Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sons of Confederate Veterans Alabama Division Education Conference

The Alabama Division SCV will host their first annual Education Conference on Saturday March 5th, 2016 starting at 10am.  Education is one of the Division's initiatives, part of the Vision 2016 National SCV effort and this conference is one of the means to educate members on "vindicating the Cause", arming compatriots to better educate the general public.  Speakers include Brion McClanahan, Ronnie and Donnie Kennedy and James Roesch of the Abbeville Institute who will give presentations on such topics as the “Constitutional basis of the union” (Brion McClanahan), Secession and Independence (Ronnie Kennedy), Slavery in the lead up to the war and how it still affects us today (Donnie Kennedy), and “Confederate Emancipation” (James Roesch).  Cost for advance registration (which includes lunch) and at the door (without lunch) are both $30 for both Division members as well as the general public.  Educators are encouraged to attend.  It will be held at the Doster Community Center in Prattville. This is going to be a great event that is very affordable - these speakers are some who lecture at the Stephen D. Lee Institute lectures annually across the country.  Over one hundred are anticipated to attend so arrive early to enjoy an outstanding educational opportunity.

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