Monday, October 12, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Commander's Column for October 2015

Commander's Column:  Proclaim your Southern Heritage, Display the Flag
Proclaim your Southern heritage.  Keep the Confederate Battle Flag flying.  Today these are rallying cries in the face of direct overt attacks by those who seek to eradicate our beliefs and ideals, politically correct pacifists and history revisionists.  I know some of our camp members proudly display their Confederate Battle flags on flagpoles in the yards of their homes.  Others display the flag on bumper stickers and SCV license plates on their vehicles.  I have a flag flying on a pole from my garage and ensure that it is out there most days especially on weekends when our neighborhood seems to get a lot of perusers driving through. Recently, our pest control provider stopped by to apply spray and asked my wife if the homeowners association had objected to the display of our flag. My wife laughed off that suggestion but, it gave her an opportunity to converse with him and she found a compatriot of like mind who expressed his frustration with the politically correct climate and the incessant assaults on our Southern heritage. It was a great opportunity to share thoughts and opinions.  Planting a seed of interest.
2nd Lt. Jenks related a recent incident in his neighborhood when a realtor asked if he might furl his Confederate Battle Flag displayed from his home and George responded that he was instead thinking of raising a taller flagpole.  No uncertain terms. Soon after the Alabama state governor removed the historic flags from the Confederate Memorial at the state capitol, I flew a small Battle flag from my vehicle driving over to Georgia for a summer family reunion.  That elicited many thumbs-up, honks and even one young man who asked me to lower my window so he could express his support as an evangelical Christian.  Seizing the opportunity.
I believe we have seen many more flags flying from citizens’ cars, motorcycles and pickup trucks since the knee-jerk political reactions in states across the South, scorning and disrespecting the memory of the noble and heroic Confederate soldiers by lowering their very ancestor’s beloved Battle flag from public display.  Of course unfortunately, trust has been misplaced in the hands of alleged conservative leaders who don’t share and appreciate our Southern history and heritage, many transplanted Yankees and even first generation immigrants.  We have allowed these foreigners to preside over and dictate policy decisions in our very homeland, the soil on which our Confederate ancestors shed their blood in defense of homes, self-determination and liberty.  We must support those representatives who rightly support our shared beliefs and ideals, who advocate the Cause in spirit and let all know we have a strong united voice in defense of our Confederate ancestors and Southern heritage.  Remember, “If this flag offends you, you need a history lesson!”

It is imperative that we loudly proclaim our Southern heritage now by boldly displaying our honorable and beautiful banner at all opportunities. At home, on your vehicle, at special events like the exciting upcoming Southern Heritage Festival at the SCV headquarters at Elm Springs in October.  Reflect on the pledge to the Confederate Battle Flag:  I salute the Confederate Flag with affection, reverence and undying devotion to the cause for which it stands.  Don’t cower in the face of potential ignorant offense but proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with your ancestors and your SCV compatriots in the shadow of your beautiful St. Andrews cross, our Southern cross.  See you on Thursday for the next Dragoons’ camp meeting at Plantation House and Gardens. 

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