Friday, January 13, 2017

Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1524 News

1.) Compatriot Richard Leya of Summerville, South Carolina, has donated five gallons of Round Up to the Dragoons for our cemetery Community Service projects. Richard is a longtime supporter of the camp and also buys a Dixie butt during our annual fundraiser in addition to attending an occasional meeting with us when he is in our area. Richard follows us with our camp email updates and is on the distribution list for our monthly newsletter. He commends us for our community service work and wanted to help us by donating the Round Up.
2.) We will have our annual election of officers at our March 9 meeting as provided in our camp by-laws. All offices are open for members in good standing to declare their intention to run. We will also accept nominations from the floor at the March annual business meeting and elections. Before the annual business meeting, the Executive Committee will meet and recommend a slate of officers unless there are multiple candidates for office(s). In that case, a majority vote by secret ballot of all members in good standing who are present will determine the winner.

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