Friday, January 6, 2017

Prattville Dragoon's Commander's Column for January 2017

Following up on his controversial condemnation of the Confederate Battle Flag, “During the presidential race, Russell Moore, the public face of the Southern Baptist denomination, emerged as one of the most persistent and high-profile conservative critics of Donald Trump.  He denounced the Republican candidate’s stance on immigration and his moral character, and sharply questioned many of the evangelical Christians who supported him.”  (Wall Street Journal) Moore said Trump “stirs up racial animosity”.  Moore was previously  quoted as saying, “The cross and the Confederate flag cannot co-exist without one setting the other on fire.”  (WSJ)  More politically correct pandering from this supposed leader of the SBC which might be understandable when one considers Moore was involved in “cultural engagement” as part of his pastoral ministry at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and profited by writing articles for the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today and Associated Press among other mainstream left-leaning media publications.  Moore demonstrates an astonishing lack of understanding and appreciation of the historical ties between the Baptist church in the South and the conception of the SBC (which mirrored the secession of the Confederate States of America) as well as the contribution of Confederate veterans who helped found, charter and build many (Baptist) churches across the Bible Belt upon returning from the War.  Moore’s comments contrast to those of Rev. Franklin Graham who said, “I think maybe God has allowed Donald Trump to win this election to protect this nation for the next few years by giving maybe an opportunity to have some good judges.  For the (election) to go the way it did, in my opinion, I think it was the hand of God.  There’s two different pictures and two different visions for America.  This isn’t difficult to figure out if you are a Christian.”  (Brietbart) 

The last eight years have seen a growing divide between these two visions for the path of America and an unquestionable deterioration in race relations with the Sons of Confederate Veterans and their beloved Battle Flag being a primary target for the PC attacks led from Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.  But, “did you know that American’s negative perception of Obama didn’t come out of resentment over his corrupt, globalist, communist, destructive policies? It wasn’t the thousands of regulations (and the overreaching federal government interfering with every aspect of our lives).  It wasn’t saddling Americans with the care of illegals or the heavy burden of Obamacare (and more and more socialist entitlements).  President Barack Hussein Obama says the color of his skin has “absolutely” contributed to white Americans’ negative perceptions of his time in office.  The president said, “I think there’s a reason why attitudes about my presidency among whites in Northern states are very different from whites in Southern states.  There are folks whose primary concern about me has been that I seem foreign, the other.””  (  And that may be his most astute observation since he proclaimed himself another Abraham Lincoln, indeed polarizing and dividing the nation like no other presidents.  As they continue to fan the flames of their own racism, they blindly ignore the desire for liberty and freedom which Americans throughout the South and the American heartland proclaimed with the historical election of Trump.  Obama stated but failed to recognize and understand that there is a stark difference between Northerners and Southerners.  This contrast, this divide has existed since the founding of our nation and was the primary reason for the WBTS.  Obama clung to his overarching view of racism and “happily descended down into the pit of anti-Americanism as he detailed the ills of a country he still truly knows nothing about, detailing his view of how White America can be “blind” and needs to be open to “learning” more.” (

Such a disconnect.  Such a divide.   The riots in the street and attempts to overturn the election and threats of violence against the newly elected administration and their supporters.  Is there any question as to the cultural and political divide which caused the secession of the Southern states in 1860 and which has not ceased?  The PC elitists claim racist slavery was the cause of the War Between the States the same way that they claim racism has caused opposition to the clearly enlightened socialist policies, loss of personal liberties, increasing federal government bureaucracy, and immoral unconscionable federal dictates enacted over the past eight years.  There is a heightened sense of hope in the country.  A rebirth of patriotism.  Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah was proclaimed by the incoming transition administration in a welcome departure from political correctness.  2017 and the future must certainly hold a hope for an improved appreciation and respect for our Southern history and heritage led foremost locally by the passage of the Monument Protection Bill in the state of Alabama which we must continue to push and fight to enact.   We must seize this opportunity to advance the Cause, encourage and educate a public which is hungry for a reversal from the PC malaise of the past.  I wish all of you a happy, prosperous and successful New Year.  Long live and God bless Dixie.  

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