Thursday, December 8, 2016

Commander's Column for December 2016

If you are like me, you breathed a sigh of relief when the election cycle reached its culmination and a new course was perhaps set for the country.  Unfortunately, there have been militant reactions from both supporters and detractors of the administration-elect but I believe many feel the tide against our history and heritage may perhaps be alleviated given time and different leadership from the top down. I believe we are all hopeful that the misplaced and misguided political correctness which has led to attacks on our heritage including our symbols and monuments will be tempered or reversed. The Alabama Division Sons of Confederate Veterans has committed as an imperative the passage of the Monument Protection Bill so that blatant revisionist actions against our state’s historical vestiges honoring the heroes from all our state and country’s past conflicts will be respected and protected.  As might be expected though, some of the announced new federal executive administration appointments have already garnered vehement opposition.  While Alabamians were excited and proud that Senator Jeff Sessions will be appointed Attorney General, the announcement was met with slanderous accusations against this long service respected public servant.  Despite his defense of civil rights cases and vocal support for civil rights leaders in the state of Alabama he has been demonized as a career KKK racist for having been named after Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard and for having expressed admiration for the heroism and ideals embodied by the Americans who fought in the WBTS.  These hypocritical detractors are the same who stigmatized anyone who referred to the current President’s middle name of Hussein.  The mainstream media, despite being largely discredited during the past election cycle, continues a desperate attempt to marginalize traditional patriotic thought and values. I suppose I bristle at this dilemma as it exposes my certain un-electability with the apparent offense of my given and middle names.  (Wink.)

If there is a respite in the attacks against us for honoring our Southern and Confederate heritage, it can come none too soon but unfortunately it won’t come in time for the upcoming Prattville Christmas parade.  The Dragoons were asked to help the city present a face of unity to the community which entailed a request to forego our popular mini-Battle flag handouts along the parade route.  While some may see this as capitulating to a politically correct request, I believe Camp 1524 has made strides with community leaders in educating everyone as to our Charge and positive community mission and involvement and to further this, I believe agreeing to this request was prudent to maintain our commitment to be a positive influence and organization to our neighbors and to support the local police force.  I believe it is imperative for the camp to field an entry in this holiday event as we have in the past to make a statement that we still support and defend our heritage even in the face of a small minority of detractors and in that regard, our float will remain unchanged with the full display of historic flags.  A strong contingent of Dragoons will also be an important show of commitment to our Cause. The Christmas season is a wonderful time of the year to fraternize with compatriots at all the numerous holiday events.  We look forward to enjoyable festivities at the Christmas parades and the Christmas Social at Buena Vista.  The float preparation, walking the parade route with the Christmas lights shining and greeting everyone with holiday cheer and candy canes is always a great start to the December holiday season. The annual Christmas Social at the beautiful historic Buena Vista mansion offers another opportunity to enjoy a program with Christmas dinner, General Lee eggnog and Christmas carols sung together and played on the grand piano with friends from our camp and around the Division. It is a refreshing affirmation when we still can enjoy a fraternity of like-minded individuals such as the Prattville Dragoons.  Thank God for Sweet Home Alabama. Thank God for our country. Actively pray for our elected leaders, that they will have inspired wisdom and fortitude. Thank God for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, our families, friends and neighbors.  I hope you and yours enjoy a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a wonderful holiday season.  

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