SCV camps, schools and historical groups; then use in campaigns advocating more truthful and balanced education.

Howard Ray White, Director of Operations Clyde N. Wilson, Director of Historical Review
The Society of Independent Southern Historians,
6012 Lancelot Drive
Charlotte, NC 28270

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