Tuesday, December 20, 2016

SCV Camp 1524 in the Prattville Christmas Parade 2016

The Dragoons participated in the Prattville Christmas parade Friday night December 2 with a lively group of about 20 members and family. We were very well received, as usual, and the most exciting time of the evening was probably when a spontaneous cheer arose from the very large crowd on Main St. as we approached with flags flying proudly in the breeze and the cheer continued for a great distance as we continued on the route. The crowd of spectators was huge and crowded onto the road frantically screaming for candy.  Many specifically asked for our usual mini-Battle flags and SCV coins which we were forced to withhold this event due to special rules.  Member James Spears, at age 89 and a WWII veteran, insisted on carrying the banner (with compatriot Louis Turner) to lead our procession and walked the entire route. Dragoon Ryan King stood on the back of the float waving a 3 X 5 Battle Flag from side to side and yelling "Merry Christmas."  Commander Waldo drove and his family rode in the truck pulling the trailer float which was adorned with a Christmas tree, lights and tinsel.  Adjutant Sutherland and Comms Officer Larry Spears walked along the side of the truck greeting spectators and acting to move them clear of the truck and trailer.  Other members were just as spirited and dedicated to showing our colors including Color Sgt Edward Morgan, his son and mother along with Tyrone Crowley who rode the float.  1st Lt Grooms, SCV compatriot Shannon Fontaine, Dragoon Bill Gill and of course Quartermaster Myrick walked along the float handing out candy and showing Christmas cheer. We were mobbed with children asking for candy, adults saluting us and shaking hands and cries of encouragement and thanks for our participation could be heard.  The Dragoons conducted themselves as Southern ladies and gentlemen and were extremely pleased with the reception we received.  The parade ended all too soon and everyone enjoyed feeding off the enthusiasm of the biggest crowd any of us could remember in this parade. A grand way to kick off the Christmas holiday season. 

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